7 Mobile App Marketing Things Which You Do Before the Launch of Your App

Mobile App Marketing Things

According to a recent study, an average American spends 90% of one’s time on various apps. Although it doesn’t mean that every business should start developing its own app by rule but it certainly means businesses with their apps should try to get their apps more visible to the people in order to capitalize most out of their apps.

In fact, a lot of businesses have greatly benefited from their apps over the years. However, the trickiest part is making the launch of one’s application successful which of course, takes a lot of planning and building of strategies. So, how does go about it and what if one misses on any of the important marketing aspects?

Don’t worry! it’s pretty normal for one to miss on important things prior to the launch of one’s application which is why we thought of coming up with this post to help you with the 7 Mobile App Marketing Things Which You Do Before the Launch of Your App.

#1 Clear Idea of Your Audience and Market

When you have the clear idea of your audience and market, it helps you build your strategies really well and of course, it helps you serve the users at your best. Without the picture of the target audience and market being really clear, everything will just fall flat on its face no matter how good your app is or how hard you may try.

However, it isn’t that difficult to find out who your target audience is or your target market is. You can do it by simply trying to find answers to just a few important questions such as what are the things the app is capable of doing? How can it help users in real life? And most importantly, who are the people that can largely benefit from the app?

#2 The App Should Fill a Genuine Need

Although there’s no denying the fact that most of the mobile applications nowadays are developed from the sales point of view to give businesses a brilliant elevation in terms of sales, it’s important to build an application that can actually fill a genuine need.

In fact, it’s one of the most basic yet important aspects to consider while developing an app and one would certainly need to get the basics right first for a successful launch of one’s application. It is important for a developer or a business to be pretty clear about the motive behind building an app.

Reasons for developing a mobile application can vary from developer to developer and business to business. If one has developed an app as an alternative to one’s website, it should either offer something brilliant or additional that the website can’t else it would be totally pointless to create such an app.

#3 The App Should Be Free of Snags

The success of an app certainly depends a lot on its user-friendliness and of course, on its smooth functionality. An app affecting the performance of users’ device by slowing it down, closing without a warning or taking too long to respond may have an adverse impact on the users’ experience.

Hence, it is important for a developer to test one’s app as many times as possible and keep it as close to free of snags as possible for a better user experience. Of course, there’s no denying the fact that there are certain issues that only become apparent as the app is on the market but an app can certainly be kept close to free of snags with a bit of carefulness on the part of developers.

#4 Competitor’s Analysis

Analysing the strength and weaknesses of the competitor is perhaps the most common thing in today’s business, and this holds true for the mobile apps as well. In fact, with expert guidance from a reputable team like Kurve, this analysis can help you identify not only the competitor’s strengths but also their weaknesses.

The strength actually lies in converting the weaknesses of one’s competitor into one’s strengths. It can be in terms of the app’s features or in terms of marketing. It certainly would help you in fine tuning many important aspects of your application.

#5 Have a Support System Ready for the Application

If you haven’t thought of getting a support system ready prior to the launch of your app, you are certainly missing on a very important aspect. With an amazing customer service, you can certainly improve the app store ratings of your app to a large extent.

Also, this will help you comprehend the issues faced by the users to a large extent. You can resolve them as fast as possible which in turn will help you from losing many users. Most importantly, this will help you add more to your FAQ and knowledge base. This will subsequently improve the number of downloads and reviews of your application.

#6 Clear Idea of Pricing

Determining the pricing of the application can be a bit confusing and it’s always better to do it after considering the cost of developing the application in terms of designing and developing the content, marketing and more.

Also, it is pretty important to ascertain as to what extent one can afford to cut the price. This may take a considerable amount of time but it is certainly one of the most important aspects of a successful app launch.

#7 App Store Optimization

If you haven’t thought of App Store Optimization (ASO) yet, it’s time that you give it a really good thought as it is directly proportional to the success of your app. It works pretty much like the search engines and it basically deals with identifying the important keywords that the target customers are actually using to find similar apps and infusing them in the most appropriate places of the content such as in the app’s title and description.

This will eventually help your application be more visible to the target traffic by putting them at the top of the app store list as they type the keywords. Tools such as Mobile Action and Sensor Tower can be pretty effective in this regard.


No matter how useful your application might be, it doesn’t mean it is going to get a sure success unless you do the needful. All along the launch, one needs to have a clear picture of how one wants one’s app to work and get popular.

Marketing techniques like Competitor’s analysis, App Store Optimization, Support system and more can work like a magic in making your application increasingly popular among the users.

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