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Revealed By Valve, Best Seller PC Games of 2018

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Esports Games such as Player unknown’s Battle Ground and Counter Strike Global Offense dominate top of the list, with a massive steam sale on at the present. PC gaming industry is growing every day. As seen in the list of top sellers games of 2017 there is a huge rise. Competitive games appeared to be on the top of this list, as millions are playing them right now. Just a handful of single player PC games made it close the top of best-selling games of year 2017.

The year 2017 was considered as a massive period for PC gaming, and the last twelve months have laid basis of few huge strides towards esports in the coming year (2018). Released by the Valve, the list of best seller PC games of 2017 on the Steam, measured by the gross revenues and factors are looking extremely ideal for big esports gaming.
Valve did not shared their rankings, however game groups were separated into Platinum (highest), Gold (2nd highest), Silver (3rd) and Bronze (4th) tiers on the bases of how much they were sold. CS:GO found to be the most popular FPS game so far, Dota 2 receives tens of millions dollars up to grab as prize money in competitive tournaments each year and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is just kicking off it journey in esports, however it is looking great. Rocket league have to work hard in order to really explode as best esports game, however it has still earned great popularity.

Of the twelve games listed in Platinum tiers, they are nearly all competitive somehow, and a fine chunk of these competitive games are highly popular in esports arena.

Bigger ones at the top are CS:GO, Dota 2, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Rocket League, all of which now have become staples of tournament gaming world.

All 4 of these games are quite cheaper to purchase, particularly Dota 2 which is completely free, however they have potential for players to spend extra bucks for in-game fancy items that is where most of the bucks are coming from.

As you would have thought, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is also exactly near the top, and although it has just had a couple of events up till now, the esports scenario surrounding this game is looking ready to explode in 2018.

There is also H1Z1 and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 Siege that have esports events of their own, even though not pretty as popular right now as other games.

ARK is also in Platinum tier: Survival Evolved that is not really considered as an esport, however it is certainly competitive and multiplayer in nature.

At the same time, Divinity: Original Sin II, Warframe, and Tom Clancy’ Host Recon Wildlands are also one of the best games played with peers, albeit we would not be seeing competitive tournaments out of these specific games.

Esports Games on Sale

  • CS:GO – 33 Percent off
  • Call of Duty: WWII – 17 percent off
  • Rocket League – 40 percent off
  • NBA 2K18 – 30 percent off
  • Rainbow Six Siege – 40 percent off

The only real single player game that listed under Platinum is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that still stays near the top games although it released out in early 2015.

Rounding out the Platinum is omnipresent, critically and commercially successful behemoth Grand Theft Auto V, which was also released in year 2015, albeit its original version appears out on Xbox 360 and PS3 in the year 2013.

Across all the platforms, game has sold more than 85 million copies, an outrageous number making it top selling game of all time in United States of America.

Moving down to the list we observe a number of up and coming games such as NBA 2K18 and Call of Duty: WWII.4

The latter is specifically interesting, as real life NBA teams will going to sing professional 2018 players after draft and tryout process that has just started. You can look through the complete list of top selling steam games of year 2K17 here at http://store.steampowered.com/sale/2017_best_sellers/ and you will also get bigger discounts on the most if not all of them. Beside Steam you can also find these fps games and many other that aren’t available on Steam like FIFA 18, League of Legends, and Overwatch many other sites such as Amazon.com.