5 Essential Apps For Any Torontonian

5 Essential Apps For Any Torontonian

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Smartphones have altered our lives for the better, sometimes for the worst. As a source for news, social interaction and general utility tools, apps can also help with city life.

Along with TheAppLab, who work on mobile app development in Toronto, we’ve compiled a list of the apps we think every 6ix resident and visitor needs to have on their smartphone.

#1 – Transit App

Transit was designed for aggregating and mapping real-time public transit data by crowdsourcing user data to determine the actual location of buses and trains. This real-time information is essential for any Torontonian who wants to use anything run by the TTC.

With an easy-to-use interface, the app stops unnecessary running for streetcars or buses. By navigating the map, the app quickly updates the status for the nearest stops, and swiping on a bus or streetcar prediction can show you alternative routes and arrival times.

Also available in cities worldwide, it’s the traveller’s best friend.

#2 – Breather

A Canadian-based company, Breather provides professionals with locations for meetings and workspaces throughout the city. It’s like co-working but without distractions.

The app works globally, meaning you can continue to use it on business trips or if you’re caught short on holiday and need somewhere to take a zoom call. On top of that, transparent pricing and an intuitive interface mean this app is a must-have for professionals.

#3 – Flipp

Need to save some pennies? City life isn’t exactly cheap, so we’ll assume you said yes. Flipp aggregates all the flyers, coupons, and offers from your local area, showing you where the best (and cheapest) deal is for an item.

The free app integrates with most stores in Toronto, offering you a place to store your loyalty cards and saving you time and energy by digitally cutting your coupons! A must-have for frugal shoppers.

#4 – Toronto Parking Finder

Driving in the city isn’t ideal, but parking makes it just that little bit worse, especially when you don’t have another option. Toronto Parking Finder is an app that helps you find the closest free and paid parking to your current location and helps you keep track of your parked time with a handy timer.

This handy parking-ticket swerving app is only available on Android, so if you’re an iPhone user, you’ll have to rely on old-school curb-crawling to find your space – or suck up to your Android friends.

#5 – Quench

With the climate crisis affecting our weather systems, many people are looking for a way to live a little more environmentally friendly. Dropping our dependence on bottled water is a great way to do this when you’re at home or in the office, but out and about, it can be tricky to refill.

Quench is a free map app showing users where the nearest refill point is for their water bottle. Users in the Greater Toronto area can rate locations based on cleanliness and ease of access using a three-star rating system. An excellent app for the environmentalists out there.

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