How Apps Revolutionised Mobile & Tech

With how often we use mobile apps on the day-to-day basis, it’s easy to forget that apps as we know them have only really been around for the past decade. Both Apple and Google both launched their app marketplaces back toward the end of 2008, and the mobile world quickly changed after as modern smartphones started to take own shape and look much more like what we’re familiar with today – but with so many different sectors involved in mobile apps, how did they revolutionise the mobile market, and who were the biggest influencers of change?

How Apps Revolutionised Mobile& Tech

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Social and media sharing – It’s hard to look at a modern mobile device without noticing one of the big key features – the camera. Both front and rear, the camera has become such an important piece of tech on modern flagships for a simple reason – social media. The biggest platforms in the world have been huge drivers for change in the digital space as a whole but bringing these platforms to mobile is what really enacted change. It’s the reason all modern devices can take pictures and record in the first place, and now with the capability to photograph and record in 4K, it can often be difficult to escape all of the handheld cameras we all now have access to.

Mobile gaming – Of the other big features most notable on our devices, screen size is certainly up there are 7” devices are becoming more common with more pixels packed in than ever before, and one of the big advantages for this has been within gaming. Certain markets have been able to take a huge win from the advent of mobile gaming apps as online casinos offering free mobile slots for example in particular have only seen growth since the emergence of the app stores, and with these huge industries pushing further changes in gaming through the likes of VR and other tech, it certainly looks as if there’s no signs of slowing or stopping.

Content consumption – With the huge screens and better speakers becoming available, content consumption through video and audio has also become a primary usage, so much so that other forms of media consumption aren’t required – gone are the days of the iPod and Walkman, why carry more when your phone will do? Apps such as Spotify and Netflix have changed the way in which we consume this media, and as future change continues to be pushed forward it’s unlikely that we’ll ever go back to the way things were before mobile apps.

It’s tough to think of any big digital industry that hasn’t found a huge benefit from the introduction of mobile apps, and our devices are only getting better and more powerful so it’ll be interesting  to see how much more change may come through in future too – and now with things such as our common appliances like fridges and TV’s, right through to our cars becoming equipped with apps, the whole technology landscape has been able to change with such a seemingly small progression.

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