Apps for Self Care

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.”-– Mandy Hale.

Apps for Self Care

They say that the best form of love is self love, and that more than anything it is important for a person to feel good about oneself and to take care of themselves as well. These days, there is a trend that has been occurring and this trend is that most people, be it youngsters or middle aged people, are busy running after all that they don’t have. It often happens that as they run this maddening race, they often forget to take care of themselves, and this results in a lot of irregularities such as anxiety, sleeplessness, loss of appetite and depression as well.

It is also true that as and when people get busier running this race, they end up spending half of their earnings for health related issues and even regular visits to clinics that can prescribe to them medicines that can actually help them sleep. It is true that with all the advancement and comforts in life, mankind has less time to actually take time off and take care of themselves. So, they may be earning a lot and doing well professionally, but all this comes at the expense of their health and mental wellbeing. Thus, at times like this it is very crucial to be there for yourself and invest some time for YOU.

With almost everything going on the online platform, it was only time until when people could subscribe to self care apps on their smartphones and other gadgets itself. Since a large percentage of our time is now spent gazing away at different screens, most online self care companies thought that the only way to remind us about our health and mental stature,was by giving us a tone of self care based applications. And, thus if you feel you are always running from pillar to post, and have no time to yourself, why not take a pause and use the below mentioned self care apps, to give you the much needed ME TIME.

If you are someone who now wants to focus on yourself and want to devote more time to self care regimes, then compiled below is a list of the best Self care apps that will help you do just that. Get ready to step into a journey of self care and growth.

The best Self care apps

The best Self care apps

MyFitnessPal: let’s face it one of the best ways of starting on a journey of self care and revelation is with the help of regular exercises. In fact, as per most fitness enthusiasts there are happy endorphins that are released when people exercise regularly. Now, an application that helps you get into the fitness regime with ease is the MyFitnessPal. Along with being a platform that suggests the best exercise routine it is also an app that helps you connect with other people who are exercising and connecting with them. This application can function smoothly on Android and iOSsoftwares.

Cody: Now when we talk about fitness regimes and exercises, there are plenty of versions of that too. Starting from yoga, strength training, weight loss or even flexibility. Cody is an exclusive platform that offers specific workouts routines for each of your different interests.  What makes Cody different from the others is that each of their routines are supported with a video which shows the people exactly how to do a certain workout. This helps them train better and also motivates them to keep at it in the longer run.

Charity Miles: ever thought how wonderful it would be if for every mile that you  rode on a cycle, you were also helping someone in need? Well now you don’t have to think and can actually go ahead and do it. With the help of the Charity Miles application all those people who ride the bicycle can now help the ones in need. For every mile that they ride on their cycles 25 cents will be donated to organizations that work for different causes such as autism and cancer.

Headspace: in the never ending race to achieve success and live a balanced life, there is a lot of struggle. In fact in all this rushing most people have no time to get any sort of mental peace. Headspace is an application which helps you meditate by giving you calm and peaceful music so that you can dive into a world of peace and connect with yourself. This application is compatible with both Android and iOS and allows you to clear your head and get that much needed peace.

Health: now make it easy tracking all your health related stuff on one application. Health is your very own personal tracker that helps you keep a tab on the calories burned, medication that you are taking and even details such as cholesterol  mapping. The best part is that all this information that is being stored can be shared with your physician as well and this way none of your health issues will ever get missed again. Like most of the other self care applications, this one too is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Gratitude Journal: one way of being positive about life is by being thankful about all those people who have helped you or supported you as well. There are times when people get emotionally bogged down and at times like this having a journal handy on your device helps you to note down all those things that you are grateful about. By noting down things that you are grateful for, you will feel elevated and won’t feel that blue or demotivated.

Lumosity: sometimes the best form of workout in the workout for your brain. Lumosity is an application that gives you modules and exercises that help your brain get the workout that it needs. Lumosity provides you a platform which has in-built activities and games like memory games and other forms of problem solving exercises as well. So get those grey cells to work and  give your brain the much needed form of exercise.

Sunrise Inspiration: wouldn’t it be great if you could get a daily dose of motivation each day? Answering this very need of yours we bring to you the sunrise inspiration application which delivers inspirational quotes to you every morning. Just as you start your day and need inspiration the most be it to get up and go to work or complete your assignments, our motivational quotes will help you get through each day with a new level of motivation and dedication.

Acupressure heals yourself: did you know that there are certain points in your body which help relieve the pain and pressure created and normally one needs to go to a professional to get this done. But, with the help of the acupressure application you can get detailed information about all your pressure points and you can do it on your own. With exclusive illustrations of over 90 acupressure points you can find a guide to all the trouble areas and relieve yourself from all the pain.

Sleep Bot: believe it or not all these gadgets that keep you awake well through the night will now help you track your sleep cycles as well. The sleep bot is an exclusive application that keeps tabs on your sleeping routine and let’s you know how good or bad you’re doing. One natural issue that most people these days face is a lack of sleep, and with our hectic and all over the place schedules, getting sound sleep is a luxury that not all people can afford. With the help of the sleep bot, you can now track your sleep regime and help stay healthy and fit by getting the necessary amount of sleep.

Start Stretching: for all those people for whom being flexible is a step towards being more healthy and fit, the start stretching application is just the dose that you need. With detailed patterns of stretching illustrated, you can now get a personal trainer who will help you stretch your muscles and perform routines based on your comforts and style.

Google Fit: this application which exclusively operated on Android devices allows you to track all the exercise routines that you do on a daily basis. Set your own goals and find out how much you were able to do according to the goals set. What’s more you also get personalised recommendations based on your personal best performance. Choose Google fit to get fit.

Happify: it is not easy dealing with the pressures of life, and at times it takes a toll on most people who are not prepared to handle the pressure. When there are so many factors that demotivate and pull you down, you need just one support that can help you be happy no matter what. We bring to you the Happify application which boosts your happiness and reminds you of all the things that bring you pleasure and satisfaction. This app also delivers to you activities that help bring out the happy you and this is something most people need.

Organics Finder: for some people self care comes by eating healthy and staying fit. So much so that some people are very selective about the food that they eat and the calories that they consume. Lately, a trend is that of organic and chemical free food which is healthy and free of any preservatives. Organics finder is an application that you can use to track restaurants and shops that serve organic food. All you have to do is follow the carrot which is the tracker to finding new organic food gems.

Breathing Zone: when the stress gets to you and you feel that everything is caving in, what you need is to relax, take a deep breath and let go of all your troubles. Breathing zone is an  application that helps you do just that. With the help of this app you can now defuse all the stress and perform deep breathing exercises. Exercises are available starting from 5 minutes to an entire hour.

Fooducate: have you ever wondered how many calories you take in when you consume your favorite food? Now, you can know exactly how much you take in every time you eat. With the fooducate app you can now scan the barcode of any item that you pick up and track exactly how many calories you will be consuming. This app will tell you exactly what the calorific value is and what are the amounts of nutrients and vitamins that you will be taking in.

Instant blood pressure: when you need an instant reading of your blood pressure and have issues with travelling to your doctor, all you need is a mobile and the camera on it. With the help of the instant blood pressure application all you have to do is keep the application handy and check for your blood pressure when you need something while you are on the go or want a reading immediately after you complete a workout routine. Please note this is not a medical device but will help you track your reading as preliminary caution.

TraiLink: if exercising and jogging it out in the outdoors is what you are passionate about then this application is just the thing that you need. With the help of the TraiLink app you can now get pointed out to more than 30,000 miles of trails that you can use for your daily running, hiking or cycling routines. Like most of the other applications this app runs on both Android and iOS software.

There are many inbuilt self care apps available on the latest smartphones and people can now take full advantage of it when they need it the most. In times when there is so much uncertainty and the slightest bit of irregularities in your health can lead to a permanent loss, it is only an indication that using these self care apps is just the thing that we all need.

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