10 Blogging Apps Every Blogger Should Have

Today, we have multiple ways of communicating where we all can share our knowledge, thoughts, experiences and expressions. Blogging is the most effective way, as it allows us to communicate with the world through words, videos, and images. Those who are creative and love writing and making art, prefer this form of communication.

10 Blogging Apps Every Blogger Should Have

The Internet is full of popular blogging platforms and today it is no longer limited to desktops. One can start blogging through smartphones, iphone or ipads. Almost all the blogging platforms have a dedicated mobile application for on the go connectivity.

Whether you are starting a blog for business and money or just for fun, you may have certain questions and may face certain dilemmas. With a wide range of blogging apps available, it is difficult for new users to choose the best platform for blogging and which blogging apps to use.

If you are a beginner and then you will want a platform which is easy to set up and does not require special coding skills. You should know what kind of blog you will create and what your website should look like once your blog starts growing.

If you are looking for some useful apps that will help you write better or track your website’s performance or social media success, the apps listed below might help you. This list is for the power bloggers. These apps help bloggers to manage their time effectively and get more things done. With these apps, your life will be much easier.

This article will help you find some of the best and popular apps that will help you with your blogging problems.

Top 10 blogging apps every blogger should have.

1. WordPress

WordPress is a darling to most bloggers across the world. It is one of the most popular and a very user-friendly blogging app. It was first released on 27th may 2003. It is used by nearly 75 million websites on the web. You can build a blog from scratch with the help of WordPress. You can perform all the essential tasks such as writing or editing your blogs, publishing it, etc. One can manage to comment, share photos with information, and also get push notification.

The free version of WordPress is suitable if you are a beginner or you can also use the paid version for more storage and more features.

WordPress offers a wide variety of themes and flexible plugins that you can customise it with colour, fonts and photos that reflect you or your blog’s personality.

With its built-in statistics, you can also learn more about your most viewed or most popular articles or posts effortlessly.

It is one of the best blogging apps for Android smartphones and the best platform for blogging.

2. Evernote

Evernote is a handy app to write about ideas that come to your mind when you are out and about. Gone are the days when we used to carry a notebook and pen everywhere. With this powerful and intuitive app, you can capture an image, do sketches, you can write, record an audio clip, save links, set reminders, or even create a to-do list.

This app is available for Android smartphones for iPhone and even desktop.

All the materials written get synchronize across all devices so that you can easily access the notes via your desktop, any browser and even your phone

It is a modern app where you can literally save and retrieve all your ideas anytime anywhere. The biggest advantage of Evernote is that it works flawlessly with other apps like Feedly, Ifttt, Google drive, notes etc. You can share and discuss the ideas with your colleagues and get things done. This way you can work collaboratively and get inspired and brainstorm creative ideas.

3. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe is famous for its creation and editing tools. Lightroom handles your photos and helps you with editing and giving life to your images through thousands of free presets.

A picture is very important when it comes to blogging. As we all know, a picture speaks a thousand words. With Adobe Lightroom, you can enhance and add life to your photo in just a few seconds, and you can make your blog interact, and it can be a treat for your readers.

Adobe Lightroom allows you to edit, format, and watermark photos very easily and quickly. It works well with most of the Android devices, iPhones, and computers and is completely free for mobile devices.

Some of the major features of Adobe lightroom include RAW file support, various filters, advanced editing tools, and much more.

It has an inbuilt pro camera. You can choose from exposure, presets, timer and more. You can capture photos on the go with the professional capture modes like HDR or RAW.

With the help of AI, abode sensei automatically organizes and tags the photos based on the object and people in them, thus saving your time.

4. Google analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool from Google and is one of the best digital analytics tools for bloggers. You can monitor real-time data, traffic source, pageview, unique users, bounce rate, landing pages, revenue, and all the other useful data.

This app also teaches you how all the stuff works without charging you anything. You can track the traffic coming to your blog, view real time analytics, see the audience location, goal conversions, behaviour of your audience, etc.

The best thing is it is free for everyone and is very easy to set up. With the help of Google analytics you can analyse in depth and plan ahead to improve your blogs traffic you can also compare the data ranges and apply segments you can save any report to your dashboard.

It is a highly relevant digital analytics tool for managing and analyzing your website.

5. Canva

A blogger cannot function without canva. Canva is known for the imaging world! It is a graphic design platform that allows one to create graphics for various platforms. One can do so much with canva. You can write a resume, you can enhance your photo, you can make posters for your social media and much more.

Across 190 countries, canva has over 20 million users. You can even make videos and add music to it. You can choose multiple backgrounds and elements to add to your graphic design.

With canva you can easily resize your image within seconds. Canva is full of unique and visually appealing and pleasing templates that you can use for free. It has collections of flowcharts, maps, diagrams and much more. It works smoothly with all smartphones and iPhone and desktops.

You can also buy some templates or images for as low as one or two dollars. One can also upload their own photos and text and edit text and photo canva allows unparalleled customisation.

6. Google drive

Google Drive has multiple useful apps like Google sheets, Google docs; Google keep notes, Google photos and much more.

In the free version of Google drive you get 15 GB of storage, but if you are a blogger and need more space it is very cheap and you can buy Google drive 100GB of storage at just $1.99 per month.

It is one of the most versatile blogging apps that most bloggers already use. It is very easy to just copy and paste the article from Google docs to the back end of your blog. You do not have to worry about crashing and losing all your work as your work gets saved all the time.

All the apps in google drive can be easily synchronized across multiple devices that are linked to your Google account. This way you can get access to all the files anywhere anytime.

7. IFTTT (if this then that)

Blogging is not an easy task and publishing the post on your social media is definitely not easy. If you ever thought of hiring an intern or a personal assistant that can handle all the tasks that comes along with blogging, IIFTTT (If This Then That) is at your rescue.

It is like a personal assistant that can post on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc after you publish your post/article. It helps with automation according to your choice.

It is very easy to use. You just need to set conditions for different apps and when those conditions are matched with the conditions set, the app performs the action you have defined and automatically posts on multiple platforms.

You can also control things with amazon Alexa and google assistant.

8. Pocket

Pocket is a well liked productivity app that lets the users save articles, webpages, video, etc that they find only to read later. It was previously known as Read It Later. If you see something interesting and important, you can use this app to read it later without forgetting about it. The app is designed to give experience of reading, listening and watching with calm eyes, free hands and fresh focus.

You can save any webpage, video, stories, recipes, articles, etc. that you discover online or subscribe to. The layout of this app is clean and customizable to make the user experience relaxing. It has dark and sepia themes as well that reduces the visual stimulation before bed.

You can listen to the content while commuting, cooking, working out or walking. The app gets synchronized across all the devices that have a pocket in it and this way you can consume the information anytime and anywhere.

9. LastPass

Remembering all the passwords of different platforms is very challenging. LastPass is the app that you need to manage all your passwords. It is a password manager and password generator app that locks your personal information and passwords in a secure vault.

You can store passwords and login details, generate strong passwords, create online shopping profiles, track personal information, and more from your LastPass vault . All you have to remember is your master password of LastPass, and LastPass will autofill app logins for you.

You can say goodbye to the struggle and frustration of resetting your passwords as LastPass will remember all your passwords for you. You can use this app on all the devices like PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablets, etc for free. All the passwords get automatically synced across all the devices.

LastPass dont have the key to your encrypted data. All your information is available only to you. The vault is encrypted with bank-level, AES 256-bit encryption.

10. Pingdom

Pingdom was founded in 2005 and became popular in 2007. It is a global performance monitoring solution for your websites, apps and servers.

Pingdom helps in monitoring the site’s uptime and downtime. You can monitor when your site was an outage and you can find the root cause of the outage and then resolve it and improve it further.

It shows you the response time of your blog. It is a very helpful app for monitoring all your sites and blogs. It is an essential tool for all the bloggers out there. It is a handy tool for receiving alerts while on the go. Also, the app is very affordable for what it offers


Blogging is an art and an excellent way to communicate with the world. With these dedicated apps for iphones, ipads and android devices, it has become very easy to create and manage a blog.

Every app has its advantages and purposes.

It is up to you to choose the best app that will help you grow your blog. Test the different apps and see for yourself which world better for you and which app is most useful and gets things done easily.

Invest some time and learn and experiment with the apps and decide which are the most comfortable for you and your blog.

All the apps listed above are compatible with most of the android and ios devices. We hope this article will help you find the ideal apps for your smooth blogging experience.

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