Top 5 Popup Solutions To Improve Online Marketing

Online marketing is one of the fastest growing types of marketing today. It moves at the speed of light. You should do your best to keep up with this speed, being creative, innovative and handy.

online marketing

Frequent researches will help you to learn about the newest tools that will ease your job in the process of keeping your online marketing on its highest.

Popups are the mightiest means available now for boosting online marketing in the most productive way.

The entire internet is full of different popup windows, be that an ad or just a contact means. These tiny popup windows are everywhere, no matter what type of a website it is. Popups or popup windows appear on movie sites, on online shop pages, on various service sites.

This just proves that popup windows are now the most effective means to reach out to the visitors, sharing your thoughts in the easiest and fastest way.

The point is to implement appropriatepopup types for different purposes. Make sure you target the audience with the correct offer, not to become inappropriate.

Show popups with acceptable triggering events to get the best conversion.
Don’t be too pushy and make sure you do not annoy your visitors, which can result in losing them at all.

Let’s view top 5 popup solutions that will enormously boost your online marketing.

Enrich Your Email List with Subscription Popup


It’s an undeniable fact that the more subscribers you have in your list, the more famous your site is and the more sales you will have.

When you have some amount of users in your list, you can be sure that at least this number of customers will always be updated about your offers and news. They will receive newsletter updates every time you have announcements, sales, new collections or some other news to share with them. This practice will guarantee a stabile flow to your store and the chance of having more sales will definitely grow.

Let’s say you’re running an online clothing store. You can use a Subscription popup on your site to form a rich email list and build a connection with your shoppers. They will be notified about every single update on your store, about all the new collections and sales.

Even more, you can add 2 checkboxes in your Subscription popup to store shoppers by their gender, men and women. They can check the box when subscribing and receive all the news, specifically for their category. So you can send the newsletter updates specifically for men and women collections accordingly.

Restrict Adult Content


For all the online marketers out there who sell adult stuff like alcohol, cigarettes, etc., make sure you restrict the access for users under 18. This is some kind of “have to” for such websites today, if you want to be professional and have good ranks in Google.

Alcohol selling in the UK, for example, to persons under 18 is considered illegal. One can even get billed to £5,000 for selling alcohol to visitors under 18.

So, here is a table with a list showing some Age restricted products and the Age restriction for them.


*The list is for the UK. Source: Age restricted products in the UK.

So just add a Restriction popup on your site, so the users will confirm their age before having access to your site.

A simple restriction popup with 2 selection buttons will do the job perfectly. One of them will close the popup, confirming they are 18+, and the second button will redirect them to a page where you can explain why they can’t access your store, for instance.

Most of the restriction popups are easy to pass now, as the users simply click “Yes” or “No” answering the simple question “Are you 18+?”.

But you can be smarter and add a popup like:
“Confirm your age to access the site!
I’m over 18             I’m less than 18”.

 Spin the Wheel to Win Sales


Sales are always the best means to push customers for more shopping. Hardly any shopper will resist a sales offer and not go into shopping.

Another thing is the way of presenting the sales’ offer. Of course, the sales itself is an enticing factor to promote more shopping on any store, but you can totally go farther.

Popups can be the most eye catching and attractive means to show any kind of offer, and sales are not an exception. Dozens of popup elements are available to present the sales offer in the best attractive way.
The latest and most fun popup element is the Spinner element. You include your sales offers in the slices of a spinner and ask users to spin the wheel and win a sale or a prize.

Users are just fond of game-like elements on the sites. And when it comes to winning something like sales or free items during shopping, nothing can bit a higher efficiency rather than this.

Show the popup just when the users are going to leave your site, with Exit Intent technology, and convert them with your enticing offer.

Banner Ads

banner ads

Speaking about sales, we can’t but mention Banners. This is one of the most attractive and clear ways to show an offer, like sales on the website.

No doubt, you can add the banner simply announcing about the sales on your store. Like “Hot Summer Sales mode is on our store! Hurry to get your summer looks with extremely low costs!”

And this would definitely work and provide more shopping on your store – all of us like sales.

But we have a better offer that will not only provide you with more shopping on your store, but also increase the conversion on your site, enriching your mailing list.
Include a simple Subscription form along with your sales announcement, and ask shoppers to subscribe to your newsletter and receive the coupon code for the sales.

As soon as the Subscription form is submitted, you can email the coupon code to the address mentioned in the form. So both, you and your shoppers will be happy with the results. You sell more stuff on the store and enrich your mailing list. And the users have a great discount to shop more cool stuff on your online store.

Booking Popups

book now

It’s a digital era and every single action and service is available online now.

One can do anything that can come to your mind sitting at home, not having to go out.
We all shop online, we work online, we order services online, we buy tickets and book rooms in hotels.

Everything has become extremely easy and comfortable.

Speaking about online booking, we should mention about the means of getting more bookings possibly. All the touristic or hotel website owners are concerned about selling more rooms and attracting more visitors to their hotels.

All-mighty popups are here again to save the situation and solve the tasks! 🙂

Imagine that the visitor is on the site and is having hard time on deciding whether to book.A room or not, a simple popup window will push them to an action in a few seconds.

Create a “Book now” popup with a CTA button to finalise the booking, and show the popup after some time of in-activeness on the site. So if the user has some doubts your popup can convince them to make a final decision and complete the desired action.


If online marketing is one of the most popular marketing of today, then popups are the best tools for this marketing.

Keeping some useful popup solutions in your mind, you can quickly improve your online marketing gaining more flow and conversions.

Offer sales, enrich your mailing list, follow some rules and restrict your content if necessary.

Use proper triggering events for your popups and make sure you do not irritate your visitors.

Be convincing but not pushy – this is very important! 😉

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