5 Best Ways to Get Free Background Checks

There are now many reasons as to why you may want to check on someone. We don’t mean paying a visit or call. We are referring to knowing more about someone. People want to find out more about lost relatives or the employee you just hired.

As you think in that scope, some platforms can help you get more information about someone. That is why we want you to learn about the five best ways to get free background checks.

You don’t have to pay anything if your neighbor is hiding something, and that’s all you need to know. So, check out this article to know which sites will provide you with valuable information once you decide to perform the background check.

CocoFinder – The 2021 Background Checker

CocoFinder is a platform that offers you incredible background checking services. That allows it to compete with the best in the market, and some qualities push it to the top.

Apart from providing information from 50 states in the US, it also gives information on proper ways to search while on the website. To use it, all you need is a good internet connection and an updated browser.

Is it so hard to get that these days? We guess not, and that’s why CocoFinder is readily available. Using it is just like the search engines. All you need is to enter the first and last names, city, and then filter by the state, which is optional.


After that, hit the ‘Start Search’ button and wait to see what CocoFinder will match with your input. After that, you can choose the correct profile and download the results if there is a need to do so.

All the searches you perform are deleted within 24 hours. So, there will be nothing tracing back to you once you get the data you need. Once you perform a background check on someone, here is what you will find out:

Personal information: This involves the person’s name, aliases, age, picture, and birth date.

Employment history: CocoFinder will also show you where the individual has worked before. There will be a list of the firms and the companies and the worked duration, if any.

Relatives and acquaintances: These are the people in the unknown person’s circle. The information can involve family, friends, business partners, roommates, etc.

Education: This is where you find the schools and colleges studied.

Criminal history: If the person in question is a felon, the information will appear too. You will get the arrest warrants and also know whether they lead to conviction or not.

Contact information: There are details on how to contact the person. They include the addresses and phone numbers.

Social media platforms: Is the individual on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn? There will be information on that in addition to any other social media platforms.

Other information that may also come up includes assets and any recorded offenses committed.

How to Conduct a Free Background Check via CocoFinder

Step 1: Visit the CocoFinder website and then click on the ‘Background Check’ link at the top.

Step 2: Enter the names of the person you want to check on, the city, and filter by state. If you are not sure, you can leave the state part and let the platform filter all states’ results.

Step 3: Hit the ‘Start Search’ button and wait for a minute or two for the results. After that, view the list, arranged in alphabetical order for everything collected.


Another excellent background checking service that you can depend on is the TruthFinder. It’s known to provide quality and detailed information about the unknown person. It offers premium services too, where you get to access all the private and public information.

The self-monitoring tools on the website allow you to know what information is available for public viewing. There is no limitation to what you can view, and that is why TruthFinder serves as a suitable platform for those who are constantly looking for information.

A background check via TruthFinder will show you the contact information, full names, occupation, social media profiles, criminal records, and anything else associated with the person.


Intelius is well known in the employment niche, but people can also use it for personal reasons. That’s why it’s a perfect option for those who want to search for family members or early friends.

You can do it for free but detailed information will require you to go premium. Everything you search for remains anonymous, and there is no record-keeping for the background checks you perform. The database is massive here, and it will give you more than you need.

There will be academic details, criminal records, employment history, and more. You can perform a search here using the reverse phone lookup or the email address too.

Instant Checkmate

This is another web-based platform that will help you counter background checks. Instant Checkmate will give you the arrest warrants and any other criminal records, among other details. That is why employers like it when verifying if an employee is suited for the job.

You can perform all the searches you need using Instant Checkmate, but you have to be a member first. Since it’s web-based, you can use any browser as long as there is an internet connection.

The accuracy of the information varies, but it’s much better when you are on the website than sorting out the criminal records from different police departments.


Lastly, we have the PeopleFinder, which is also useful to businesses and individuals who engage in daily or frequent background checks. It’s quite cheap when you decide to go premium.

The information provided here is authentic, and the website is known to avoid social media details. That’s because most businesses and companies do not trust what they see on social platforms.

Like most background check sites, there is a strict privacy policy to follow since you cannot rely on everything you get. Some of the information provided by PeopleFinder includes employment, contacts, bank details, criminal and marital records.


When performing a background check, you may not need to pay if it’s a one-time thing or if it’s not often. That is why we are featuring the five best ways to give you the service. In case you are wondering where to run to, start with CocoFinder to see what it retrieves.

With such services on the internet, it will always be possible to know what people are not telling you.

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