Which Is Better, CBD Oil or CBD Gummies?

When it comes to choosing the perfect CBD products, there have never been so many different, fun options to choose from. Now that CBD has quickly become one of the most popular natural supplements, brands are really starting to push back against the boundaries and discuss new ways for us to enjoy CBD.

Two of the most popular CBD options are CBD oils and CBD gummies. While the effects of these two oral forms of CBD are very similar, the ways in which they are used could not be more different. For many people, the choice between the traditional CBD oil tincture route or the more fun CBD gummy option is a difficult one.

CBD Oil or CBD Gummies

As with all CBD products and supplements, there is no simple answer; it is not a one size fits all topic. CBD oil tinctures may be the perfect CBD solution for some, while CBD infused gummies are much more convenient for others.

Let’s take a much closer and more in-depth look at CBD oils and CBD gummies and find out which one is the right option for you.

What Are CBD Oils?

CBD oil tinctures are generally considered the most traditional form of CBD supplements and are probably the product that most people picture when they hear about CBD supplements.

CBD oils tend to be sold in small glass bottles, complete with a dropper that allows you to measure out your chosen amount of CBD oil. CBD oils can also sometimes be purchased in ready to use, pre-filled droppers. You don’t have to worry about meticulously measuring out a precise quantity of oil.

There are a few different factors to consider when purchasing CBD oils, including whether you want pure CBD to isolate oil or full-spectrum CBD oil. Many brands also offer a choice of different flavors and concentration options. It is also possible to purchase unflavored CBD oils.

Premium Jane is a great example of a brand that offers a range of different concentrations of oil along with a delicious list of flavors. CBD oil tinctures from Premium Jane are available in chocolate, mint, and citrus, as well as many more fun flavors.

CBD oils can be used in unique and different ways, making them extremely versatile. The simplest way to use CBD oils is with the built-in dropper, which allows you to place only a few drops underneath your tongue for quick and natural absorption. Other options include adding oils to food recipes or using them to make your own CBD topicals.

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are one of the quickest and tastiest ways to consume CBD. Most CBD gummies look and taste just like regular gummies, making them extremely discreet and ideal for use while out and about.

Each brand has its own recipe and formula for making CBD gummies, ranging from those that are almost identical to regular candy recipes and those that use all-natural 100% organically grown ingredients.

In most cases, brands use the same CBD oil within their tinctures to infuse gummies, meaning that the effects felt can be very similar. One of the principal differences is that CBD gummies contain a predetermined and precise dosage of CBD, somewhat limiting the control that you have over how much CBD you consume.

The Benefits of CBD oils

#1: One of the primary benefits of choosing CBD oils is that they are often made from very few ingredients, with unflavored oils containing just two. This natural formula allows you to enjoy the benefits of CBD without having to worry about what other things you might be putting into your body.

#2: CBD oils are extremely versatile, meaning that you can switch between using them on their own or adding them to food, for example. The versatility of CBD oils gives you the freedom to experiment and discover different ways to consume CBD.

#3: CBD oils allow you to measure out precise qualities of oil, giving you complete control over how much CBD you consume at any one time.

The Benefits of CBD Gummies

#1: CBD gummies are one of the most discreet ways to enjoy CBD, making them the perfect solution for when you know you will need a quick burst of CBD while out and about.

#2: CBD gummies offer a level of simplicity that cannot be found in CBD oils. CBD gummies are ready to eat straight out of the packet without you having to worry about measuring out oils and making a mess.

#3: One of the major advantages of CBD gummies is that they double as a tasty snack, making them extremely easy to work into your everyday routine no matter how busy you are.

How Do You Know Which of the Many Options Is Right for You?

There are a few critical questions to consider when trying to decide which option is best for you. Firstly how imprint is it to have control over the precise amount of CBD that you consume at any one time? If you need to control the exact dosage, then CBD oil is probably going to be the option you want to choose for yourself.

If, on the other hand, you are not too worried about consuming a precise amount of CBD, then CBD gummies offer a level of convenience that comes in a deliciously sweet package that may be the better option. A great place to buy CBD gummies is Premium Jane as they combine the natural qualities of CBD oil with a sweet fruity flavor that makes consuming CBD on a regular basis super easy.

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