5 Reasons Why You May Need A Video On Your Website

5 Reasons Why You May Need A Video On Your Website

Making a video for your website can be a huge undertaking. There’s a lot to consider from what type of video you want to make, to how you’re going to get the best production value possible. If you haven’t put a video on your website yet you might be wondering if you even really need one.

If you haven’t identified the benefits of making a video yet, it’s easy to think your website is just fine without adding in any kind of video for your customers to watch. Even if you think your site is doing okay, you’re probably at least wondering in the back of your mind what a video might be able to do for you. The truth is, there’s a lot to be said for the value making a video could add.

If you’re still unsure why you might need a video on your website take a look at these five reasons. You’ll be able to see what benefits you may not have considered when it comes to making a video and posting it on your business’ website. See which benefits resonate with you, and you may find that it’s time to follow through on any video making plans you might have.

1. It’s An Attention Grabber

A video on your website’s homepage is a great way to pull your potential customers in with some visual intrigue. If your product or service already has a way of pulling customers in, they’ll be even more excited when they can see how things work right as they get to your page.

Sometimes customers have questions about the process or product that they would love to see answered visually instead of in an FAQ section. A video is a great way to appeal to visual learners who may not even bother to read the FAQs.

If they have questions they feel aren’t immediately clear upon seeing your webpage’s basic information, they may opt to just not make a purchase. Take the chance to grab attention as customers arrive on your page with a video that has some demonstrative value. Remember that they’re already on your website so you don’t need to go with a hard sell right now.

This is a chance to think about what questions an interested customer may have and show how things work with those questions in mind. If your website’s video is just a reposted advertisement it’s unlikely to add much (if any) value. 

2. It’s A Chance To Give Set Up Instructions

If your product needs to be put together once it arrives at your customer’s house it’s a great idea to offer set up instructions right on your website. Think of it as part of offering excellent customer service. Don’t make the customer guess on how to put things together, or what your tips are for the best use of your product.

Instead of leaving your customer in the dark, making a video about how the product should be set up is a chance to make sure your customer is very happy with their purchase. They’re more likely to leave reviews on your website or tell their friends about an above average experience.

Think ahead and give your customers what they’re going to need before they even realize they’ll need it. Putting a “how-to” video up is a great idea. Any opportunity you can take to up your customer service game is an opportunity you should run with. You’ll never regret it.

3. You Can Show Your Customers Some Personality

A video on your website puts a face to the name for your product or service. This is often something potential customers (or returning customers) really love to see. If you offer a product that’s unique or have an office that’s highly interesting, making a video is a great idea.

Show off what makes your company stand out. Maybe you have collaborative work areas that lend themselves to better end-user experiences. Maybe you can talk about why you started the company or why you feel your product is so important to someone’s life.

The idea here is to think about what makes you as a person or a company unique, and show that to your customers. If you’re in a category with several similar competitors, a customer that sees a highly personalized video is more likely to remember you, and forget about the other guys. Think about getting a little personal and showing off your unique attributes with a video.

4. You Can Highlight Upcoming Products Or Events

If there’s something you’re working on that you know customers are going to love, making a video to talk about it can really ramp up their excitement. It may even cause them to share your website with their friends so they can see what new innovative ideas you’re working on. When you’re getting close to releasing a new product or service, don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Use this idea when you’re upgrading an existing product, adding a new product to your line, or have an upcoming event your customers will love. If you’re going to be doing something unique like a pop-up store event, making a video to talk about when and where is a chance to gain some of that lovely internet viral marketing.

5. You Can Feature Past Highly Satisfied Customers

Sometimes a potential customer just wants to hear from other people how the product worked for them. While the standard in online sales is to have a review section on your website, you could always kick things up a notch. If you have past customers that are willing to do a video interview or review about their experience that’s something you can add to your website.

Don’t forget to reach out to customers who initially had a negative experience that you were able to help them fix. If a customer has some doubts about the product, hearing about how you helped a customer who wasn’t happy at first is a great way to help potential customers make their purchase decision.

However, you choose to use this idea, make sure the video features authentic reviews from real customers. Don’t hire actors to pretend to give reviews. Most potential customers are going to see right through that. The more authentic you are the better this method of making a video for your website will work for you.


It’s easy to think that a video won’t add much to your website, but as you can see that’s just not the case. What you choose to use a video (or videos) for on your own site will vary depending on your needs. That being said, there’s always something to add with a video on your site.

From creating more buzz to showing your customers how to set something up, just find what makes sense for you. Then make sure your video is done well (no built-in webcam quality videos) and will serve the purpose you’re intending it to serve.

Once you’ve posted the video watch and see how your customers react. You can use that information to decide on future videos, and enjoy some higher profits. Happy filming!

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