eWebGuru Guarantees Clients With 99.9% Uptime and Best Backup Contingency Plans


With a superior network and data center along with the best hardware, the hosting servicing provider eWebGuru offers guaranteed 99.9% uptime for the sites hosted on its server. The company eWebguru confident on its backup contingency plans and ensures its backup plans are the best in the market.

India, 19 August 2019 – Noida, Delhi – Hosting uptime is the vital parameters than plays a vital role in judging the host provider services. Usually, webmasters and site owners prefer the hosting provider who guarantees higher uptime, because server uptime relatively creates an impact on the hosted site’s performances.  For a business website, higher uptime is an important aspect to stay in touch with consumers/customers. eWebGuru one of the leading host providers in India guarantees 99.9% uptime to their customers, this clearly specifies as their server would be down for about just 2 minutes per day.

To attract potential clients, many web hosting service provider offers a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. However, it mandatory for consumers to check the company’s past track record. While checking with the past record, eWebGuru manages to keep their promises of maintaining 99.9% uptime. In addition to that, the company eWebGuru’s backup plans are the best in the market. With their backup service, webmaster and site owners need not worry about losing their site’s data if any unfortunate event happens.

What is Website Uptime?

For a non-techie person, this could be a million-dollar question in terms of web hosting. It is nothing but the time taken by a website to get loaded while the user tries to reach it on the Internet.  The Uptime usually calculated based upon the ratio of the site’s availability time with the total time. Although, reaching 100% uptime would be the goal of hosting service providers but in reality hosting industry witnesses only 99.999% as the highest uptime so far.

When comparing the industry’s high record, the uptime guaranteed by the company eWebGuru is far superior to many host providers in India. The act of announcing its uptime guarantee clause to the public by the company eWebGuru clearly displays the confidence level of its hosting quality.

In today’s hosting market, company that offers guaranteed uptime along with supreme backup plans heavily marketed and those are the vital factors that drive potential consumers to select a hosting service provider as a right choice for their needs. Having a good past record and best backup plans, eWebGuru would be the perfect choice for webmasters and site owners who look better host services for their website.

About The Company eWebGuru

The company eWebGuru owned by Ashok Arora. The company starts functioning from 2003 at Noida, Delhi. Over the years, the company eWebGuru gained a high reputation in the Indian market by delivering enterprise-level of services when it comes to hosting.  With the mission of delivering quality host service, eWebGuru manages to preserve its loyal clients and strengthen its position in the hosting industry.

To know more about their hosting plans and to consult with their experts to choose perfect host plans dial 0120-4806750.

Company Address

G-12, First Floor, Sector 63
Noida, NCR Delhi
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E-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.ewebguru.com/

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