7 Ideas To Improve Your Marketing Game On Twitter

7 Ideas To Improve Your Marketing Game On Twitter

Millions of people use Twitter, a microblogging platform. Traditionally, they had a 140 characters limit, which increased to 280 characters per micro-blog, called tweets.

Twitter has become increasingly popular among people who like to share their thoughts and opinions on trendy topics. Users struggled to understand the character limit format, but it has now become a favorite social media platform for many.

The witty and snappy nature of the tweets shows that Twitter is widely used by smartphone users who don’t like to read lengthy content.

With so many unique features, how can you ace your marketing game within the 280 characters limit?

Read the blog to find out.

1. Make Your Profile Branded

Customize your profile and make it unique with your brand’s theme. When someone new is visiting your profile, you would want them to become familiar with your brand at the first glimpse.

Profile Branded

To make that happen, you should personalize your Twitter profile and make it branded with the help of your brand’s logo, theme colors, and other details that would make it memorable and recognizable.

  • While creating your profile, you must choose a handle with your brand’s name so that users can easily search for your profile
  • The next thing to keep in mind is the header (image in the backdrop of your profile) and your profile picture; the background and the profile picture have to be unique because these are the things that the visitor sees initially; you can use your brand’s logo or any other branded image
  • The bio of your profile becomes a deciding factor for the visitor to judge what kind of content your brand has to offer; this 160 character limit space is everything you have to keep the visitor on the hook; you can mainly use it to give a brief about your brand

2. Connect With The Right Influencers

Connecting with influencers would increase your followers, bringing in traffic, and increase engagement on your website.

But not every influencer you connect with is going to be beneficial. You must identify which influencer is the right fit for your brand or has an audience similar to your target audience.

Suppose you are a luxury international brand and decide to connect with an influencer who usually promotes local home-grown brands. You might not be able to get the result you want because the majority of their followers invest more in home-grown labels than luxury brands.

Here are the things to keep in mind:

  • Every influencer you connect with must have followers similar to your target audience
  • Their personality should match your brand’s image
  • Authenticity is important, so they should try your product and promote it only if they like it

3. Share Videos And Photos

With the limited character space, you might struggle to express to your audience, to overcome that, you can include quality videos and photos in your Twitter feed. Create a visual marketing strategy.

By doing so, you are giving an eye-catching element to your Twitter feed. When the users scroll through a Twitter feed filled with texts and they see your uploaded photo or video, they naturally stop to see what it has to say.

It has been proven that tweets with photos and videos get more retweets as compared to the ones that just contain text. Images and videos become a great medium to educate your audience about your brand.

Another thing to keep in mind is to post during peak time. Like other social media platforms, Twitter also has time frames when the maximum users come online. Identify that using the apps available and bring more attention to your visual tweets.

4. Improve Your Hashtag Game

It is a commonly known fact, tweets with hashtags get more engagement as compared to the ones that don’t have any.

When you create a unique hashtag for your brand and use it with every tweet, your followers recognize you, and your target audience can easily find your content by using the branded hashtag.

You can also run hashtag campaigns and encourage your followers to use your memorable hashtags. You can then create a Twitter feed and embed it on your website.

Hashtag Game

Not just that Twitter Tickers are also being used during live events to display UGC tweets. Twitter tickers help grab audience attention as they scroll horizontally, below the screen and keep them engaged.

One thing to keep in mind is that you must limit the number of hashtags you use each tweet. Stick to using two hashtags because more hashtags make you lose the essence, and it does not look aesthetic either.

5. Serve As Per Your Followers’ Needs

It is necessary to become an influential brand for your followers as you grow and your followers increase. You must recognize the needs of your followers and serve them accordingly.

By doing so, you become more familiar among your followers, and your audience trusts your brand, so they keep coming back, giving a sense of brand loyalty.

When someone retweets your tweet or tweet using your handle or branded hashtag, and you like it or reply to it, you get to create conversations with the audience.

Twitter is also known for raising your voice for a cause, and when you do the same for something that you feel strongly about, the audience recognizes your brand and likes you.

6. Improve Communication With Questions & Polls

Twitter polls are a recently added feature on Twitter. Brands can create polls to ask questions to their audience. This is a new way to create conversations and improve engagement.

Search for #polls on Twitter, and you will find numerous examples. It could be an easy way to find out what your audience wants, or it could be used in a fun way to ask witty questions to the audience since Twitter works with a dash of wittiness.

Polls will help you improve your marketing game on Twitter. Not just that, you can further use these polls and convert them into visually appealing pie charts or bar graphs and tweet them.

It will attract more attention because while answering, users might be wishing to see the results. It will make your audience feel important, as you give a spotlight to their opinions.

7. Keep Track Of Your Analytics

Every brand needs to keep track of its growth. There are various analytics tools like Twitter Analytics; you can check the number of views or the engagement your tweets are getting.

When you do so, you understand your audience’s needs and what works with them. Because different people have different preferences and Twitter having millions of users, analytics makes it easy for you.

When you invest so much time in Twitter marketing, you should check if your efforts bring results.

Twitter Analytics is a free tool, and it is accessible to all users. It includes information about your Twitter engagement rate, impressions, tweet activity, and information about your followers.

Over To You

While there are many social media platforms, the uniqueness of Twitter’s microblogging feature makes the marketing game fun for everyone.

Twitter provides plenty of opportunities for a brand. The key is to understand the needs of your audience and what kind of content they would like to see.

Although Twitter is not as diverse as its competitors, it has proven to be very helpful for brands to generate sales.

These were a few ideas to improve your marketing game on Twitter. With just a dash of wittiness, you are unstoppable.

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