What Are The Best Cycling Apps to Welcome Cold Weather

Best Cycling Apps to Welcome Cold Weather

One thing that you cannot evade is that technology is present in all aspects of life. All the aspects include everything even cycling. There are various devices that you can use for cycling that includes Garmin as well as the other cycling apps that provide you with all sorts of data.

There are various apps for the android as well as the iPhone users that can assist you with the weather, route planning as well as providing you with the user data for your planning. When you are using a cycling app, you can set goals as well as track the progress you are making day by day.

The apps on mobile have gotten so effective that in the years coming, you are going to be benefitted a lot. There are many cycling apps that are going to measure all the speed, distances, pace so that you can build a plan, set goals, as well as do things that you may like.

There are so many apps available today that you are going to find it very difficult to find just the one that you want. You may be using different apps for different purposes when you can have a look at the Top Life Improving Apps to Use in Daily Life.

Also, it should be noted that cycling apps have changed the world of cycling. Tracking and planning have become very easier. Apps have come a long way and you can use them at your convenience.

Here is a list of some of the best cycling app so that you can welcome the cold weather:

1. Strava:


Strava is among the topmost pick for the users who are using an iPhone nowadays. Strava is an app that has been designed by the athletes for the athletes so that they can track their training. It is very hard to beat the Strava when it comes to tracking the fitness data.

The app is very long-running as well as quick and very accurate in terms of the data it provides. This app is going to provide users with a deeper kind of features. It allows you to perform faster in the world so that you can beat yourself every day and become the best.

This app can be used to track, calculate the distance, time, speed, the average pace, and the power output. All information that is being provided to you by the app will be given live along with your route.

Strava is also among very popular apps. It has been proven great for finding the best routes for cycling and improving your overall fitness. It is also available in Android and the users can use them at their convenience.

The social network features of the Strava allow the users to share all the data of health and fitness online to your friends, family as well as the coach. You can even hide your progress from your friends if you don’t really want them to see it.

There is also a new feature that includes Strava clubs with which you can meet up with all the members who are using the app. This is among the best ways to stay at the top of your game. This way you are able to earn various new achievements as well as participate in the challenges that are held by the club.

Various features:

  • Even if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection, then you can manually upload your rides.
  • You are easily able to connect and share all your activities with the athletes that are like-minded or athletes. You can also share all your data on Facebook and other social networking websites.
  • You are also going to receive all the training plans from this app that is going to improve the fitness.
  • You can easily compete against other athletes, join clubs as well as challenges.
  • You can put memories, pics, and descriptions to your ride.

2. Zwift:


Zwift is an indoor training cycling app that has been proven to be a revolution for indoor cycling. This app is compatible with almost all iOS devices. The device could be a phone, Apple TV as well as a Mac.

This app is now also available on the android platform as well that is good news for the users who are using android phones.

There may be the case that you have not heard of this app but this app is among the best online platform. It is going to allow you to ride through the best cycling routes. These routes are digitized and are going to make you feel that you are actually at that place.

This app can be used as a tool for the training, a tool for gaming, or to share the progress. It allows you to ride in the virtual environment among all the other cyclists, no matter where they are based out of the world.

In order to set up the Zwift, what you need to do is to get a bicycle trainer or rollers. You are going to love this app because you are going to train as well as socialize at the same time.

This app is among the fantastic ways with which you can maximize, push hard and force yourself to go. This app is going to present itself in a fun way possible. It is going to allow you to replicate the world-class technologies.

This app is also going to allow you to compete against other contenders on the real-life like routes.

The graphics provided by this app are crystal clear that is going to work with any turbo trainer and will also show you your own avatar. You are going to see yourself pumping hard or cycling on the downhills that are steep, adventurous downhills.

You have to decide on in the beginning though that you want to compete against yourself or are looking to compete against other users.

The mobile app is going to provide you with an experience of its own, but if you are looking for an enhanced experience then you can try to connect the app for a mirror image on an LED or a desktop.


  • With this app, you are going to track the heart rate, track speed, distance as well as the cadence.
  • You can connect with the cyclists who are your fellows can appreciate them by giving them a Thumbs up in their achievements.
  • You can also upload all your activities from other apps such as Strava.
  • Changing the rider viewpoints are also very easy.
  • If you are looking to join in with your mates, then you can prefer multi-player engagement.
  • You are also going to get various awards in the style of a videogame.
  • You can even connect to thousands of other cyclists from around the world.
  • You are also going to get a detailed report after each and every ride so that you can track your performance and improve yourself to achieve your goals and be the best.

3. Map My Ride:

map my ride

If you are unable to find a route that is with the decent traffic for your cycling and want to map a route for the future and want to remember it as well, then you do not have to look anywhere now.

Map my ride has made it easily possible to map the ways that you want to remember.

Whether you are a dedicated cyclist or just a commuter, you are not going to be disappointed by using this app. It is not only among the great cycling tool but this app is also going to analyze your performance and will provide you with detailed statistics.

This app has a GPS system through which the inbuilt GPS in your smartphone is going to be used to track and map all your workouts. The app is going to monitor the duration, pace, distance, speed, as well as the calories burned. You can even discover new routes using this app which is why it is included in the Best Cycling Apps to Welcome Cold Weather.

There are various cool features like winning prizes by joining challenges within the MApmyride community. Among the best features, there is one that lets you map out your own route and share it with the real-time users.

This app is easily compatible with most smartphone devices and is also free to use.


  • With this app, you can share your fitness details via email, twitter, and facebook.
  • Another thing that you need to do is to plan your own routes and create them as well.
  • You can even sync all your workouts on a calendar that is in-built and can easily track the total kilometers.
  • You can easily search for other riders and users that have been made public.
  • You can easily print and export all your records.
  • With the help of this app, you can easily plan nutrition and training using the feature of training in the app.
  • You can connect this app with other wearables like Garmin. Garmin Map Update is very important before you are connecting your app with the Garmin wearable.

4. Cyclemeter GPS:

The cyclemeter GPS has been designed keeping in mind the requirements from the cyclists. This app is filled with features like graphs, maps intervals, zones, splits, announcements and training logs. This app is going to make your device a cycle computer.

If you want to start the app, all you need to do is to start your bike ride. After that, it is going to take care of the rest of the thing which will include mapping out all your preferred routes.

With the help of this app, you can easily monitor live statistics, can check the time remaining, and the distance that you cycled. All this information is going to be provided by the app when you are pedaling on the go.

One of the key differences between this app and the other cycling apps is that you can command this app through your voice to set up various prompts in order to listen to all your stats.

You can hear comments from friends on your social media. This is a great app that is mostly available for users who are using the iPhones currently. The android users might have to wait for a little to use this app.


  • This app is going to include all the built-in announcements for time, speed, distance, and heart rate. This app is going to keep you motivated as well in the zone.
  • You can plan and record your training plans according to your needs.
  • You can even sync your iCalender with the app and can easily monitor your progress.
  • With the help of this app, you can monitor your day to day progress easily.
  • This app is also going to provide you with detailed performance maps, stats as well as the graphs.
  • You can easily share all your results on facebook, twitter, and all the other social websites. This way you can make the most of your shopping cycling apps.

For this reason alone this app has been included in the Top Life Improving Apps to Use in Daily Life.

5. Endomondo:

Well, when it comes to maintaining the best training, monitoring, and tracking numbers is not the only thing that is capable of providing you what you want.

You are going to need a bit more inspiration from time to time and this app is going to provide this for you. Endomondo is going to provide you with easy ways so that you can set your goals.

This app is going to help you build and devise plans for your training as well as monitor all the progress that you are making step by step. If your motivation begins to fade out and you want to achieve it, then it is also going to offer you a little voice of encouragement.

The audio coach is going to deliver the feedback about the calories that you have burned, the duration, the speed and the distance that you have covered. The app is also going to tell you about the heart rate, pace, lap time as well as more.

It has an amazing feature that is known as pep talks. It is a space where a friend can send you a personalized message while they are tracking you live. This is going to provide you more motivation than any other app out there.

If motivation is your key to cycling, then this app is suggested for the users who are serious cyclists.

6. Garmin Connect:


Garmin Connect is also among the way to go if you are looking for something of a fitness tracker. This app is very user-friendly as compared with some of its immediate competitors.

This app is going to make it very simple for you to compare your performance with your friends and make progress. You can also match the progress with any users out there. This app is going to provide you a detailed chart that will display the data from overtime.

Make sure the Garmin map update is done from time to time to make the proper use of the app.

7. Relive app:

The moment you found yourself all sweaty, grunted through a tough and a long ride, the one thing that can be proved as a reward is the ability to recap your ride through the high resolution of moving images. These images are going to make you relive your hard workout.

This is why this app is named as the Relive. This app can also work in conjunction with the Strava and Garmin connect. This app is going to provide the users with the realistic simulation of the ride that you might have just completed.

It is one compelling app for the users who are cyclists and love to track their performance.

8. Google Maps:

Google Maps

Google Maps are at the top of the list without which it is almost impossible to live without. Google Maps are going to do a steady job when everything else is going to fail. This app may be used for finding directions while driving.

This app can provide customized features for cyclists while they are driving in different directions and on the new routes. If you are looking for the routes or are looking for the direction without less traffic, then this app can come very handy as well as user-friendly.

Anyone can take advantage of this app as this is free. You can easily use this app by pressing the Go. ‘Go’ is a blue button that is an arrow for your maps.

You can even get audio instructions for the direction as well as the estimated travel time left for the route. You will also get real-time updates on the traffic and explore the nearest coffee shops and pubs.

In conclusion:

This list of the apps mentioned above is the Top Life Improving Apps to Use in Daily Life. For the best experience, we recommend mounting the smartphones at the top of your cycle. This is going to help you monitor and track the performance and the progress you are making.

Use these apps to get the best out of your cycling experience as welcome the cold weather.

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