Top 50+ Free Search Engine Submission Sites List 2024

What is Search Engine Submission?

Search engine is a prominent method of submitting a website directly to google to increase the promotion of the website. search engine submission is a process of social marketing aimed at increasing the google ranking of the website. Alternatively, bloggers can also provide the URL of their blog and google ensures URL has quality content to promote the blog before better ranking is provided.

The following terminologies are involved in Search engine submission sites.


Search engines like google make use of a tool formerly known as a crawler to crawl the web. Crawling refers to passing through every page in the web to get desired search results. First google crawls one page and crawls other linked pages from here on and so. So for fetching a better ranking have an updated sitemap of your website on search engines.


Usually, search engines crawl or search your website and index results according to searched keywords. Search engine does this on regular intervals so it is necessary to provide proper navigation else it would become impossible to reach your website which in turn would affect the performance of the website.

Benefits of Search Engine Submission Sites List

  1. Rapid increase in ranking of your website in google and other search engines.
  2. Promotes increased organic traffic that is routed to your website
  3. Enhanced awareness about products and services related to the blog.
  4. Considerable social promotion on the internet.
  5. Helps in generating more capital.
  6. Creates a unique identification for your business in a short span.
  7. Results in exponential growth in finance.
  8. Rapid increase in indexing of URLs and back links by search engines.
  9. Reduces the need of advertising as the entire website is submitted to search engines.
  10. Is a effective method for small scale business people.

Top 10 Search Engine Submission Sites List

Sr # Search Engines Name Search Engines Submission URLs
1 Google Search Console
2 Bing Webmaster tool
3 Yandex
4 Active Search Result
5 Exact Seek
6 Gigablast
7 Entireweb
8 Baidu
9 Exalead
10 Somuch

Updated Search Engine Submission Sites List 2024

Sr # Search Engine Submission URLs DA
1 95
2 93
3 92
4 58
5 55
6 54
7 50
8 49
9 48
10 48
11 45
12 43
13 42
14 41
15 38
16 38
17 37
18 35
19 33
20 33
21 33
22 32
23 32
24 32
25 31
26 31
27 31
28 31
29 31
30 29
31 29
32 28
33 27
34 26
35 26
36 25
37 25
38 25
39 24
40 24
41 24
42 22
43 22
44 22
45 21
46 20
47 20
48 19
49 17
50 13
51 11

Search Engine Submission Sites Importance:

We know Google to be a giant in the list of search engines and then comes Yahoo followed by Bing. Once you submit your sites in these search engines, it helps a lot in allowing them to find you through every search engine have its ways of finding you once you submit your website but the result is the same. The other key reason to consider Search engine submission that increased its importance in the business of search is that this is not a one-time activity, every time you update any webpage, you can submit at the search engine and leverage.


To conclude, submitting your website in major search engines your website tends to get prioritized and indexed in all search engines. This will help to fetch your blog high ranking in major search engines like google, MSN and Yahoo. Make use of the above mentioned free search engine submission lists to list your websites thereby promoting the website and building the reputation.

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