5 Billionaire Investors Stocking Up on Bitcoins In 2021

What will happen to Bitcoin in the future? Is there any future for Bitcoin in the trade market? How COVID 19 has affected the Cryptocurrency trade market? These are questions that are currently dominating the cryptocurrency landscape.

Billionaire Investors Stocking Up on Bitcoins

Sure, for the holders, it is important to predict the outcome of the cryptocurrencies. Today we will talk about some of the crypto trade giants and what they predict about the runthemoney.com future possibilities.

What is happening in the Crypto trade market?

The revolution has just started. It has only been a decade for Bitcoin in the trade market. Hence, Bitcoin is yet to reach the perfect condition as a currency. The cryptocurrency market is changing at an astonishing rate.

The Bitcoin mining industry that was possible for even home-based computers have now reached a corporate level. Today, if you want to mine Bitcoin, you either have to be a part of the Mining pool or start with a mining start-up with hundreds of powerful computers performing together.

People are predicting that the historic rally of 2017 might repeat itself. After seeing the performance of the Bitcoin during the COVID 19, and adding Bitcoin Halving even to it, people are expecting to see Bitcoin crossing the $20K mark in mid-2021.

Billionaire investors stocking up Bitcoin

The price of the Bitcoin is steadily increasing and should see solid growth well into the future. The predictions are made by the Cryptocurrency billionaire who believes in the new financial asset and has started stocking up Bitcoins.

Let’s see what they have to say about the future possibilities of Bitcoin.

  1. Winklevoss Twins

We all know who Winklevoss twins are. They were the twin brothers who won their claim against Mark Zuckerberg that Mark had stolen their idea of Facebook. They were compensated with $65 million. They invested $11 million in Bitcoins in 2013. By the end of 2016, they were one of the billionaires in the crypto trade market.

According to the Winklewolves brothers, Bitcoin might take over Gold. They predicted that once giants like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos start mining the Gold, the market will be disrupted. So, they advised traders to invest in Bitcoin.

  1. Andy Cheung

Andy is the head operationist of OKEx, one of the Chinese largest crypto exchange giants. He has predicted that by the end of 2021, the Bitcoin price evaluation will reach a landmark of $14K.

When he was asked about his reason for making such a prediction, his explanation consisted of two factors. Firstly, the performance of Bitcoin in the last decade. Secondly, Bitcoin was able to keep its value during the outburst of Coronavirus.

According to Andy, the digital payment market will flourish exponentially, leading to a hike in price evaluation of the Bitcoin.

  1. Peter Brandt

Peter is an analyst that keeps a close eye on the trade charts. He became popular when his prediction started to hit the bullseye. Peter was able to predict the outcome just by reading the chart’s performance.

In December 2019, he posted two posts on twitter. The post contained interesting charts. These charts stated that Bitcoin had become one of the supporting pillars of the financial trade system and predicted that the Bitcoin price evaluation would rally to $50,000.

  1. Antoni Trenchev

Antoni Trenchev is the co-founder of Nexo. Nexo is one of the giant companies that deal with lending cryptocurrencies to their clients. Antoni recently predicted that the Bitcoin price might see a $50,000 mark by the end of 2021. The reason for his claim was that he sees Bitcoin as Gold and thinks that Bitcoin’s price will rally parallel to that of Gold.

  1. Fran Starnjar

Fran Starnjar is the co-founder and CEO of Brave new coin. Russia’s largest Crypto trading platform has generated over $1.2 billion of revenue in the last banking year. Fran has always been in favor of Bitcoin. When it comes down to Bitcoin, he is more optimistic than being logical.

He has predicted that the price evolution will reach $200,000 by the end of 2021. According to him, people are shifting to digital transaction methods. And if this happens on a large scale, $200,000 will be the starting point for Bitcoin.


As we heard the price prediction of some of the billionaires who have been stocking Bitcoins, we would like to take this opportunity to consider your thoughts as well. So, don’t forget what you think about the future possibilities of Bitcoin?

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