7 Great Dating Apps for Disabled People

7 Great Dating Apps for Disabled People

Mastering the skill of online dating is a tough task itself, but when you’re struggling with a disability, things get much harder. No matter what your ultimate goal is, whether you want to have a good time or find that special someone, — you need a decent service for this.

We’ve done a little research, comparing some key features, like popularity, usability, and others, and put together a list of seven best dating services for people with disabilities. These apps are focused on helping you find a match nearby, but if you’re looking for something more exotic, check out one of the best Europe dating sites and chat with cuties from all over the world.

1. SpecialBridge

SpecialBridge offers a bit more than just a dating service for lonely souls with disabilities. It’s a unique website for people who live with different levels of physical or mental ability. Whatever you need, from a loving companion to just a good friend who knows exactly what you’re going through, you’ll find it on SpecialBridge.

2. Glimmer

This one is a dating app for singles with both physical and mental disabilities, created by a loving mother and her son. Glimmer stands out from similar services because people who made it have the first-hand experience of dealing with a person with a cognitive disability. Actually, the app suits for ordinary people, as well (around 40 percent of its users don’t have disabilities), but its main goal is to address the problem of disclosing a disability on a dating service.

It’s up to you to choose whether to tell people about your condition or not, and, of course, you can also use the app’s search engine to find like-minded people who share your experience.

3. Disability Match

Aimed mostly at people living in the UK, this service has an impressive community divided by the types of disability, and the profile database is growing daily. Disability Match highly values its users’ privacy. It offers a lot of handy tutorials for boosting online dating skills. The website also has a user-friendly mobile version to check your progress on the go. There are three main search criteria – interests, area, and disability.

4. Whispers 4 U

Whispers 4 U is a real veteran compared to other services from our lists. Its dedicated team has been helping singles with disabilities to find their soul mates for 16 years! Regardless of your goals and intentions, whether it’s building a long-lasting relationship, short fling, or just a simple chat, this website got you covered. You can choose between paid and free types of membership.

5. Dating 4 Disabled

On Dating 4 Disabled, you can find your love via one of the forums or a chat. The site’s team highly values user safety, so the offer different tutorials explaining what you should do to protect your profile and personal data. Building up an active and friendly community, this service encourages its members to go for serious relationships.

6. Match.com

Well, maybe Match.com isn’t intended solely for daters with disabilities, but it has one small advantage over any other dating serviceon the Web — it offers the largest profile database, including the ones of people disabilities. Sure, this means that you may have to sort through a lot of potential matches, but the site conveniently provides you with a search filter so you could focus only on candidates with disabilities.

7. Soulful Encounters

This site’s thing is a customizable dating profile that gives you much more freedom than other services. Apart from standard features, it offers rather exotic ones, such as a member radio station. Here, you don’t need to pay for membership, and a vibrant community increases your chances of meeting that special someone.

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