Top 10 Successful & Hottest Startups Across the Globe in 2024

Hottest Startups Across the Globe

So, planning for a startup? But worried about how to execute it?

No worries!!

Here is a tip that can help you with the planning and execution of your business plan.  Go through the most inspiring and successful startups and research on the efforts they took. It will help you to plan your business efficiently, as you can use the experience these startups had. Having business insurance is one of the must-have when planning for a start-up.

So, to reduce your efforts, here I’ve mentioned a few best startups that might help you with your online business plan.

Best Startups Worldwide

Best Startups Worldwide


Founders: Jeff Bezos

Launch Date: 1994

Revenue: $280.522 bn

One of the largest and most platforms of the online retail industry. Amazon is the leading retail marketplace that provides users with every product they wish to have. It has approximately 310 million users from all around the world. The Amazon app has appealing features with easy checkout and multiple payment systems. It even comes up with amazing deals during the festive seasons to keep the users engaged.


Founders: Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, Nathan Blecharczyk

Launch Date: 2008

Revenue: $31 bn

Airbnb is known as one of the most inspiring and successful startups in the travel industry. It has changed the way people travel these days. Airbnb is a marketplace platform wherein the hosts(property owners) can register and list the spaces available with proper details and rent. The voyagers can go through this listing and book an appropriate local stay. More and more travellers are getting comfortable with Airbnb, as it gives a new experience by exploring locals. The reason for its success and popularity is the Airbnb business model.


Founders: Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, Max Levchin

Launch Date: 1999

Revenue: $17.722 bn

An online payment startup in the finance industry, which changes the way people do their daily transaction. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it charges fewer transaction fees in comparison to the other platforms. It has more than 286 million users across the globe. It is a payment processor app for online shopping, auctions, and much more. Many entrepreneurs use PayPal to make international transactions.

Founders: Bill Nash, Tom Reedy

Launch Date: 1996

Revenue: $17.2 bn is a platform which gives every detail about cars. Most of the people opt to visit if planning to buy a car. It has a list and details of every car you can think of. even enables you to calculate the estimated price of the car. You can get the estimated loan amount for buying the car. It has more than 135 million users from across the globe.


Founders: Daniel Ek, Martin Lorentzon

Launch Date: 2016

Revenue: $7.3 bn

An online music streaming platform that is popular in almost every continent of the world. Spotify has more than 271 million users and unlimited popular tracks. The free version of Spotify is better than any other music streaming platforms. And that is the reason for its popularity and listed in the top and inspiring startups worldwide. You can easily share, download, like and make your own playlist with Spotify.


Founders: Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger

Launch Date: 2010

Revenue: $6.84 bn

A popular social media platform which has attracted everyone starting from normal users to celebrities. It is one of the best platforms to showcase your talent. You can post the pictures and videos of your art on Instagram.  It has more than 500 million users worldwide and even estimated that 26.9 million users will join Instagram by the end of 2024. The Instagram platform is available in 32 different languages.


Founders:  Logan Green, John Zimmer

Launch Date: 2012

Revenue: $3.616 bn

A startup in the transport industry which gives a huge competition to Uber. Lyft is a carpooling marketplace which acts as a bridge between the riders and drivers. It comes with three types of ride options for the rides i.e Lyft Standard, Lux and Lux XL. Looking at the success of Lyft, many businesses are following the Lyft Business model in their online carpooling business.  The company even suggests the driver a place where they can get the passengers and earn more.


Founders: Bryan Dove

Launch Date: 2002

Revenue: $1.4 bn

Another amazing startup just like Airbnb which is hailing the travel industry. HomeAway is a vacation rental marketplace which servers in more than 190 countries. It has 2,000,000 vacation rentals listed on its platform. 44 million or more users have used the HomeAway platform when travelling. Users are getting comfortable with such platforms due to their services. The headquarters of HomeAway is located in Austin, Texas, United States.


Founders: Dominik Richter, Thomas Griesel, Jessica Nilsson

Launch Date: 2011

Revenue:$1.28 bn

An on-demand grocery delivery startup which has spread its wings in approximately 32 countries worldwide. This meal kit provider is getting more and more popular with passing days. The headquarters of HelloFresh is located in Berlin, Germany. It is one of the biggest meal kits providers in the United States. In 2017, HelloFresh was listed in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange due to its IPO.


Founders: Brian Armstrong, Fred Ehrsam

Launch Date: 2012

Revenue: $1 bn

A successful startup based on cryptocurrency with more than 30 million users. Coinbase works for the exchange of cryptocurrency coins. You can easily sell, buy and store the cryptocurrency through this Coinbase platform. It servers in more than 52 countries across the globe. The headquarters of this company is located in  San Francisco, California, United States. The coins which are exchanged here are Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Tezos, and many others.

How to Plan a Startup?

Basically, there are three reasons to draft a business plan, that is to solve the key challenges, articulate the vision and to pitch the idea to potential investors. So, to execute these three reasons for your startup, here are a few points to take care off,

  • Make a business plan to secure the appropriate funding.
  • Prepare the best in class pitch for potential investors.
  • Surround yourself with the best software development companies and choose the best to build your platform.
  • Research on marketing opportunities and accordingly plan pre and post-marketing for website/app launch.
  • The last one, build a customer base and also be prepared for unexpected things if anything such comes up.

These steps will surely help you to get the best results for your startup. Remember one thing, customer experience is most important to make your online platform successful. Henceforth, focus on the UX/UI designs of your platform and try to have seamless user navigation for your platform.

The Parting Thoughts

So, these were some of the most inspiring startups you can research on if planning for a startup. You can even follow the same business model as of these startups as they are already successful in the market.

No startups can be successful without a good business plan in the right direction.

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