Top 5 Apps for Spying WhatsApp

It’s not uncommon these days to find someone cheating on you or hiding something from you. It is alright till the time it isn’t your loved one doing that. Recently, a friend of mine was stressed as he was almost certain that his wife was cheating on him.

I couldn’t see my friend in so much distress, and so, to help him out, I started searching for different ways to figure out the truth secretly. I collected information about multiple platforms to find the best out of the lot available on the internet.

Finally, it was the Click Free official site that gave me just what I was looking for. I came across top-class solutions to spy on somebody’s WhatsApp without letting them know about it. If you are looking for something similar, let me help you out with it.

Part 1: How to spy on somebody’s WhatsApp without letting them know?

Luckily, we live in an era where there’s technology available to solve these issues without any damage to the relationships. If you were under the impression that spying on a phone secretly is impossible, it’s not true.

There are several apps to help you spy and monitor the activities and messages of a device remotely. You can keep track of WhatsApp and other social media accounts easily without physically accessing the phone.

I’ll be sharing my best picks for spying WhatsApp messages with you. There are a few that are best in the market and trusted ones too.

1.1 Spyic: The ultimate WhatsApp spying app

Top 5 Apps for Spying WhatsApp

Spyic is undoubtedly the finest app in the market when it comes to spying on a device. There are millions of users across the globe who make use of Spyic to spy on their loved ones to clear their doubts.

Try the WhatsApp spy app, Spyic, for yourself to experience its benefits fully. There are quite a few popular media houses out there that support the use of Spyic. A few of the famous ones include Forbes, CNET, Times, etc.

When it comes to making use of the tool, Spyic is extremely easy to install, set-up, and operate to monitor different activities of the target device.

1.2 Features that make Spyic the best spying app

There are plenty of commendable functionalities of the app. Here are the best ones of this WhatsApp spying solution:

Easy access to WhatsApp and Instagram messages

Spyic provides quick access to all the WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media accounts active on the target device. You can keep track of messages being sent from or received on the account directly.

Access to deleted messages

You will also be able to keep a check on the messages that were deleted from the account after being sent. This way, you will be able to look into the complete chat history.

Medial files being shared are available

You can also look into the media files on the device. This way, if the target phone receives any media files or shares any images or videos, you will be able to view all of it using your Spyic Dashboard.

Viewing the text messages

Viewing the text messages

Apart from the WhatsApp messages, Spyic can track text messages of the target phone easily too. This way, you can have a complete look at the different messages being sent from the device.

1.3 Other great functionalities

  • Apart from spying on the messages, here are a few more things that Spyic can help you with:
  • You can monitor a person’s location with Spyic. It makes use of geolocation tracking to track the device’s location at any point in time.
  • You can keep track of incoming and outgoing calls to and from the device easily.

Part 2: Spyier

Spyier is also a leading spying tool available today. It offers quite similar functionality to the Spyic spying tool. Using Spyier, you will be able to keep proper track of all the WhatsApp texts and media files.

What’s more, is that Spyier is a complete no-root and no-jailbreak solution available. So, you don’t have to worry about the warranty of the device going void either. Simply install and set-up the tool to get started with spying.

Part 3: Minspy

Minspy is another leading spying software for WhatsApp and other social media applications of today. Maintaining complete secrecy while spying on a loved one’s phone is of utmost importance. This application helps with that perfectly.

Similar to Spyic, you can track calls and locations of the device with this tool too. Therefore, spying on a person and keeping track of each activity becomes much easier. Minspy, too, is a web-based app where you can access everything on any browser easily.

Part 4: Spyine

Spyine is a lightweight application that you can use to monitor all the activities of a phone without physically accessing it. It gives you complete control to look into the messages being shared, the existing media files on the device, and much more.

You can even track the geolocation of the device using Spyine. Thereby keeping track of every movement of the person, you are spying on. There is no software installation necessary, and you can simply access it from any browser.

Part 5: Cocospy

With excellent functionalities for spying, Cocospy is another top app in the list when it comes to monitoring a person through their phone. The app is talked about highly by multiple top media brands and is one of the best in the market.

It can be used to look into all social media accounts apart from WhatsApp to track the incoming and outgoing messages. Looking into the media files also becomes easy through this tool.

Final verdict

All the apps talked about in this article are great spying solutions available in the market. You can settle for a suitable one as per your needs. The features available on these spying apps are fantastic and apt to keep a check on a person.

Especially when it is about a loved one, you need to make sure of the safety and security while using the application. All these are trustable ones, and without any hesitation, go for your pick.

Personally, I would go for Spyic to spy safely on anyone’s device. Try the WhatsApp spy app today to access all its amazing features.

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