How to Get White Pages with CocoFinder?

Almost everyone knows about CocoFinder and its excellent services to find public information online. It has exclusive tools for each type of information that makes your work much easier. White Pages is one of the most popular features of this platform.

Today, we will share a few things about White Pages and the platform offering them. Also, we will cover how you can use White Pages services to find someone conveniently.

Before we go ahead, here are a few things about this tool that most people are confused about.

What are White Pages?

What are White Pages

White Pages works like a phone book where you find someone’s contact details by their name. Traditionally, this data is collected in a hard book so that anyone can contact people they want. However, keeping physical records is a bit challenging and almost impossible to cover the data of the whole country.

To deal with this problem, White Pages are introduced. They provide you with someone’s address and phone number by just entering their name on the search query. If you have additional information like area, city, or state, you can enter it to make your query more effective.

Hundreds of platforms offer White Page services to their customers. However, most of them are way too expensive for regular use. That’s why CocoFinder is popular because it does not charge you any money to offer its services.

In this guide, we will use the same platform to explain how you can use the services for free.



CocoFinder aims to provide easy access to public information to all its visitors. You can use its White Page services to find someone’s contact details online. However, the platform is not limited to this service as there’s a lot to explore.

The working of this platform is similar to modern-day search engines. It uses the search query and finds the relevant data from its database. However, you won’t need to go through multiple links to find the information.

It creates a report that includes all the information you need. Each individual has a separate profile that is accessible with a single search query. Similarly, CocoFinder offers reverse phone lookup, address lookup, and People Search services to find another type of public information online.

Thus, you can use this complete solution to get access to public information without going through any trouble.

How to Access CocoFinder’s White Pages

If you are a new user of this platform, you can simply website the website and find all the tools on its homepage. You will find a White Pages Button that will take you to the service page of this tool. It will ask you to enter the First name, Last name, City, and to select the State where the person lives.

After that, you can hit the search button and it will take your query to its database. Once all the information is available, it will create a report that consists of all the information of that person.

Click on the report and find the information categorized in different sections. That’s it. You will find everything you were looking for.

How to Access CocoFinder’s White Pages

(The White Page tools are used to find the contact information only. If you want some more information about that individual, you can use its People Search or Background Check feature for better results).

You can find the following information in a White Page Report:


The first section of this report includes information about the identity of the person. It helps you find out more about the person without letting them know. You can find out their age, occupation, and some other publicly available information conveniently.

Phone Number

The main use of White Pages is to find the contact information of an individual. In this section, you will find the phone number of the person to contact them. In some cases, you can even find their email address to reach them professionally. Thus, you can directly refer to this section to get the contact details.


The third section provides you the address of the person. You can use it to visit them or to know where they live. However, most people avoid sharing their addresses online. Thus, you won’t find this detail in every search.

Difference Between White Pages and Yellow Pages

Most people get confused between White Pages and Yellow Pages. The information available on these two are different from each other. In the case of a White page, you find the contact information of a person who lives in that area. This person can be anyone and you will only find the basic details.

On the other hand, Yellow pages provide the information of small and large businesses and their owners. Thus, it is a group of business information so that anyone who needs their service can access them easily.

Professionals like teachers, plumbers, and other servicemen keep their entries on yellow pages to improve their reach.

Therefore, we can say that White Pages focuses on individual information while Yellow Pages focus on business information.

Are White Pages Available for Locals Only?

Unlike conventional books, White Pages can show you the records of any person living in the United States. Thus, you won’t need to limit your search to your area. In CocoFinder’s White Page, there is an option to select the state and city for your search.

It means that you can access someone’s details even if they are not from your area. The same thing goes for Yellow Pages as the reach of businesses is improving drastically.

Final Words

CocoFinder is an online platform that offers public information with a single search. Using its White Page service, you can find someone’s contact information conveniently. The platform is safe to use and does not require an account to use its services.

Thus, you can start your search without even paying a single dollar. We recommend visiting its website to learn more about its solutions.

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