Best Way to Understand Walkie Talkie Lingo like a pro

Walkie Talkie Lingo like a pro

What can be the best way of long-distance communication without any signal? Yes, contact with the help of the radio signals. You must have seen many security guards, policemen using radio devices. All those devices are radio communicative devices.

When you are out there on a very important mission, the last thing you would want to not be able to contact your friend. This was walkie talkie comes in handy. Walkie talkie does not need other signals to communicate. It only needs radio signals. There are a variety of radios available such as two way radios for the army, two way radios for restaurants, two for radios for construction sites and many other with different specifications.

But the drawbacks are that the radio signal fluctuates so you need to be able to talk with your friend in the walkie talkie lingo. Walkie talkie lingo is all about saying a few words to make understand what you are saying, instead of for saying long phrases for the explanation.

Why there is a need for walkie talkie

People use a walkie where normal signals falter or fluctuate. To maintain the steady flow of communication, a walkie talkie is preferred. While using walkie talkie, walkie talkie lingo is used. Walkie talkie lingo is all about using precise, limited and concise words to make others understand what you are trying to explain.

The walkie talkie is common in military use.Obviously, you would never like to waste time explaining a little thing when your life is in danger. Hence, the use of walkie talkie lingo becomes very important.

How to talk clearly in the walkie talkie

As I have already mentioned, walkie talkie uses radio signals. You know that radio signals can transmit audio to a longer distance, but then it becomes very hard to understand the word. Because other radio signals interrupt them. So, it is very important to talk loudly and very clearly while talking on the walkie talkie.

Using the radio walkie talkie is all about using it with the right process and precision. Here are the steps that you need to make sure that you are using the walkie talkie properly.

  1. Cue up the mic

It is very important to make sure that your mic button is on before you start talking. Never go for cueing up the mic and start talking simultaneously. You may not find anything wrong with that. But, surely your partner on the other side of the walkie talkie would not be able to understand you.

After the mics are on radio waves stabilize themselves. Only after your words can reach out to the other side. So, make sure that you start the mic on before you start talking with your partner.

  1. Try to speak slowly by correctly

While you are talking on the walkie talkie you have to make sure that your words are coming out right from your mouth. Due to the signal disturbance, words can be misheard on the other side. So, you must prioritize speaking the words loud and clearly.

During the emergency, it becomes very important to transmit information in one go. You cannot ask others to repeat the words many times just because they have not heard it clearly. To make sure that does not happen always be slow with your words, be loud enough and make sure that the words are coming out right from your lips.

  1. Try to listen to the signal silently

Using walkie talkie does not mean that you have to only speak. A conversation always happens in two ways, so, it is very important to listen to what the others re saying. To do that you have to wait patiently to complete their saying and them reply back prominently.

  1. End the transmission

Ending the conversation is as important as starting the conversation. In the heat of the moment, you may end the call as soon as you have completed talking. This may result in the not transmitting the last word you have spoken. To make sure that it does not happen, always remove your finger from the button after a few seconds of completed conversation. This just to make sure that there are no unsaid or unheard words.

Some example of the walkie talkie lingo

The words that I am about the mention are all standard words. Those who use walkie talkie are all familiar with the words or phrases.

While using this walkie talkie lingo, you will feel like being at home while talking to the military, security guard and other security forces.

  • “Copy”- I understand your message
  • ‘Affirmative”- yes, I understand You
  • “Eyes on”- I can see on whatever we are talking about
  • “Come in”- Can you hear me
  • “Negative”- No

These are only the tip of the iceberg, there are much more in the walkie talkie lingo directory.


You can consider Walkies talkies as the voice procedures that make sure that the words you are speaking re reaching on the other end clearly. With the use of walkie talkie, you will feel like you are talking to your friend while you are talking with the security forces.

This may be tough in the initial stage, but once you get the hang of it. It will be like a walk in the park. Furthermore, it is a very interesting way to communicate with others. “Speak less, make them understand more”.

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