New Law Enforced to Set Back the Cyber Criminal Cell

The dark web is at stake now, the dark web market place users are in danger and can’t rely on anyone on the market because the dark web was famous for the anonymity and now gradually the anonymity is getting out of the market. Experts are trying to break through the anonymity. Hence the users of the dark web net are gradually losing all hope and faith from the authorities of the dark web who always used to support dark web but now they are trying to break the secret and get through the dark web as black and white.

Cyber Criminal Cell

The crypto trading through the bitxt has become very famous hence out of insecurity many are trying to invade the current volatility of the bitcoin market. This decoding of the anonymity is gradually striking and harming the volatility of the bitcoin. This activity and the reaction to it making the entire dark web very unstable.

Many of the experts are still trying to find out what exactly is going to happen and how is the anonymity is going to be restored. There have been many questions but the questions have never been answered properly.

What is Fear all About?

Various reports have been found but the most precise report says that there was law enforcement after March 2020. This law was used to shut down all the darknet sales activity happening in it. Each and every sales activity has slowed down in the dark web net, this is why they had to impose the enforcement law.

There were various doubts and questions in mind, some were answered and some were not answered at all. The major doubt and questions started to arise over the anonymity of the bitcoins in the market, people seemed irritated and frustrated on knowing that the anonymity of the bitcoin is gradually going to be destroyed. This is also making the exist in the scam that has been happening in the reports that have been found out.

The darknet has been now listed under the scam sites as in the sites which get shutdown quickly for stealing or cheating on their people, or customers take such sudden exit. Authorities in the market also take action against them. Such companies are easily banned in the market.

As soon as the users and the customers started having trust issues in dark web, it soon let to the creation of the Dark Web Trust who would look after the right and wrong, good, and bad of the darknet.  This trust has been created to check and clarify and verify the authority and the reputation of the vendor.

Now you must be thinking that how will the trust find out the particular vendor when everything is anonymous, well it will be done by the user name and matching the fingerprint of the user.

What kind of extra measure?

It has also been known that the dark web net is also moving towards some extra security. While imposing laws and security on use of bitcoin the administrators of the dark web net has also been asked to use various security measure which includes use of multi-signature on BTC, Walletless market, but again it also denied the use of the JavaScript.

Wallets less market is something very trendy here the money is sent from the sender to the vendor and there is no transaction fee, only there is a monthly commission that is taken instead of the transaction fee. In recent months, the commission must have increased a little in percentage but problem lies in choosing the correct one.

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