How the Blockchain can Help a City Get Smart

Blockchain technology is everywhere. It is the next best thing in this world. You will find blockchain technology around. To turn a city into a smart city, blockchain plays an important role. With the help of technology, one can control, coordinate, control and integrate and even serve the cities with great privacy, transparency and efficiency.

Blockchain technology is not limited to cryptocurrency or the healthcare industry. It is progressing in the real estate market where the government is planning to design a city that will be a smart city with all types of smart features that will enhance and improve the living standard of the people.

How the blockchain can help a city get smart

What do you mean by smart city?

A smart city is a broad concept, and the main thing is the digital shadow, and it is an essential thing as raw data for the smart city that will interconnect the sensor network with other digital services and devices. It is a city with sensors to record all the information on energy consumption, air quality, temperature, traffic, garbage production and even humidity.

The data upload is happening in the cloud; hence there is a storage problem. It creates a digital space of the city’s behaviour that one can access anytime without hassle. Internet of Things is responsible for the connectivity where there are technologies that will connect with intelligent objects with the help of the Internet and even adds another data layer.

Dubai is an example of a smart city; students now want to work in Dubai, which is a great opportunity. They can earn a handsome amount from this place and pay back their higher education loan in a short period. It is where all the dreams will come true, and later one can settle in this brilliant city.

Intelligent smart city citizens will use different apps and get all the real-time data on the phone. So, it makes their move in and around the city fast, calculative and understandable.

What does an intelligent city offer?

  • A smart environment with less ecological footprint
  • Smart living with enhanced quality of life
  • Innovative economy with an increase in the competitiveness
  • Smart mobility creates sustainability options for the city
  • Smart government for promoting and even increases public sector transparency
  • Smart people will preserve and will engage more in social life participation

What does an intelligent city offer

What are the benefits of blockchain for a smart city?

Transparency- It increases the connectivity and openness with the interconnection of the blockchain vertical service. It offers security, mobility and energy with the help of an accessible, single open transversal system that can quickly transfer the data with the real-time inhabitants.


Maintaining a smart city needs effective, flawless communication with different governing bodies. Communication helps you understand how the town works within the innovative approach and the people. Therefore, it makes the work of an intelligent city effective, giving you great results.

Information integrity

The help of the technology will only offer to share the best part of the information that needs to operate securely and privately. There is no risk of manipulating the 3rd party, and it effectively witnesses a better result.


The city and public officials- will know the birth and even the resources’ final destination with the blockchain’s help. In addition, one will know that this is how the city services are in use without the people’s pro act and its compromise.

What does it check on?

Improves security with personal data protection

It saves energy with the use of surplus electricity that comes from the household that uses solar power.

Introduces discounts, so people use more of public transport compared to private cars

Blockchain checks on the people, whether they are empty or complete, based on the service of waste collection

It continuously checks garden care, air quality, and water resource management.

An overall smart city is all about giving the city’s citizens the best of the best experience with the help of smart technology, and one can achieve it through better results.

Project management improvement

A smart governance portal allows the important decision-makers at least to automate the reporting metrics of all the tracking projects. The decision-makers will generate and work on the critical information so that they can take perfect action on the quality project completion like the schedule.

Management of grievances

Good governance will require urgent handling of citizen grievances and even complaints. However, there is a lack of the necessary metrics of the data to track the grievances executions. With the help of digital services, citizens can lodge any complaint using mobile devices. Moreover, they can do this from any location, making it useful for the citizens.

Even if the grievances are about the electricity, water supply, and transportation problems, all will go through proper online channels, and the government and the public can track through online. Administrators will also have access to know which department is working the best, where they are lacking, what are the significant issues that lead to the citizens’ grievances and find quick solutions to all of them. All the pieces of information are easy to handle and even improve the execution standard with citizen services.

Business platform

According to the initiative of innovative governance, you will get the clearance of the single digital window. Even the government will design an online forum for various businesses with the help of exchanging information between the multiple industries, which the companies can use to deliver innovative work. The online platform is great for investors’ meetings, bringing foreign investment, and connecting with local businesses. When the local business thrives then creates job opportunities, increases tax collection, and offers better citizens opportunities. Overall, it creates a business space that will improve the concept of the smart city and enhance its features for better humanity in the survival of the current lives.

Improve Cybersecurity

Cybercrimes are increasing in rapid numbers. But then, blockchain technology helps in the reduction of cyberattacks. It offers IoT security that will secure communication with authentication, and it will make it possible because of the blockchain, which will improve cyber security with IoT and AI devices. The update integrity will become verified with blockchain, which will prevent any malicious software from being installed. It helps protect the identity and is even a great use.

Simplified education

Blockchain technology simplifies the process of education. The educational institutions have lots and lots in the process of transferring the data for good, making it time-consuming and tedious to make all the surroundings worthwhile. Blockchain solves all the problems by creating an immutable, centralised database. With the help of an actionable blockchain network, academic institutions will easily share all the information for the better good. It even reduces all the fraud instances that happen in educational institutions.

Better healthcare

There are different types of healthcare apps that use blockchain technology so that the patient’s records are in sync, and it gives all the essential medicines so that it can easily manage all the patients. It is only possible with blockchain technology, where everything falls into place and makes it more effective. Moreover, in smart cities, one can combine blockchain with other advanced technologies like the example of AI so that they can bring improvement to the healthcare centre.

The blockchain and AI combination can help diagnose the patients what disease they are suffering from. It can quickly get through the help of the diagnostic wearable tool. With blockchain’s support, the diagnosis relates to the doctors for further study. Then, with the help of smart contracts, they can be used with insurance claims.

Better healthcare

Waste management help

Blockchain will help you maintain a clean environment with excellent hygiene facilities in intelligent cities. Moreover, it offers tracking in real-time with different and various aspects that relate to waste management. For example- one will get all the immutable and transparent information about waste collection. Also, one will get to know who collects it and how it can get through the recycling process.

The government will make waste management in incentive format, promoting cleanliness with blockchain help. It gives you active participation from the government as well as a citizen of the smart city who will transform the change for the better good.

Efficient mobility

Blockchain helps in mobility, which means there is movement in the transportation service within the smart cities. With the help of technology, one can track the vehicle; the registration process becomes easy and fast. It makes the work easy and reliable. It will impact the transportation service better, reflecting better and more certain instances, and you can buy resale, or the vehicle sale process becomes mobile.

How will lives change?

It is far more different from everyday living. The people will have access to a better living where they can operate everything under one roof with the help of an app. It makes the work fast, and everything will be on point so that one will get the best result and even enjoy the concept of a smart city model with all new features and incredible happenings in and around the city.


With the advent of blockchain technology, the smart city concept is getting into the limelight. It is taking a massive change in the country or city because of its innovative features. It makes the work reliable because the people love the features of the smart city, and it will develop a new age city within a city. Therefore, it is a blessing for the cities that get the smart city concept’s approval and make a significant change for the overall technology aspect to make it more effective.

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