WhatsMode: An Influencer Marketing Platform

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy that uses social media influencers to promote their products. Big name brands collaborate with influencers like Zoe Sugg and Rosana Pansino to have indirect access to their audience.

But for WhatsMode it means marketing and promoting products lines created by influencer brands for their followers. Various influencers like Youtubers: Chloe Couture and Adelaine Morin and Instagram model Meagan Lee have chosen WhatsMode to sell and also produce their product lines. They collaborated with WhatsMode to meet their audience’s request of producing merchandise that resonates with their style.

Other influencers can also use platforms like WhatsMode to offer their audiences a piece of their creativity and make their connections even stronger. Besides improving the relationship between them, it is also an excellent way for influencers to develop themselves into independent brands.

Influencers need to ask a few questions to gauge the platform’s potential, to make the right choice.

1. What is your business model?

Just like any other retail brand would have one, influencers have a business model for their shop. They need to think about if they will be drop-shipping products, manufacturing their own or would you like to design, produce and sell with the help of the platform?

2. Who is your audience and what are their shopping habits?

Since the influencers will be creating the product lines for their audience, they need to know what they like, their aesthetic and their shopping habits. Knowing their target audiences interests will help them create products that their audience is happy to purchase.

3. What kind of products do you want to sell?

Various influencers sell different types of product lines depending on their audience’s preferences. For example, Ayesha Perry Iqbal sells jewelry and apparel targeted for curvy women, while Adelaine Morin creates pajamas for her younger female audience.

4. What features does the platform offer?

Different platforms offer various services to sell your products. Important things to ask yourself include details regarding your business model, values, partners, collaborators and their payment terms. For example, WhatsMode offers their influencers services including designing, producing and selling their products.

Once these questions have been answered, influencers can make their brand stronger and offer their followers products they will enjoy.

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