Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends In 2021

Digital marketing trends are always changing. To help everyone to stay on track with news, we outline the 5 supreme digital marketing trends in 2021.

Any brand needs proper reach and repetition. To make a solid plan for the short or long term, one must always keep an eye on how to make everything work for the future. Requirements are always changing and people are demanding futuristic skills for reaching out. One who owns any kind of brand needs proper communication and creative style. That is the main reason why digital marketing is vital for developing the business. Of course, there is no guarantee that everything will work out but one must try their best. Research, statistics, trends, data to spot are things that will help. Also, make sure that there is plenty of room to adapt, change and develop.

Technology continues to advance all the time, so some of the trends are based on technology. Too much of tech use is also not a very correct decision. There is a thin line between going extreme. Some brands desire to make marketing more human again, so technologies like AI and data-driven marketing continue focusing on that.

For example, no one had any idea about how 2021 would change the face of marketing. Those who planned out their activities based on real-time, found themselves starting everything anew. Some things are still certain, that’s why we made a list below for you.

1. Featured snippets in Google search

SEO will continue to be vital detail of marketing because we are seeing the major shifts in this industry over the last decade.

Mobile and voice search is growing and people are changing the ways of using engines like Google.

Being on a first page in google searches is no longer the main goal your business should go for. Over the past few years, Google changed.  We are always on the move so we need the fastest information. Featured fragments and other “On SERP” information is the example that we don’t need to click through to a website to get the information. It’s right there on the Google search result page.

This on-SERP information is “position zero”, because often, the only thing 60% of people are viewing, is that.

Brands are still trying to discover how to archive the erstwhile Position zero. Does it require different SEO techniques than those employed for a normal listing? The fact is no matter what business or brand you own. You need your SEO. If you can be the first one in Google ranking than you will have a huge advantage. Because of that, more and more industries are starting to use SEO companies or professionals. It can start from Food and beverage industries and end with casinos. Everyone is trying their best to show their best qualities on google.

The most prominent users of SEO at the moment are the top online casinos around the world. This is mostly due to their advancement in a more global market rather than staying in one place. The main reason why SEO became a primary marketing tool is the regulations and guidelines regarding the marketing and sale of wagering products. Most countries completely prohibit these illicit marketing schemes, but SEO helps to navigate around them by marketing directly to casino players rather than marketing to everybody.

2. Chatbots

Dream of every introvert. Personal assistance without the need to be personnel. 2021 is breathing new life in chatbots. For example, if a person has two options of relatively equal products in front of her\him, the money is on the brand that won the heart. One of the ways to engage with customer needs is to be more personalized.

For decades, psychologists were lecturing us that people love to hear their names and see it on print. Today’s tech is allowing us to keep customers up at night with messages which will solve their problems or needs. Traditional marketing is losing its face and is becoming more and more personalized and human-oriented. Some brands may even use cheesy messages in the titles to make customers feel familiar. After that, they are giving them the content that will catch their attention.

A little effort will receive amazing results. 80% of customers are saying that they are more likely to buy something if the business is providing a personalized experience.

Improvements in AI with increased data collection and engagements from social media made it possible to hyper-personalize everything from design to product to content.

3. Visual search

Instead of typing the title of the picture, we are already just uploading an image and getting more information about an item from the picture. When a customer searches for a picture there are google results and Pinterest lens-related search tools that allow us to turn the camera into a search bar.

How can a brand benefit from it? One can upload high-quality images tagged with correct keywords and introduce them in the world. Consider that advertising them catches many people’s eyes.

Additionally, take these notes:

Having an image sitemap is good for search engines.

Use filenames.
Add “Alt tags”.

4. Video marketing

With the smart speakers and voice search in recent years, it’s ok to think that “readable” content is more important than visual design these days. The truth is that Hosting videos are getting easier to recognize. Each year sees more success with ambitious branded videos. It can include Vlogs, short videos, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat. Video vlogs are more popular than ever. Why are they getting viral? Because they are more personalized. Vloggers are speaking directly to us and we feel that we are part of the communication. (Pewdiepie style). Creating a more direct connection is a great idea to marketers and they, of course, are trying to forge stronger relationships with their audience.

Researches have shown that people prefer visual content to plain texts and Instagram is the proof of it.

5. Employee Activation

The customer experience is very important. There are reviews all over the internet and before doing anything or buying anything – we Google them. How can you be sure that you are providing a nice customer service? The answer is easy and it’s your employees. Half of your customers will abandon you if your brand’s employees are unhappy at their workplaces. Bad employee attitude is the number one reason why individuals will abandon you.

Your employees are the face of your company. Their communication with people is the key factor in brands’ success. When you are making yourself responsible for great customer service you need to make sure that you made proper team building. Ensure that every employee understands brand values and mission.

Achieve a high level of employee satisfaction. Make your workplace such an attractive place that people would want to work in. A smile and extra effort to help then in anything they need will give you more engagement out of obligation.

To become a walking billboard, you need to:

  1. Training – helps the quality of the work
  2. Permission to post content about your brand.
  3. Create posts, blogs, videos about people you are working with. Show them how you respect their work and encourage them to do better.

Once your employees will share the love of the company, it will pay off. And believe, it will be not only the good vibes but the huge impact.

Get involved or get left behind

As you can see things are moving fast and we need to move with them. This is not a time for no one to stand still and wait for success to come along. The young demographics and tech-savvy customers want to connect with brands on a different level. They want excitement, colors, creativity from them.

It is time to dive in.

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