Trendy Android Apps

Trendy Android Apps

  1. Walli

This is one of the best customization apps on the market. It has a metric ton of wallpapers in a variety of different styles. This includes the abstract, photo, written word, and other categories. There is a whole community of artists that spent countless hours for our pleasure. Other features include various sorting methods, categories, and several wallpaper sizes to fit your phone. This is not only a very good wallpaper app but also one of the few that helps the artists who created them. Tapet, HD Wallpapers, and Wonderwall are also great options in this niche.

  1. Nova Launcher

Before creating this list, we were not going to insert any launcher into it. But Nova Launcher is not just an ordinary launcher. It has existed for many years; itwas constantly updated, and, thus, it never gave its users a reason to think about replacing it with something else. It comes with many features, including the ability to backup and restore home screen settings, icons for all of your Android applications, tons of home screen and app settings, and more. You can even make it look like a Pixel Launcher if you want. When upgrading to premium, you can use gesture controls, numerous application icons, and icon scrolling actions.

  1. Rise Up

Those who are interested in cool games for Android should consider installing the game called Rise Up. The goal is to protect the balloon which is going up. During the flight, the balloon will face various obstacles which the player must avoid. What about the game itself? It is easy to manage with one finger, it is free, it is infinite, there are various difficulties, and the game is constantly getting harder. More than 50 million users have already installed the app. By the way, it is quite a new game, so if you are also interested in the newest applications for Android, Rise Up will be an excellent choice.

  1. Pure

How can we go without mentioning a single dating app?! The market of online dating is on the rise every single year; more and more users come looking for a partner on the internet. But traditionally, the main reasons for this search were to find a person for long-term relationships; those who wanted to just have sex were left hanging for a long time. But now, there are apps like Pure that allow their users to search for local single people who just want to spend a night in the company of another person.No obligations and commitments.

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  1. Ticktick

It is not as popular as other applications that allow you to create to-do lists. However, it is probably the best one. It provides basic functions such as recurring tasks, reminders, push notifications, various organizational functions, and categories. This app also allows you to share tasks and whole categories with other users. This makes it an excellent choice for family use, small companies at work or other similar groups. This is also a great option for tasks like product listings. The app-to-do market is full of great options, like Todoist, gTasks, and Ike, as well as more professional options like Asana, Trello, and others. However, this app is remarkably balanced in its functionality, while still being easy to use, and all of its most important functions are free.

  1. Zedge

The last but certainly not least is Zedge.It includes all sorts of wallpapers, ringtones, notification melodies, and an alarm clock application that gives you a ridiculous amount of options for customization of the main aspects of a device. Apart from the fact that Zedge has a huge collection of all sorts of media, it also provides themed content during the holiday seasons, which customizes your phone’s theme for Christmas, Halloween and other holidays. The application is not perfect. There are bugs in it, and there are annoying advertisements. Zedge Premium is a new initiative to provide premium content at a reasonable price. It is relatively new, andwe would recommend paying for it. However, it is already clear that no application in the Play Store supports ringtones, notifications,or sound signals as well as Zedge.

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