Apple Watch Can Win Customers with Third-Party Display Compatibility

Over the past few years, Apple has made big improvements to the Apple Watch user experience. Not only this device has gotten extensively faster, Apple rapidly retooled the UI as to make it considerably more intuitive and easy to use. This improvement has given the inconvenient UI that delivered with the first Apple Watch. In addition, Apple has completed a really strong activity of introducing features which consumers have been demanding for. For example, in recent years Apple has fleshed out the device health and fitness tracking abilities while additionally including an

Apple watch model with LTE availability

As such, Apple Watch deals have expanded to a great extent and are considerably improved from past few years. The users are now patiently waiting for third-party display Apple Watches since the very beginning. In reality, even before Apple Watch introduced the notion that Apple’s new wearable might feature support for third-party watch faces, it produced a tremendous amount of excitement among the potential buyers.

With the three-year anniversary of the first Apple Watch launch crawling upon us, watchOS support for the third-party watch faces has never appeared. And keep in mind that Apple choice of default watch faces has specifically become better with time, the demand for third-party support had never completely left.
For a long time, the developers of Apple Watch are requesting for Apple to allow third-party faces. This seems like this will ultimately happen very soon.

What are Third-Party Watch Faces?

The third-party watch face feature enables the consumers to express more about themselves while allowing them having a bit more fun with their technology. Presently, the Apple Watch has a produced a number of watch faces and most of them are customizable; however, third-party developers are not capable to do this on their own. Thanks to the code discovered in watchOS 4.3.1 mentioning at third-party watch face compatibility.

code discovered in watchOS 4.3.1

Third-party watch faces are the staples of several smartwatches, as they enable the consumers and developers to get innovative with the default screen. Wearable operating systems, involving Wear OS, Fitbit OS and Garmin’s OS all of them have numerous third-party watch faces to select from. However, Apple has never enabled the third-party developers to prepare watch faces for the Apple Watch. While a few of the existing options develop content from the other bases, for example, Photos App for the custom Photo face or Collaboration of Disney for the Toy Story watch faces. These are still the Apple-prepared designs.

Things to Be Seen in the Future

Fortunately, Apple will plan to shake things up in the coming future. As indicated by information strings in the recent watchOS 4.3.1 beta, there is confirmation that support for the third-party watch is on the way. The coming feature may be rolled out along with watchOS 5, which most likely won’t come till some other time. The latest version of Operating System is watchOS 5 that brought various features and improvements, for example, the capability to control the HomePod or music on an iPhone, an upgraded Siri watch face and others.The Version 5 will likely be a major update with several characteristics and capability to pick watch faces from the third parties is a smart decision.

Keep in mind, though; this still originates from the rumors, regardless of how convincing evidence is. Even in the case, the functionality gets existed in the code, Apple may still choose to drop it completely. Expectantly, Apple will not end up involving it as if anything else it will give consumers many alternatives to decide from and prevent the lineup of watch face from being boring, dull and stagnant.

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