How to Convert My Btc To Eth

It is necessary to find cryptocurrency exchanger which offers the exchange of BTC for ETH on favorable terms with a guarantee of a quick and secure transaction. You can use the service if you are interested in instant cryptocurrency conversion for subsequent savings in different crypto units, investments or payment for goods and services on the Internet.

The exchange of Bitcoin for Ethereum using a good service is in demand by Runet users and shoul be rated as one of the most comfortable and safe mechanisms for converting BTC into ether. There must be guarantees round-the-clock availability of the service and a minimum commission for its use. At the same time, you instantly convert funds between wallets without the risk of canceling or suspending the transaction.

You should note that when transferring in this direction, you may need to pass a three-level transaction validation. In this case, the rate is fixed at the mark at which it is at the time of the first confirmation.

Exchange Bitcoin to Ethereum

To exchange Bitcoin for Ether, an absolute minimum of information can be requested:

  1. wallet numbers between which funds will move;
  2. the amount of BTC you wish to convert to Ethers. The commission is calculated automatically;
  3. contact information to validate the transaction.

The interface for transferring BTC to Ether is completely intuitively understandable even for those who are going to use the cryptocurrency conversion service for the first time. You can also find see a eth to btc chart.

Benefits of working with the RuBitok exchanger

The service which you choose should have the status of a reliable exchanger. It should be trusted of the users, who daily and in a fully automated mode carry out thousands of operations of mutual conversion of cryptocurrencies and their withdrawal into fiat funds: rubles, American dollars, pounds. Most of the services  constantly improve their work, adding new features and directions of translation, working with the interface to make it the most informative, intuitive and understandable.

The transfer of Bitcoins to Ether is based on maximum transparency of the operation. You can immediately see the amount of the commission, account balances and other information necessary for a comfortable exchange. You can find a service which is a popular platform used by investors, online businessmen and miners not only from the CIS, but also from all over the world.

Work with the popular exchanger services if the main thing for you is to effectively use all the advantages available during the exchange. Among them, we consider the most important:

  • quick reaction to course changes. It should monitor all major exchanges and instantly respond to jumps in their quotes, depending on the ratio of supply and demand;
  • the lowest interest rates in Runet. The service shouldn’t use fraudulent schemes, hidden commissions and other instruments of dubious earnings on transfers, common on the network;
  • instant exchange after the last stage of the transaction confirmation.

Convince yourself of the benefits of working exactly with the service you trust by exchanging Bitcoin to Ethereum.

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