What Is Structured Data? Why You Need for Your Website

Introduction Structured data is a way of structuring your webpage content by using schema markup vocabulary that is acceptable by all major search engines. Markup vocabulary is a piece of words that sits inside your webpage code that gives the search engines additional information about your page. This markup will help search engines to understand … Read more

8 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Keep an Eye Out For in 2021

Digital marketing has undergone a huge transformation in the past. But whatever changes we saw during all these years, the pandemic has added to it substantially. We have observed customers forging new habits with altering preferences. The changing customer preferences must reflect in the way companies and marketers should address their strategies. To this extent, … Read more

10 Interesting Content Ideas That Enhancing Your Business on Instagram

Basically, Instagram content ideas will promote your brand and engage your real-time followers. Simply posting images and sharing videos are not enough to market your brand, you need to make unique and creative content to get more followers and become celebrities. Research says, 95 million images and videos are posted per day on Instagram. So … Read more