Which Online Gambling Sites Accept Litecoin?

Cryptocurrencies have become popular online payment options due to their relative anonymity. As the value of these assets can rise or fall within a short period of time, they are also employed by those who wish to take advantage of sudden price movements. These currencies have become particularly popular within the online gambling and sports betting communities. In fact, you might have already heard about popular solutions such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

However, another interesting option comes in the form of a currency known as Litecoin. This cryptocurrency has been actively trading since 2011 and it remains an interesting alternative for those who do not wish to use traditional options such as credit cards. Let’s take a closer look at the fundamentals behind cryptocurrencies before discussing some of the most popular gambling sites that currently accept Litecoin.


Why Choose Litecoin as a Payment Option?

What factors have enabled cryptocurrencies to take hold within the online payment community? We already mentioned the anonymous nature of these transactions and this is arguably one of their most attractive qualities. However, there are other reasons why the number of Litecoin casino options is on the rise.

Litecoin is unique in the fact that users will be subject to lower transaction fees when compared to other staple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This is obviously important for those who are hoping to increase their profit margins. Another takeaway point here is that Litecoin has been specifically engineered to be adopted by the online merchant community. In other words, it is easier to implement within an existing point-of-sale (POS) system.

Finally, this type of cryptocurrency offers extremely fast processing times between when a deposit is made and when a withdrawal can occur. Users can therefore leverage any changes in the underlying value.

Online Gambling Sites that Recognise Litecoin

Whether referring to agreeable transaction fees, quick processing times or the fact that Litecoin is substantially cheaper than other cryptocurrencies, it is beginning to become clear why gambling portals accept this payment option. Here are some of the most well-known casinos which encourage the use of Litecoin:

  • Casoo
  • Lucky Days
  • IXBit
  • Stake
  • Cloudbet
  • Bitstarz
  • 7Bit Casino

If you happen to be searching for portals solely concerned with sports betting, be sure to take a look at additional options including BetOnline, MyBookie and Bovada.

Considering the fact that Litecoin has existed for more than ten years, it is considered to represent one of the oldest and most reliable cryptocurrencies on the market. However, keep in mind that the associated values of this currency can rise and fall within relatively short periods of time. This is why it is always prudent to closely monitor prices when making deposits and withdrawals.

We should finally mention that the number of online gambling sites accepting Litecoin is constantly increasing. This is excellent news for anyone who wishes to adopt cutting-edge payment solutions with the click of a button.

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