Best Internet Speed Testing Apps For Android Users

When you are using internet services, you do not realize what speed you are actually getting. There are many fancy advertisements that speaks about perfect internet speeds. We require a high internet speed for work, education, social interactions and entertainment purposes. These days everyone is using internet because it is the best source through which you can stay in touch with your loved ones, friends or colleagues while staying at home. There is a whole new digital world that has been created since everything has been shifted indoor. We are not quite sure for how long things will remain the same way but we can choose a high internet to get rid of speed lags but it is important to keep a check if you are getting what you are paying for.

Internet Speed Testing Apps

Always invest in a well-known and a reliable internet provider like Spectrum. They are the 2nd best internet service provider that provides highest internet speeds on promotional discounts, for the speed you can make a call on spectrum phone number to get details about the internet speeds they offer. You can always check the internet speed that you have signed up for through various Apps that can be downloaded from your mobile App store.

Best Internet Testing Apps for you:

All the internet testing apps allow you to monitor the speeds that you are getting. You are aware of the internet speed that you sign up for but there are other factors involved that might show the different results. You can see the upload speed and the download speed of your internet through the internet testing Apps.

  • Speed Smart Speed test App: It is a very famous App. When you feel like your internet speed is not exactly what you signed up for, you can download the Speed Smart Speed Test app on your mobile phone and check the download speed and upload speed of your internet.
  • Meteor Speed Test App: It is an amazing speed test App available in your App store. Just to keep yourself well informed you can download the App and check if you are getting the right speed or not. It is the best testing App as it shows the internet speed that you get on average basis instead of showing the occasional higher speeds.
  • V Speed Test App: It is being used by millions of Android users around the world. You can download it from your App store easily. It allows you to monitor your ping time and show the upload speed of your internet as well as the download speed. You may also find the IP address of your internet provider.
  • FAST by Netflix: It is an amazing speed test App that is developed by Netflix, through this speed test App you can see if your internet speed is high enough to support Netflix or not. You can also visit the website to check the speed that you are getting.
  • Internet Speed Meter App: This App is very popular among android users. You can keep a record of the daily internet speed that you are getting through this App. It has some added features as it allows you to keep a track of speed traffic, you can sign up for the notification to get the alerts about your internet speed and internet traffic on the same App.

Advantages of choosing an internet provider like Spectrum:

Spectrum provides amazing internet speeds and even that basic speed that they offer is up-to 100 Mbps per sec. To avoid facing any speed lags issues, you can tell what kind of internet you require or what kind of usage you have to the customer support rep before signing up for the internet services. They also give an option for ultra-high speed internet that is of 400 Mbps per sec and 1 Gig lightning fast speed as well which allows you to connect different gadgets at the same time. If you face issues with your internet speed, then you can always make a call on Spectrum customer service number it is on the online page. Their customer service department is open 24/7 around the clock.

Wrapping Up,

You can never actually get the 100% internet speed that is being advertised by any internet provider in the market. They claim a little extra then what they actually provide you with. Another factor that has an effect on your internet speed is your location, you might get highest internet speeds if your home located near to the internet towers that provide you the internet signals. If your home is located far away from the internet tower you can face slow internet speed issue or sometimes it is because of the weather conditions which can be resolved by your internet provider technical department.

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