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Hotel electrical equipment needs testing and tagging

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Staying in a hotel room, whether due to official purposes or because of leisure time, is nonetheless amazing and totally relaxing. The perfectly made bed, a clean room, sparkling bathroom tiles and a great view all sums up the attractiveness of a hotel room.

What we usually, as guests do not take into consideration are the electrical appliances and the electrical system in general. We take the electrical outlets, the television, the room microwave and the bathroom hair dryer for granted and never worry about their workability or well being. Since we believe that the hotel personnel must have checked everything before booking the room, we never worry.

In view of the fact that guests rely on the hotel staff to the core, it is hence hotel’s responsibility to keep all the electrical systems intact and electrical test and tag Wellington done periodically.

Testing and tagging each electrical appliance and component not only ensures safety for all the guests and hotel visitors but also prolongs each appliance’s life and its workability. The staff can use all electrical devices without fear as well. In case an electrical item is damaged or needs repair, the professional testing and tagging team will let the authorized person know about it immediately. This way, not only will the hotel become safe for everyone to stay in but will also increase the hotel’s ranking amongst competitors.

Here are a few important hotel electrical appliances and items which need regular testing and tagging.

All Portable Appliances

All portable appliances need regular tests and tags. A hotel has various portable appliances and all respectively need regular professional inspection.

Namely, here are the important ones:

  • Televisions

Hotel room and lobby televisions need regular testing and tagging to ensure they are not damaged or need repair. Since there are hundreds of people operating the same device over a period of time, the amount of damage can be immense. Either the internal cords can be damaged or the main electrical cord can be cracked or broken.

  • Hair Dryers

Most hotels provide attached hair dryers in the dressing area of a room. If your hotel also provides hair dryers, you definitely need to invest in test and tag Hamilton to ensure each user’s safety and your hotel’s reputation.

  • Mini Refrigerators

Most rooms have mini refrigerators which serve various snacks and drinks. Since everyone uses the refrigerators, it is highly imperative that you keep them checked by a professional for any possible damage. While the refrigerator’s lighting can cause issues, so can the door’s elasticity or the cooling.

  • Lamps

Lamps are everywhere in hotels. Lamps also require regular testing and tagging because the slightest damage to the cord can spark up and cause a hotel fire or electric shocks to the users. 

The Kitchen

The hotel kitchen is a place which never closes and it has various electrical appliances which need regular inspections. Since water sources are nearby, the chances of electrical damage is immense.

  • Microwave Ovens

Microwave ovens are used 24/7 and the amount of radiation a microwave produces is a lot. Not only can it harm the staff using it but can also make the food harmful for the guests. If the microwave ovens are not placed ideally and the vents do not have enough room to emit heat, the microwave ovens can get damaged. Hence it is important for test and tag Wellington professionals to come in and examine the hotel kitchen microwaves thoroughly.


  • Kettles, Juicers and Other Electrical Appliances

All small portable appliances need test and tags. A small damage can cause fires and it is better to be cautious beforehand!