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Quickly & easily find cheap flight with cheapskyflight.com

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cheap flightQuickly & easily find cheap flights
Finding cheap flight flights can be a daunting task, but we’ve made it simple, fast, & complete.
We use a multiple source search for more fares & options than a standard search. Then we compare the flight durations and fares to show you not only the cheapest fare, but the “best value” of both best fares and decent times according to our proprietary scoring system.
We purposely eliminate ridiculous connections that no one would want, but can be a few bucks less and end up at the top of our competitors’ results. We only quote in Canadian Dollars – not all sites do this especially for flights departing from the US. You’ll only see flights for dates you requested – we will never slip in some alternative on different dates – that’s just confusing. You should consider the total cost of the trip (overnights, airport waiting time, baggage fees, seat selection) and there are differences in seat pitch not only by airline, but aircraft.
“Savings” expressed by our competitors are outright lies, and so are their “price guarantees” – they are loaded with fine print. Check out their Better Business Bureau ratings and reviews versus ours!