6 Best Practices For Smoking Dry Herbs The Best Way Possible

Smoking dry herbs via vaporizers is uncomplicated, to say the least. Be that as it may, there are ways you can practice in order to get the most out of each drag, The best way to smoke dry herbs? We’ve got 7.

How To Smoke Dry Herbs

1. A Good Vape Distributor = Quality Vaporizer

The first tip on this shortlist, the unspoken rule if we may, is that you should purchase a quality vaporizer from a reliable seller, affiliate, and/or distributor. There’s no going over this initial step as the rest of the to-dos will pass of fail depending on the calibre of your vaping device.

We’re not saying that you are to blindly spend much on expensive vaporizers. There are pocket-friendly ones that work just as well. When making your selection, take note of materials, heating levels, heating duration, warranty, etc.

2. Fresh Herbs. Nothing Less

A good vape has to be paired with the freshest herbs. By “fresh”, we mean that you’ll want to choose cannabis that still has a bit of moisture on them. When the moisture content is good, you can be assured of a more aromatic and potent vapour.

3. Ground, Not Shaken

We’re hoping you got the pun on that reference. Moving forward, herbs are best smoked via vaporizers when they are ground to a pulp. This will help bring out their natural fragrance beyond the ordinary. Plus it’s an approach towards letting the vape really be able to enhance their terpenes once aerosolized.

Experts say that utilising a grinding gadget may be better than hand-grinding them, as the oils on your hands might affect the herb’s fragrance. Although there’s very little difference wrought by the latter, you might want to consider this tip, just in case.

4. The Optimal Temperature

The degree of heat that your vape will apply on the weed is crucial. After all, said device’s heating mechanism is what makes it run in the first place. Apart from this mechanism, the actual temperature setting is vital, too.

It is said that the optimal heating level you can try out is anywhere between 330 to 410 degrees-Farhenheit. Then again, you will have to inquire about this with the seller as each vape may differ in terms of optimized-utilization according to their heating setting.

5. Don’t Huff, And Huff, And Huff

Sudden inhalations won’t do you good. Vaping shouldn’t be something rushed, mainly because doing so can cause you to accidentally choke on the vapour and in coughing, unintentionally release the vapour itself. At the same time, rapid breathe-ins won’t allow you to savour the product.

Each drag should be one long breath, but not to the point of gasping for air by the end of it. Too-long inhalations have a tendency of lowering the heating temperature of the tool. Think of it as deeply but gently breathing in. Then, let the vapour linger for a moment before you, yet again, let it waft slowly out from your mouth.

6. Vaporizer Maintenance

This is a step that many don’t feel is necessary. However, let us be among the ones who urge you to do so. Badly maintained, uncleaned vaporizers aren’t only unhygienic. They are also going to lessen the potency of the weed, or slightly change its flavour. Simply clean it every so often to avoid these.

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