Best Free Article Submission Sites List 2021The only way to get more audience is by enhancing the blog quality and maybe even by promoting your blog but both these things require one major important thing and that is Content.

Importance of Article Submission Sites?

Content is the heart of marketing today for article sites. Without a strong content, it is impossible to draw people’s attention on article websites no matter what the product is. The same thing applies to your online business and even your blog. When you start your blog, there are many challenges that you face and page visit is definitely one of them.

The only way to get more audience is by enhancing the blog quality and maybe even by promoting your blog but both these things require one major important thing and that is Content. You can also buy niche edits on other sites to gain more page visits. For this purpose, you will have to do blogger outreaching.

article submission sites list

Things That Makes an Article Submission Sites Outstanding

Keywords: One of the main things there is in content is keywords. With proper and trending keywords, you can enhance your website’s reach. Make sure that your article has buzzing keywords in it. This will help you to extend your page reach.

Matter: Be concise and innovative while you write. People like creative things and make sure your article is full of them.

Publishing medium: Writing content and adding keywords is fine but what’s important is your publishing medium. A high rated publishing page will make sure that your article gets the audience it needs and thereby increasing popularity for your blog/website.

What is Article Submission Sites?

Article Submission is one of the most effective off-page SEO techniques, With the help of article submission, you can get the amount of traffic on your website. To attract a good number of visitors to your website without running Google AdWords or paid ads this is the main purpose of submit article.

Before submitting articles, You should Know about Article Submission.

Article submission in seo provides two types of link do-follow or no-follow some good article writing sites gives do-follow some gives you no-follow. Article directory becomes nowadays very common this is the oldest & very easy means of SEO. Article directory submission looks like very easy submission.

Now the question is that What is the importance of best article websites?

Here is your answer: It helps to improve google pr and Alexa rank. Alexa rank is very popular nowadays every blogger knows about Alexa. If your Alexa rank will high then your pr will automatically improve. Alexa provides you maximum backlinks.

Top Emerging Article Submission Sites:

# Website URL

Top High PR Article submission sites

#1 Undoubtedly one of the best mediums of link building is the one offered by Google. It is a page creation tool that allows you to add content and substance to your blog, all without a single charge. What’s more is that this page has been ranked #1 when it comes to submission websites.

#2 It is one of the most popular article publishing website. You can submit your article for free here. This website has a good rating which makes sure that your article will get audience.

#3 Vocal: It is a platform where creators can publish stories on topic-specific communities and earn money based on the engagement their stories get. Users earn each time their posts are read, and can also collect one-off tips from their readers. It’s free for anyone to join and start earning, but there are also paid membership options to help you earn even more. Vocal’s community sites are also SEO-friendly, and they have 9 million monthly readers who come to the site and visit the communities they’re interested in.

#4 When it comes to content promotion, there is no other place than ezine. This website offers a variety of content to its readers and this is why the website has a considerable audience. This makes the website popular for content publishing and marketing activities. Publishing your content here will definitely get you good audience base. The best thing about ezine is that it is free. Yes, you heard it right. You need not pay for publishing your content and even better is that you get a substantial audience for your content.

#5 It is a free Articles and Press Release Distribution Portal. When it comes to paid services, iSnare is probably the top of the competition. With a small fee of 2USD, you get to publish your content in more than 2000 webpages. It gets even better. The more credits you buy, the cheaper this article submission service becomes. There is just one downside though. Publishing your content here might take weeks. But rest assured, iSnare is top in its business and that means better outreach for your content.

#6 Yet another free service, allows you to publish your content online and this is also one of the best article submission sites available. The website houses a number of topics and this means that your content will have greater room for acceptance.

#7 This is one of the famous sites among authors and readers alike. Similar to this website also has a huge article base and plenty of audience as well. The best part: it is free.

#8 This is a premium instant approval article submission site. This site allows you to publish your content online to multiple sites. It harbors a well maintained list of articles and there are indeed many categories which makes this service very interesting. Make sure you check this site to publish your content.

Below I am going to share with you some High PR article Submission sites, Need to use these sites and rank your website in a search engine in short span of time.

Top 10 Free Do Follow Article Submission Sites list:-

# Site Name DA PA Alexa Rank
1 96 87 74
2 92 70 3095
3 92 73 6502
4 90 62 28297
5 89 69 807
6 83 63 6522
7 87 72 19072
8 75 61 11263
9 63 50 5675
10 53 52 11925

Article Submission Sites with Instant approval:

These are some of the best article submission websites. We hope this list will be of suitable aid for you. Article submission is a great way to promote your services and therefore you should invest in a good quality content especially when it comes to product marketing. Make sure your article is SEO optimized and contains proper keywords. After all a good content is the sign of  good marketing.

All Time My Favorite Article Submission Sites List

# Site Name DA PA Alexa Rank
1 99 98 52
2 97 84 1
3 95 81 91
4 93 73 419
5 93 77 378
6 93 75 11026
7 93 74 9060
8 92 99 459
9 92 77 415
10 92 82 271
11 91 69 3183
12 89 67 25094
13 89 64 11275
14 88 66 8181
15 88 66 8181
16 87 62 40516
17 87 72 19072
18 85 100 117
19 85 61 12477
20 78 60 6098
21 75 61 11263
22 75 56 23696
23 61 56 10741
24 55 54 10590
25 54 58 9690
26 53 52 11925
27 51 58 13014
28 50 52 13365
29 49 47 11756
30 47 49 15623
31 46 52 91550
32 46 48 63075
33 46 48 63505
34 41 42 57336
35 39 46 54029
36 35 48 341882

Other Article Submission Sites

# Site Name DA PA Alexa Rank
1 33 42 100633
2 28 31 327480
3 76 59 1993
4 38 47 31484
5 49 59 41720
6 51 59 64466
7 32 35 65540
8 45 46 106006
9 43 48 20914
10 45 46 106006
11 30 44 96042
12 20 47 76874
13 38 47 59348
14 55 58 62406
15 27 48 114582
16 24 45 103740
17 29 39 59508
18 39 46 54029
19 46 60 48659
20 46 56 40245

Above of all article publishing sites are working properly. If you have any doubt or query feel free to comment below, we’ll be very happy to give you answer.

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