8 Best Methods to See Someone’s WhatsApp

Social media networks provide cheap ways to communicate with people from all corners of the world. These platforms give customers enamoring and charming contributions to their social activities.


There’re a couple of notable messaging applications that are available on almost everyone’s cell phone. WhatsApp is the most comprehensively used social media platform with about two billion active customers.

Now that WhatsApp has somehow replaced the conventional method of communicating via text messages, most people are conversing through the app. It means that if you want to spy on someone, the first place to check for secrets is WhatsApp.

This guide presents you with the eight best methods to see someone’s WhatsApp activities without detection.

Part 1: Spyine – A Top-Rated WhatsApp Spyware

Spyine is the most broadly used phone monitoring software out there, having been involved in the business for long periods. It tallies millions of individuals among its client-base coming from over 190 nations.

A Top-Rated WhatsApp Spyware

We perused many customer surveys from those who have used the program to put Spyine as the best. That includes prominent online media channels like Tom’s Guide, Digital Trends, and many others.

You can use the Spyine app to monitor WhatsApp chats on either Android or iOS devices without any flaws. With its fantastic secrecy mode, you can use the online software with daze confidence.

It incorporates one of the best encryption conventions that are credible. Besides, the entirety of your/target’s data is protected consistently. The Spyine software doesn’t access or cache any private information on its servers.

Without more to say, you can open this link or read on to know more about Spyine.

1.1. What’s Spyine’s Role in WhatsApp spying?

The following are a few key highlights you’ll get on the off chance you decide to use Spyine as your WhatsApp monitoring tool:

● Peruse WhatsApp Chats:

Spyine allows you to keep a tab on every message sent or received on the targeted WhatsApp app. It gets you even crucial details like timestamps to know when each message got sent and the sender’s contact details.

● Access Multimedia Files:

Another useful thing about Spyine is it lets you go through all media attachments on WhatsApp without the user’s knowledge. You can view and download photos, read documents or watch videos shared on the platform.

● Catch the Ongoing Screen:

You also get to see the person’s live WhatsApp screen to stay updated on every detail. That way, you can stay ahead of things and know the person’s plans and intentions.

Apart from giving you access to a target’s WhatsApp activities, you can get a glance at other phone happenings. It can give you the person’s other social media apps data, call logs, text messages, GPS location, and much more.

1.2. How Spyine Operates to Let You View Someone Else’s WhatsApp

The iOS version of Spyine is entirely web-based and doesn’t need an app to function. You’ll also not jailbreak the targeted device or even touch it. It uses the iCloud backup feature to retrieve data remotely.

As for the Android variant, you need to download the 2MB Spyine on your targeted device to work. However, it doesn’t ask you to root the device, and once the software installs, it runs in the background without consuming much phone resources.

1.3. Why Spyine is Leading in Phone Spying Business

Here’re some of the benefits you get with the Spyine software:

  • Secret WhatsApp Spying: The Spyine program uses cutting-edge innovations to operate 100% discreetly in stealth mode without detection.
  • No Root or Jailbreak: It doesn’t allow you to root or jailbreak the targeted device since that compromises device security and voids its warranty.
  • Web-Services: There’s no app to install on your electronic device. You can use Spyine from any web browser on your computer or smartphone.

Part 2: Spyic – The Runner Up WhatsApp Spy Solution

If there’s an app that closely competes with Spyine is the Spyic phone monitor. The two apps work in an almost similar manner. Spyic is compatible with devices running iOS version 7.0 to the latest Android devices with version 4.0 and above.


Part 3: Spyier

When discussing apps that contend for the best WhatsApp spy app, Spyier is one with a good fit in the club. It’s cleverly designed and structured to help in all your phone monitoring needs with over 30 features.


Part 4: Minspy

The next popular software to help in tracking WhatsApp activities is the Minspy solution. It has excellent reviews all over the web praising its set of exclusive phone monitoring elements. Even big media outlets talk of its capabilities many times.


Part 5: Cocospy

In the 5th place, Cocospy can do more than monitor WhatsApp. The app gives you access to other social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. You can also check other phone activities such as call logs and SMS.


Part 6: Neatspy

The Neatspy program is simple and easy to use. As the name puts it, it’s a neat application with an intuitive user interface. All its features are present on one page to make it easy for anyone to access.


Part 7: FoneMonitor

Another reliable WhatsApp monitoring solution is the FoneMonitor software. It comes with some of the best phone monitoring features like the ‘Keylogger”. It can capture everything typed on the user’s device, including passwords.


Part 8: TeenSafe

Like all the apps already mentioned in this guide, TeenSafe is sophisticated to ensure you spy discreetly and without the user noticing. It doesn’t let you alter the targeted mobile device since that could breach its security and make it vulnerable to hacking.



Monitoring another person’s WhatsApp activities isn’t hard. It would be best if you found the right way to do it. In the above article, we’ve given you the eight useful applications to see someone’s WhatsApp. Try out Spyine today and experience how the apps function.

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