Are Bonuses the Most Important Thing to Check When Finding an Online Casino

For many people, the best time to find shopping deals is during the holiday season. But in the casino sector, any time is a good time to find betting bonuses. In other words, iGaming businesses are always in a giving mood.

And what’s not like? Bonuses help you play countless slot machines, blackjack and poker without spending your cash balance. So, are bonuses everything when finding a new online casino?

The short answer is No. Sure, they are essential. But here are seven equally important things to check when looking for a spectacular casino website.

A Valid License

Online casinos fall in a regulated industry. That means operators don’t just wake up and launch a website. Instead, they follow a long license application process that involves proving they are capable of running a casino.

Most online casinos in Canada acquire licenses from Malta, Britain, the US and Curacao. In all these jurisdictions, operators are required to create a secure website before they provide games to the public.

What’s more, license providers stay in touch with these casinos to ensure they stay professional always. Against that backdrop, you can’t afford to play slots or poker at an unlicensed website. You’ll miss out on the protection of license providers.

Bonus Policies

As we mentioned earlier, bonuses aren’t the most important things to consider when searching for an online casino. But they are essential, nonetheless. And for that reason, you want to join a casino site that gives you the best offers.

So, what defines a good casino bonus? The amount, wagering requirements, withdrawal limit or validity period? If you ask many experienced players, it’s a little bit of everything. You want a generous bonus amount. And you want it to have a small number of wagering requirements.

Additionally, you want the validity period to be lenient and the withdrawal limit to be as high as possible. In other words, you want the best casino bonuses in every sense. And you want to get these offers often.

With that in mind, it’s essential to research extensively before you claim casino bonuses. Compare amounts, wagering requirements and everything else we mentioned above. That way, you only claim the best offers available.

A User-friendly Website

When you think about it, an online casino is only as reliable as its website. If it’s slow, crashes often or games don’t respond, it’s a platform no one will like. In contrast, a professionally designed and well-maintained website attracts customers naturally.

Luckily, most online casinos have professionally designed websites. In fact, web design is one of the least concerns for many players. And that’s because nearly every casino site out there is user-friendly.

That said, casino sites aren’t always perfect. And that’s why it’s necessary to learn more about a gaming website before you become a buying customer. Creating an account is free, so use that chance to assess the speed, game performance and other aspects of a website.

Security and Fair Play

Although we said regulators only license secure casinos, there’s more to safety than data encryption. There’s also payment safety, game fairness and professionalism. With payments, you want to deposit and withdraw your money with no issues.

Safe casinos work with trusted banking providers to ensure deposits and withdrawals are safe. On the flip side, they acquire games from safe, licensed software providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech and Evolution Gaming.

Some casinos take an extra mile to confirm their safety. They invited independent auditors who review their games and payment systems. If proven to be safe, they get a seal of approval. Thwate, iTechLabs, GLI and eCOGRA are some of the most well-known casino auditors.

If you see their seals of approval at an online casino, it’s probably worth checking out. That said, also join a casino that lets you safeguard your account with a strong password. Or better yet, Two-Factor Authentication.

Games and Providers

You know it—games are the most important thing at an online casino. They are the reason you risk your money and time. So, before you find a new gaming website, ensure it has the best casino games online.

If you have favorite casino games, then these are the titles you’ll find. If you’re a new player, decide between slots and card games. Slot machines are simple to play, cheap and require no skills. They can also help you win a lot. But they’re based on pure skills.

Card games are a different ball game. You can use strategies and skills for poker. Sometimes you can also play these games with friends, through web cameras. What’s more, you could participate in tournaments and win decent cash.

Like slots, though, most card games have an element of luck. So, even though you can use systems to win, you’ll often need luck to win consistently.

That said, the best way to win casino games is to play the best of them. Choose slots with high Return to Player Rates. And card games with low house advantages. In most cases, these games come from top-rated software providers.

Payments and Policies

Most online casinos provide a variety of payment methods. With that your mind, your goal is to choose an option with flexible limits and fast transactions. Additionally, look at the charges. You don’t want to lose a significant chunk of your money to fees.

On the flip side, read the payment terms and policies at casinos. What’s the minimum you can deposit? What’s the maximum you can withdraw? Also look for fees and other policies. Essentially, you want to get the best deal possible when it comes to payments.

In case you’re wondering, the minimum deposit at most casinos is $10. The maximum you can top up depends on your chosen banking option. When it comes to withdrawals, the minimum varies by casino.

Your Turn

It’s true—bonuses are essential. They can help increase your profits and lower your losses. But there are also more important features in a casino. Payments, games, security, fairness are just as important as bonuses.

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