Best Phone Location Tracker: A Definitive Guide to Track a Phone Location

When it comes to tracking someone’s location, it has become quite an effortless technique. The user of a smartphone can send you a location and you can follow that. But, this is the context where the smartphone user wants to send you the details.

What happens under a phenomenon where you want to track someone’s real time location stealthily? Even if you track someone based on their popular search engine accounts, the users are likely to get a ping or alert. This somehow defeats the purpose of spying or secretive location tracking.

So, if you are wondering how can I track a phone without the user knowing, you are at the right place.

Safespy: the most trusted location tracker

There are location tracking apps and then there is Safespy. As a web based application specializing in spying services, it allows remote location tracking. You could be tracking the real time location of someone and they wouldn’t know about it.

What makes Safespy special than other location tracking apps? Well, fairly, it operates in the most stealth way possible. The user of a smartphone would not even have a hunch, let alone alert, to know about this spying.

Tracking your phone can be difficult, but several websites help you locate it easily. You can quickly track using this website where you just have to enter your phone number on your computer’s browser. It is one of the best options to find your phone if you cannot track it in or around your surroundings. Finding your lost phone is easier with such tools.


The other location tracking apps are deceptive in their service. There are so many of them, more than 3/4th are not even genuine. Some other so-called location tracking apps are filled with malware and phishing tools. They even leave trails. Sometimes, also ‘accidentally’ breach security.

There are a lot of reasons why Safespy is better than other location tracking applications. Let’s see some of the core and vital features that Safespy possess that make it stand class apart:

Know someone’s real time GPS location

Even if someone is in another continent, you can check their location. You can do so in a totally remote manner. The stealth mode of this application is so perfect that even the employees of Safespy would have no clue.

Know someone’s real time GPS location

Stealth Mode

Safespy has an extremely well functioning stealth mode. It keeps your secret of tracking someone’s location, a secret. You do not have to worry about any evident trails that can lead to detection. Safespy keeps the information requirements at the minimal level.

Stealth Mode

At no point will your tracking even cause the slightest of suspicion. The stealth mode is one of the major highlights of this web based application.

No Jailbreaking Requirement or Rooting

Most of the other location tracking applications necessitate jailbreaking or rooting. This means that they necessitate breaking into someone’s phone to initiate access procedures. This could be risky as leaving trails are likely.

Therefore, Safespy increases security of conduct manifold with its well sorted access. You do not have to jailbreak or root through the target phone. There needs to be a minimal intervention with the target phone.

Other Superb Features

You can not only track someone’s location through Safespy, but you can also attain a lot of features. You can have unlimited access to someone’s messages and media files shared. You can see their iMessages, emails, notes, social media, etc.

It is almost like you are cloning someone’s phone. Another added advantage of this web based app is its keylogger feature. This super feature allows you to see important keystrokes on someone’s phone.


There are lesser applications as reliable as Safespy. By virtue of its functions, the application is used by over a million users in more than 190 countries. No wonder its patronage is seeing a relentless rise every passing day.

Tracking Someone’s location through Safespy

You can use Safespy with utmost ease. It has immensely less requirements when it comes to setting up of account and linkage. In just a matter of flat 5 minutes, you can initiate and be done and dusted with the process.

Speaking of the procedures, below are some of the ways in which Safespy can work:


The first step is that of registration. The new users require registering on Safespy’s web based app with their email ID. All you need is a functional email ID and no further information is required to be submitted.


Plan Selection

After registration, selection of a plan will need to be done. You can browse through the many monthly plans that Safespy provides. You can choose the plan that meets your budget and requirements the best possible way.

Setting Up

Once the plan is selected, you can pay for it. You will get a set up link on your email ID once paid. As you click on the link, you will just need to follow the on-screen instructions. This is a seamless process and will be done as soon as possible.

Setting Up

Linkage with the target phone

After this, you need to sign in and then select the target device. Target device would mean the type of device that you need to locate. You need to select whether it is an iOS or an Android device.

Linkage with the target phone

Linking with iOS

In the case of iOS, all you need to do is to enter the iCloud credentials. No further information other than the iCloud account and the password is required. On correct submission of the data, the link will be immediate with the iPhone and you can track the phone.

Linking with iOS

Linking with Android

The procedures will be a little different if you need to track an Android. As soon as you enter the target platform, you would need to download the app on the target Android phone. This is mandatory because of Android’s own set of security features.

Linking with Android

So, every spy app has to follow the process and no app can access it in a remote manner. However, Safespy has a little trick to it. The moment you download the Safespy app on the phone, you can hide the app immediately.

To curb any evident risk, Safespy app only weighs 2 MB. This is a minuscule weight for an app. It will raise no suspicion. What it will indeed do is that it will allow you to track the location immediately.


So, the answer to how can I track a phone is best answered through Safespy. If you select any other web based spy application instead of Safespy, you will be putting your data integrity at jeopardy. The options can be bewildering but one must choose wisely.

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