How to Get Background Information about Someone You Met Online

We live in a world where meeting people online has become much easier than actually looking for potential dates. Times have changed, dating paraphernalia has changed and the expectations from relationships have changed.

While we are used to the online dating culture, the main question remains, “Can I trust this person?” Really, can you trust this person who claims to be everything you like? Figures have revealed that a lot of crimes have been reported towards people met through online dating.

Met Someone on Social media, what next?

Did you meet someone on a social media platform like MeetMe? Wondering if the profile or claims are genuine? To tell you a tried and tested secret, you can click here and know all about their past and present.

Meeting someone online is not a problem, trusting them is. The Internet predators are out there, hiding their real selves through a guy/girl next door image. The figures are concerning and that’s what makes your concerns about safety paramount.

The increase in the usage of look-up platforms in the form of CocoFinder is proof that people are wary of the risk. The risk will remain. You might for once judge a book by its cover, but can’t judge a predator through their profile.

Met Someone on Social media

How much can you know of one’s life through social media? No one is posting a story or feed about that one time they were given a restraining order. No one will post or admit to their jail time and failures. No one will admit to being a sexual offender on their social media.

These are inherent and extremely private details that can only be ascertained through a thorough background check. Wondering if you should check State Authorities for it? Well, there is an easy way out.

Best Judge of Character: CocoFinder

Welcome to the world of CocoFinder wherein you can know all about someone without any effort. You do not need to do a reckless and frenzied search on someone. You can get all that information remotely, discreetly, and perfectly.

Wondering what magic wand CocoFinder has? Well, CocoFinder is an immensely popular web-based lookup platform that allows you to have complete insight into someone. You can see all details about anyone. Even if it is someone you met on social media, you can check everything about them.

When it comes to CocoFinder, no information is unauthentic. You can browse through multiple state records available for an individual. The records could pertain to their lives, offenses, dubious past, etc. It is like knowing that the person has a clean past.

When meeting someone for the first time, you can’t know all and everything about them. Even if you ask them, how truthful are they being? There is a thin line between truth and a fabricated version of facts and events.

Why Select CocoFinder?

The first thing we do when we find someone online is to check their online profiles holistically. Every online portal that we are on, we try to know more and more about them. But, that’s not the truth and that does not show the truth.

We try to depict a dream life on social media. Everyone knows that a social media search is the kind of background check you will have to undergo when meeting someone. That is why people often put up pictures and content of their desirability.

Having already established the unreliability of social media, other reasons make CocoFinder special. Below are the major reasons that ensure that selecting CocoFinder would get you the right kind of information about someone:


CocoFinder is a web-based platform that works on an as-is basis. You can use it when you need it. You do not have to go through the hassle of any application download, any software installation, or subscription. The entire process is relatively simple and convenient.

Easy to use

It is immensely easy to use CocoFinder. You do not need to learn the tricks of the trade through a demo or trial run. All you need is to have the information in a place that you need to search. You can run a search on people with any and every piece of information that you have.

Met Someone on Social media

Less information Vs More Information

You will attain definite results with CocoFinder- even if you have less information or more information. In case all you know about a person is their name, you will get more generic results. You will need to select and choose the profile from search results.

In case you have more information about someone, i.e. their location, their number, etc. you will attain specific results.

Check Background from Information

The lookup services provided by CocoFinder are multi-faceted. You can look someone up through their name, email, phone number, and even their location. Every kind of lookup service that you would want to avail is stated in easy tabs. You can switch from tabs to tabs to search for the information you desire.

Check Background from Information

What information do you attain?

When using CocoFinder, you attain holistic information and details about an individual.  The search results are based on the data provided from your end like someone’s name, phone number, address, and even email.

CocoFinder can be trusted with the authenticity of data. The information extracted from CocoFinder will be 100% reliable and authentic. Within a few moments itself, you can attain someone’s public records and even check their criminal status.

What information do you attain

You can also attain any and every vital gossip or news piece about such a person. Talking from the point of view where meeting someone on dating apps, you can have a trusted source. You can know how genuine the person is and whether the person has been booked for any crime in the past.


The interface of CocoFinder is extremely user-friendly. If you have been trying to know details about someone through social media, CocoFinder will be an easier mode. From access to discretion, none of your data will be stored or shared.

Thus, instead of the actions that ask you to click here and there, you can just head to CocoFinder. It is the simplest and most rewarding. Online dating can be a real bliss if you are confident about the genuineness of an individual.

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