13 Mobile App Ideas that Will Inspire you in 2024

2024 is going to be app-based. There is a change in the phenomenon of using apps since the pandemic era. Mobile users rely more on applications to plan a day, order groceries, book doctor’s appointments, watch movies, study virtually, and more. From the online business point of view, you can uplift your ideas by taking the technical assistance of a mobile app development company to create a robust & feature-rich application.

As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to empower the usage of your business app integrated with the latest technology. Hire proficient mobile app developers to add virtues of Artificial Intelligence(AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), & several other profitable technologies.

Why Mobile Apps are Important for Businesses in 2024?

This is an era of mobile app development. It can transform the way of offering products or services in an effective manner & to a wide selection of audience. A potential mobile application is able to provide an interactive and intriguing experience to users. Also, it helps your business function smoothly and steadily.

Have a look at the following few reasons when decided to hire mobile app developers to enhance business operations.

#Fact-1: More than 65% of users prefer mobile apps

As per the report of Statista, a majority of users prefer to access mobile apps for meeting basic requirements. There is a rapid rise in global trends subject to mobile application usage. The trend is never going to dip down. On the other side, it is on the line of increasing day-by-day.

The reason for an increase in mobile app users as compared to websites is due to seamless connectivity all around. The growing availability of internet accessibility, the rising number of smartphones, and enrichment in mobile apps lead to higher growth.

#Fact-2: There is 50% more growth in internet penetration

Internet accessibility is reaching widely. There is an increased penetration of 85% in developed countries and more than 50% in developing. The good news is that the majority of internet users prefer mobile apps for meeting daily requirements.

Looking at the thriving rise of the internet and mobile app technology, it is a golden chance for business professionals. Create your own mobile app to reach the target audience wisely and smoothly.

#Fact-3: Mobile apps subjected to have more than 50% market share

Earlier, websites made a huge impact in the digital space. Now, mobile applications have their maximum share in the marketplace. At present, apps cover up more than 50% of the area due to increasing penetration in internet facilities, the number of smartphones, and users.

Now, you might be convinced as to how important a business mobile app is.

But still thinking about which application trend to follow. No need to worry. If you are a startup organization or an established company. Have a look at the following mobile app development ideas that are going to upscale your business from 2024 onwards.

So, let’s get started

1. Travel Mobile Applications

The hard times of the travel industry are going to flock away soon. Since the arrival of the vaccine announcement, once again the hospitality sector will flourish.

Much to the benefit of avid travelers, 2024 is going to be memorable in terms of exploring new places.

So, to meet the requirements, a travel mobile app is a must for hospitality partners. The application helps to suggest magnificent places to visit, the best time to visit, and other preferences.

With the assistance of an expert mobile app developer, add the latest virtues of understanding traveler’s preferences based on likes & dislikes.

On the other side, the Travel mobile app suggesting, places not to visit is going to be an alarming trend.

You must have come across travel planning apps. But you will be the first one to create a mobile app that suggests places to avoid during vacation. Such an application helps the users to showcase destinations that are not suitable as per their likes, phobias, time-limit, and budget.

2. Parking Space App

Finding a parking space in an overcrowded city is difficult. Car drivers have to make several rounds of the area to find an empty place to park the vehicle.

Thus, to save a great deal of time and effort, Find me Parking Space App is going to revolutionize 2024.

Just like destination finding or map apps, the Parking Space Lot app helps you find a perfect spot to park a car. Using the latest GPS-enabled technology and camera, the application suggests a relevant space without undergoing stress.

In order to utilize the app, you need to login in and enter the desired location for finding a suitable parking space. Based on the location coordinates and empty space available, the application showcases the viable parking space for you.

3. Music Mobile Applications

Humans are emotional and there is a song for every single emotion. People will never stop listening to music that soothes their mind and soul.

Despite already having a playlist mobile app available at the marketplace, the following is a list as per the growing trend in 2024.

Mood Swings App: As the name implies, the mood swing music mobile application does a brilliant job of suggesting a song as per a particular option. No matter, if you are in sad, funny, energetic, or romantic mode, the app plays the right track for the right emotion.

Find Song Lyrics App: Humming a song while doing daily tasks is a natural habit of many people. The technique is useful to bring happiness to self. But sometimes, people tend to forget the lyrics and that’s where the music flow breaks down. So to avoid the same, create and install Song lyrics apps to find the right words at any point of time.

Karaoke Apps: For those having singing as a passion or hobby, Karaoke apps are there. Just play the favourable song’s music, start singing, or even record your performance anywhere you want.

4. Food App for Donation

This particular mobile app idea is definitely going to contribute to the world. A lot of restaurants and party places throw away left food that led to a high amount of waste.

So to avoid the same, Food Donation App will prevent such massive waste and will even help you to donate left food to needy people. Furthermore, users can connect with helping poor NGO’s to donate food and perform a good deed.

5. Virtual Study Room App

The virtual study is a new normal during and after the period of the rising pandemic. Students have already adapted to the new way of receiving quality education online. And, even parents and teachers are comfortable with the same.

So, to enhance this trend, Virtual Study App is another mobile application option to look forward to.

If you are a budding teacher, then start teaching several students virtually by starting your own mobile application. Even established institutes can avail this amazing concept of teaching digitally worldwide.

E-learning apps will help teachers to connect with several children single-handedly. Even students can share notes, take active participation in classes from any location, and stay safe inside.

6. Real-Time Translation Mobile Apps

If you plan to travel abroad without knowing the strange language, then do install a real-time translation mobile app.

Travel companies can make the best use of translation apps to be integrated with their booking platform. It allows travelers to translate every single language in a quick fix to carry on the communication.

Real-time translation app has voice and text-enabled features inside. It helps the users to understand various languages, real meanings, and perspectives behind easily.

7. Find a Tenant App

A mobile application that will help both the landlord and the tenant is finding a tenant app.

As the name itself implies, it helps tenants to find suitable rented accommodation based on locality, space, & budget.As for landlords, they can target preferred tenants and find them online for filing the rental place.

8. Stress Reliever App

The wellness industry makes the best possible efforts to reduce the burden of stress on people. By conducting counselling and group meeting sessions, such an industry performs the amazing deed of helping needy people.

Now, the Stress Reliever App can make this happen online. Those who are stressed out with their daily routine, unhappy life or meaningless direction can find assistance through such apps.

You can help people suggest meditation tips, hold an online session, or talk to them digitally.

9. Doctor’s Appointment Mobile App

A mobile application that has revolutionized the concept of consulting a doctor digitally is an online appointment booking app.

The trend is going to slow down anytime soon.

The application allows the users to book an appointment with a respective health check-up online. This avoids waiting for hours at the doctor’s clinic, especially going for your old-age parents.

Schedule a virtual meet with the doctor, get medicines online, and consult for  a specific treatment at any point of time.

10. Doorstep Delivery of Liquor

Placing an order for groceries, fashionable clothes, and accessories online is a common phenomenon.

But, now you can also order liquor online using a mobile app. Especially for all the partygoers, the doorstep delivery of liquor app is an amazing concept to order alcoholic beverages at any place.

There will be no need to standing in long queues of a liquor shop. Instead, place an order via a mobile application from any nearby store and of any brand of liquor.

11. Domestic Help Finder App

You might not have asked for domestic help during the lockdown period. But now you find it necessary for household assistance to take care of household chores.

No need to worry, the Domestic Help finder app brings a great deal of flexibility in finding the right assistance. Whether it is for cleaning the home environment, washing clothes, cooking meals, or even taking care of a baby, every help can be found online via a mobile app.

This application appears beneficial for salaried individuals who are busy taking care of official tasks and want the other hand to meet domestic work requirements.

12. Hairstyle Recommendation Mobile App

Looking good is essential to stay young and popular among friends and family around.

Especially for carrying a stylish hairstyle, you need not rely on a hairdresser for giving suitable suggestions. Take the best reference from the hairstyle recommendation app.

The application helps users to check various hairstyle as per their face cut and skin complexion. AI and camera helps to see your face in the app with a suitable hairstyle to finalize the same.

13. Digital Interior Design Mobile Application

Decorating the household area is a passion in itself. Generally, people call for professional interior designing services for bringing decorative elements inside.

A virtual interior designing app can save a great deal of your cash. The app functions in a way to suggest a pool of ideas to bring an enriching outlook. You can implement the decorative techniques by yourself & get the desired persona of personal space.

There is more in the list of mobile apps that will inspire you in 2024. Both users and entrepreneurs can make the best usage of the latest mobile app technology to make a real difference in services.

Latest Mobile App Technologies to Look For

2024 will be of advanced technical means adopted by pioneer mobile app development companies. You can ask for a technically enabled application fully integrated with either of the following technologies:

* Artificial Intelligence

* Machine Learning

* Big Data

* Internet of Things

* Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

And more.

Summing Up

Refer to this fresh list of mobile app ideas that will enhance your business in 2024 and the way forward. Adapt the right mobile application feature to hit the right chord & meet customer’s requirements. Also, run toe-to-toe with increasing dependency on apps to make life goes simple and straightforward.

So to get started, get in touch with Mobi India as a leading mobile app development company. No matter from which industry you are, including Travel, Healthcare, Retail, Entertainment, or Finance, create a user-friendly app filled with state of the art features inside.

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