6 Advantages of a home security alarm system

Statistics show that there are hundreds of thousands of home burglaries and thefts every year. They occur mostly during the day when homeowners are at work. However, many also occur at night. Although theft of one’s belongings can be stressful enough, the possibility of a burglary turning into something more serious, such as a hostage situation or kidnapping, makes home security one of the most important priorities of any household, and that security begins with a home alarm. Although many people think of a home alarm as something that makes noise when an intruder enters, modern systems actually provide many additional purposes and have many smart capabilities.

1. Defense

Of course, home alarms are first and foremost one of the best ways to alert the authorities–as well as yourself–that an intruder is on the premises. Although films and television would have us believe that an alarm calls for an immediate investigation, this is actually the worst thing advisable. Instead, the alarm’s forewarning allows you to adopt a defensive position as you await the authorities. You can barricade the doors and sit and wait. Without this first warning, you might be taken unawares while you sleep.

The key to receiving this all-important forewarning is by having the best security system, which is available at Adeva Security. You can also visit their website at https://adevasecurity.com.au/.

2. Fire safety

Many home security systems also are equipped with such things as smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors. If they do not have this functionality, some can even be tied in with existing smoke detectors. As such, you can receive a push notification if anything other than a burglary threatens your home, valuables, or family.

3. Peace of mind

Being able to rest at night in the peace and quiet of your own home is one of the primary benefits of having a home-security system. However, when you are traveling, knowing your house is protected is another benefit. However, many systems also have the ability to be tied into your smartphone. This capability allows you to receive notification of any event. Additionally, you can remotely view your home and monitor anything that might be happening.

4. Financial

In addition to enjoying the peace of mind that your belongings are more secure, you might also receive a discount on your home owner’s insurance if you own a home security system. Discounts vary by insurance carrier, but many provide an initial discount for the alarm and an additional discount if the alarm is monitored 24/7 by a third-party agency. Depending on the insurance company, you could save between $100 and $200 per year.

That said, the primary financial benefit is that it limits liability in terms of a theft. If a theft is in progress, the burglar knows that there is only a limited amount of time before the police arrive. As such, the burglar will steal only what can be grabbed in a hurry. This can save you a lot of money in replacement or deductible costs.

5. Deterrence

According to interviews with jailed burglars, a burglar will often bypass a home if the security sign is prominently displayed in the yard. Additionally, if your system is visible from a window or is an updated system, burglars will choose a less secure home rather than risk a confrontation with the police.

However, even if the burglar does not see the sign, if he or she kicks open your door or breaks the seal on a window, the person will generally leave as soon as the alarm blares.

Finally, used in conjunction with a neighborhood watch program, an alarm can help deter crime because neighbors that hear an alarm will immediately call in the event to the police.

6. Resale value

In the same way a new kitchen or appliances can help increase a home’s value, a home-security system can help potential buyers bid more because they will not have to shop for a system or pay for its installation. From the moment they set foot into the home, they know they will be protected.

In terms of a system helping a house to maintain a high resale value, it should be a modern system with smart-home capabilities. These capabilities include smartphone connectivity as well as having the ability to assign multiple family members into the access panel. Finally, a system that can only be by passed with bio-security features, such as retina scans or fingerprints can help highlight the worth of a home.

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