10 Sure-fire Tactics to Boost Learning Efficiencies in 2024

2024 is no less than a roller coaster ride, with innumerable upheavals to deal with. The most critical of the lot; if we are to talk about the pandemic situation, things have certainly turned for the worst. Most sectors have come to a temporary halt, with academics being apparently affected the most. With schools and colleges shut down, most academicians and students have taken things up on virtual platforms. For example, most students these days are seen to harness the potential of smart apps such as essay checker and the like in order to streamline certain challenges and fill the void of seeking in-person academic assistance.

Boost Learning Efficiencies

The realm of education and learning is constantly trying to upgrade certain functionalities and embrace automation in order to buckle up, and make up for the deficit, suffered this year. However, merely upgrading academic infrastructure won’t help in improving the situation. Students should take equal interests in holding the fort. Speeding the process of learning and knowledge acquisition is a two -way thing.

So, invest some time in reading this blog and know how to speed up learning and make most of this academic year in an efficient manner.

Here’s everything you must imbibe. Happy reading!

1. Walk into the shoes of an educator

At times, in order to speed up the process of learning, you must look at things from the perspective of an educator. There are certain ground rules and essentialities to consider in this matter. Here’s everything you should know.

  • Teach someone else in order to develop a thorough understanding of how much you have learned or understood so far.
  • Highlight all essential points and accumulate other findings in the form of lessons learned in the previous chapter.
  • Now, sort each point accordingly, develop extensive insights and try to demonstrate the same to the one whom you would teach.
  • Analyse whether the person is being able to understand what you are trying to portray or explain.

2. Embrace digitally advanced learning solutions

Embrace digitally advanced learning solutions

In today’s world of progressive education and learning, you cannot afford to walk long miles without embracing the boon called digitisation. If we are to highlight the aspect of fast learning, each of these key suggestions would supposedly play a crucial role in this context.

Take a look.

  • You can always leverage the potential of smart academic apps in order to streamline the odds of manual labour.
  • For example, one can simply choose to use online academic help platforms and research gateways to seek faster academic assistance.
  • This could potentially be the replacement of manual learning style where students, most of the time, end up asking their professors, “Can you do my college homework for me?”
  • Using homework apps would not only help you in deducing smarter academic solutions, but it would also boost your productivity, thus, speeding up the entire learning procedure.
  • Also, getting in touch with digitally available tutors could apparently be an excellent choice in this context of the discussion.

3. Do not keep assignments pending

If you make pending assignments a norm, then it would only bring an impact on your academic performance and productivity in the long run. So here are some smart suggestions for you to take note.

Here you go.

  • Sort your assignments on the basis of urgencies pertaining to their respective deadlines.
  • Now, start working on each one of them with equal dedication.
  • In case, you are stuck in between an assignment, do not just leave it halfway and move on to the next.
  • Instead, make it a point to attempt and finish one assignment at a time.
  • No matter, how challenging the paper might turn out to be, leaving it halfway and moving on to the next would only slower the process of learning.
  • Ask me how! If you do not complete an assignment just because it appeared to be tricky, then that part of the lesson or that particular concept would remain untouched.
  • As a result, you would not be able to keep up with the pace, whereas your classmates would be ahead of you in terms of knowledge acquisition.

4. Keep note and references for  your learning

Speeding up the process of learning might be a complex process, but it is not rocket science either. If you are successful in keeping note of each and every lesson that you would learn and new concepts associated with your niche of academic specialisations, then half the job is done there.

Keep note and references for  your learning

So, take a look here and know about the winning ways to keep a note of your academic learning from time to time.

  • Whenever you would learn something new or go about an overly tricky subject matter, make it a point to highlight and update all notable points on a spate sheet or digitised notebook.
  • If you ever come across major breakthroughs or new research findings, do not miss out on writing it down or jotting down the revelations somewhere, discreetly.
  • While extracting information or seeking references, make sure that the primary source is reliable, useful and valid from every single aspect.
  • It is equally crucial for you to re-read the information and confirm whether it would add up to your academic values, down the road.

5. Keep a separate time slot for brainstorming

If you think that the process of brainstorming would only take more time and hamper productivity, then you are wrong. This exercise has a reputation for speeding up the process of learning in the following ways.

  • Every time you would sit for brainstorming session, you would actually invest time in knowledge acquisition and learning in an effective manner.
  • To be precise, students brainstorm over subject matters in order to create and follow the perfect roadmap, prior to initiating the task of assignment writing or commencing a new lesson.
  • If you brainstorm over atopic beforehand, then you get to learn a lot many things about it. As a result, it would only speed up the entire process of learning in an effective manner.

6. Take short, study naps in between

Study naps are actually effective in a lot of ways. Relax I’m only talking about naps, and not about sleep hibernation. No human brain can work for long, at a stretch without getting enough time and space to relax.

This is exactly the reason why one must consider taking study naps to be one effective solution. In case, you are tired or overly stressed due to a complicated set of syllabus, do not slog through the entire day. Sleep for a while, and get your brain some rest.

Also known as power naps, this is one of a kind exercise which has got the greatest potential in terms of developing positive thinking abilities. So, if you ever feel that the academic burden is getting the better of you, simply shut the world down and take a power nap to get back on track afresh.

7. Test yourself, quite frequently

According to a number of psychological studies, it has been revealed that self-testing is an extremely effective practice when it comes to learning things faster.

Here’s how and why.

  • If you have learned a new lesson or honed a new concept, then self-assess the subject matter and ask a few questions (based on the subject) to yourself.
  • In case you answer them incorrectly, then you would know about the drawbacks that need to be attended for academic accuracies.
  • Also, take some time out to evaluate classroom teachings and analyse whether you have got the hang of the lesson.
  • If not, feel free to clear your doubts the very next day when your class would commence.

8. Improve memory recall abilities through exercise

According to a study conducted by McMaster University, it has been deduced that high-intensity exercises are ideal for memory retention abilities and physical fitness. If you are able to enhance memory recall proficiencies, then it would definitely add up to your fast learning expertise in the long run.

Here are some exercise recommendations for you:

  • Try out solving math puzzles in your head for smart memory recalls.
  • Read your lessons aloud. Also, take note of all new jargons and terminologies you would learn.
  • If you visit or explore a new place, draw a route map in your head while returning home.

9. Embrace smart education apps for faster learning

There’s no substitute for digitised academic assistance when it comes to speeding up learning.  From smart apps to digitised academic research platforms, there are multiple avenues to explore to foster smart learning.

Here are a few recommended apps for you to consider in this context.

  • Harness the potential of smart learning apps such as BBC Learning, Smart Learning EBook and the likes.
  • If you are struggling with the task of proofreading and editing, then utilise the potential of apps such as Grammarly and Ginger.
  • In case, you are stuck with critical referencing and citation glitches in the academic paper, then leverage the functionalities of apps such as Mendeley and APA Referencing.
  • If you are looking for verified research data and analytical information, sign up with digital research platforms such as Google Scholar, ResearchGate and Semantic Scholar.

10. Go through each lesson at least a couple of times

You might think that it would actually take up a lot of time to go through each lesson more than a couple of time, but there’s a thing called reverse psychology. If you take it the other way around, then going through academic lessons for multiple times could actually speed up learning in the following ways.

  • If you go through a lesson a couple of times, right at the inception of it, then the lesson would naturally stick in your head, quite effectively.
  • As a result, you won’t be required to re-read the entire lesson or struggle with memory recall issues down the road.
  • Reading through the same lesson twice would allow you to grasp a concept much better and faster as compared to others.

In Conclusion,

So, take note of these effective tips, read through the entire blog and pick your suggestions accordingly. After all, learning is a process that needs to be nurtured with care and with the right strategy implementation. Unless you would know how to go about the process of fast learning with effective knowledge acquisition tactics, you won’t be able to add perfection to your goals.

So, put your best foot forward, step ahead with confidence and win over all forms of academic challenges with these fast learning tactics, like a pro.

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