5 Proven Ways to Reduce Your CPA

Reduce Your CPA

Every business wants to lower their cost per acquisition or CPA to make their investments go further. It’s a crucial part of PPC management. The following tips provide some ideas to reduce CPA that you might want to talk about with your PPC agency.

1. Use Machine Learning to Create Ad Campaigns

Machine learning is completely changing the way advertising operates. The data collected by these systems can predict consumer interest patterns, test ad copy and landing pages automatically, personalization, and much more. Using machine learning for advertising is a new technology and we’ve just started scratching the surface.

2. Choose the Correct Bidding Method

One easy way to reduce your CPA is to streamline your ad bidding. If you use automatic bidding, Adwords automatically adjusts your bids based on your choice of three methods.

If you use the impressions method you pay per one thousand views. This is a good tactic for a company hoping to cast a wide net to gather information about potential clients but your ad may appear in unrelated searches.

Pay per click means you only pay when people click on the ad.

For the conversion method, you pay if someone buys your product or signs up for your service after clicking on the ad. This streamlines the process and if you have enough traffic, will help the visibility of your ads. However, in order to use this option you need a minimum of 15 conversions per 30 days.

3. Find Better Keywords

Keywords tell search algorithms when your ad should appear in search results. Therefore to achieve more visibility, your keyword pool needs to be constantly evolving to match what your customers are searching for.


Search term reports are one tool to find new keywords. They consolidate the words used by customers whose search results included your ad. Looking at these words will tell you both what keywords to use in your ads and in your negative keyword bank. Negating unrelated searches will prevent needless spending on people who were not looking for your service or product.


Another tactic is to use long tail keyword searches, 3 to 4 words specific to the product or service you are selling. Find these at the bottom of the google search results in “searches related to.” If you put one of these phrases into the search bar and your original keyword appears in this section, that’s a long-tail keyword to investigate.


Another great resource is product or service forums. Find words that people use when asking about your service or product.


Finally, you can try keyword tools like Soovle.com. Input a broad keyword then Soovle will provide related keywords used in searches from Wikipedia, Google, Youtube, and Amazon.

The website Answer the Public is another resource focusing more on the questions people ask about your service or product. This will give you an idea of how to tailor your keywords for people who use virtual assistants to showcase your ads.

4. Make Text Ads More Appealing


When people click on ads they are looking for a service or product that will fix their problem. So your ad needs to tell them what you offer and why they should choose you.


To do this know what makes your company different from your competitors and highlight it. Avoid asking questions, be the answer.


Once you have your content, use ad extensions to break up large amounts of text and get important information to the viewer. You can include positive reviews, ratings, your location, and your contact information along with your CTA.

The sooner you can start using this to create your campaigns, the better your advantage when it starts to become a normal tool for PPC management planning.

 5. Optimize Your Landing Page

Once people click on the ad your landing page is a customer’s first impression of your company. Make sure that the landing page has the most relevant information to what your ad is offering. Remember you need to be the solution to their problem.


In addition, using the same imagery on your ad and landing page will provide a seamless transition.

Consider including a short video on your landing page. This allows you to share important information about your company in an interesting way without bogging down your page with blocks of text.

There also needs to be a call to action on the landing page to make that final step of a conversion. Make this call to action interesting. Most websites use “sign up now” or “buy now.” Instead, use language that talks about what they’ll get in return for their information or purchase.

Don’t neglect these five ways to lower your CPA, especially machine learning.. Ask your PPC agency if they are planning to use it in the near future.

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