Top 10 Best Yoga Studio Management Software for 2024


Are you a yoga studio owner looking to streamline your operations & enhance the member’s experience? In the advanced world of yoga studio management, having reliable software can make a significant difference in your day-to-day activities. As we enter the year 2024, there are numerous yoga studio software options available in the market. It helps you efficiently manage your studio’s bookings, payments, marketing & more.

To assist you in making a sound decision, we have compiled a list of the top 10 ultimate yoga studio software. These platforms offer a wide range of features tailored specifically to the requirements of yoga studios, allowing you to focus on providing great yoga experiences. Implementing the right software can ultimately take your studio to new heights of success.

Let’s explore these software solutions & identify how they can benefit your yoga studio!

Highly Rated Yoga Studio Software Solutions For 2024

In this segment, we will explore the variety of yoga studio management software with its advanced functionalities and capabilities. So, you can choose the option wisely as per your yoga studio’s convenience.


EzeGym is a robust yoga studio management software that automates various aspects of running a yoga studio. With its user-friendly interface & powerful features, EzeGym simplifies administrative tasks and delivers a positive yoga experience to members.

Significantly, you can avail of a free trial period during which you can use its features & services at no cost. If its features suit your studio’s goals, you can then purchase their basic or ultimate plans at your convenience to drive success.

Advanced features of cloud-based EzeGym

  • Online classes booking.
  • Inventory management.
  • Generate detailed reports and gain valuable insights.
  • Payment integrations.
  • Compatible with any device.
  • Send mass messages to members.
  • Automated booking reminders & calendar integrations.
  • Run a referral program.
  • Capture and track leads for improved conversion.
  • Manage multiple yoga studios from a single platform.
  • Digital membership management system.
  • Offer personalized training sessions.
  • Manage invoices.
  • Unlimited staff logins.
  • Manage members’ feedback.


FitGymSoftware is an all-in-one online sport & fitness booking system designed for coaches, trainers, yoga, and fitness studios. It helps them to optimize their yoga studio operations and thrive in the digital age. Also, it allows trainers and studios to create personalized loyalty programs tailored to their clients, rewarding them for their ongoing support & participation. Significantly, this fosters customer loyalty and encourages repeat business, benefiting trainers and studios.

Highly-riched features of robust FitGymSoftware:

  • Manage clients and staff 24/7 from anywhere on any device.
  • Easy biometric integration.
  • Automatic secure data backup.
  • WhatsApp integration.
  • Manage leads.
  • Flexible mobile app.
  • Automatic SMS alerts for customers regarding payment dates, dues & more.
  • Diet and workout plans.
  • Finance management.


Mindbody is a popular software solution that helps yoga studios and wellness businesses manage their activities effectively and efficiently. Clients can book classes or workshops directly from the Mindbody app or website, streamlining the booking process & reducing the need for manual handling of reservations.

Top features of an effective Mindbody Solution:

  • Effective Marketing.
  • Staff management.
  • Build emails with customizable templates.
  • Secure payment transactions and set up auto pays.
  • Manage the yoga studio’s growth with comprehensive reporting.
  • Self-check-in options.
  • Create your own branded mobile app.

Yoga studios can efficiently create & manage various types of classes, set class capacities & easily update class details using the robust platform, solution. Additionally, the system offers a centralized calendar that allows yoga instructors to view and manage their schedules seamlessly.

The following are the features of the powerful

  • Recurring membership.
  • Packages and Gift Card.
  • Send automatic requests for review.
  • Point of Sale system.
  • Automatic confirmation, reminder & cancellation email.
  • Online booking.
  • Advanced employee & resource schedule management.
  • Offer multilingual capabilities.
  • Excellent customer support to members.


The PerfectGym platform offers automation features that enhance digital convenience for yoga studio staff and members, ultimately boosting business performance. It is designed to be compatible with growing multi-location businesses, driving increased revenue and overall profitability.

Essential features of PerfectGym:

  • Premium support.
  • Guaranteed data security and privacy.
  • Point-of-sale application.
  • Single dashboard.
  • BI and analytics.
  • Class scheduling.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Class, facility, and personal training bookings.
  • Self-service registration.
  • Customize your client portal.
  • Dispense cards or wristbands for immediate access based on their membership plan.


Zen Planner is a versatile solution that empowers you to customize your yoga studio’s experience to suit your unique needs & preferences. From customizable class schedules to personalized promotions, you can create a practice that resounds with your yogis’ souls.

Ultimate features of the Zenplanner Software:

  • Robust Reporting.
  • Automatic billing.
  • Workout tracking feature.
  • Scheduling & Programming.
  • Retail Management.
  • Staff Efficiency.
  • Membership sign-ups.
  • Quick customer service.
  • Referral program.
  • Attendance Tracking.
  • Batch Updates.
  • Track Progress.
  • Member Self-Service.


WellnessLiving stands as a reliable & comprehensive yoga software solution, providing yoga studios with the necessary features to manage their business efficiently. It fosters a thriving community & ensures its clients have the best possible experience.

Features of all-in-one WellnessLiving:

  • POS & credit card processing.
  • Email and SMS notifications.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Gift cards.
  • Community forum.
  • Online booking.
  • Staff management.
  • Customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Marketing solutions.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Client management.
  • Rewards & loyalty program.
  • Enterprise cloud.
  • Isaac AL assistant.
  • Branded client experience.
  • Powerful mobile applications.


Gymdesk software helps you organize and streamline your yoga studio’s backend functions. Moreover, it is compatible with multiple smart devices, including computers, tablets & mobile phones, ensuring accessibility for all parties involved.

Standard Features of a Versatile Gymdesk:

  • Yoga studio member management.
  • Track attendance and skill progression.
  • Data-driven insights.
  • Manage yoga studio data.
  • Easy billing for yoga studios.
  • SMS and email marketing for 24/7 engagement.
  • Seamless member sign-up and onboarding.
  • Remote door access.
  • Responsive website widgets.


GymMaster is designed to fit yoga studios of all sizes and is fully feature-packed. With the help of this software, you can easily maintain detailed member records, track sales, and send mass texts to enhance better engagement. Significantly, GymMaster has all that you need to run your studio efficiently.

Features of all-inclusive GymMaster:

  • Point of sale.
  • Website integration.
  • Billing integration.
  • Mobile app for staff and members.
  • 24/7 online booking for members.
  • Offer personalized promotions.
  • Automated check-in.
  • Customizable portal.
  • Yoga studio tailgating detection system.


With Bookee, studio owners can effortlessly handle class scheduling, instructor management, and client bookings, all in one centralized system. Significantly, it empowers them to focus on their passion for yoga while ensuring a seamless & rewarding experience for their valued members.

The ultimate goal-oriented features of Bookee:

  • Schedule anything — class, appointment, facility & course.
  • Manage autopay.
  • Collect or refund in a click.
  • Automate email, text, and push messages.
  • Share referrals anywhere — WhatsApp, social media, etc.
  • Automatically reward existing members.
  • Track and convert new leads.
  • Staff attendance & permissions.
  • Live-streaming.
  • Special discounts, vouchers & gift cards, etc.
  • Memberships & packages.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, the year 2024 introduces a wide range of exceptional yoga studio solutions options designed to streamline & enhance the studio’s operations. These top 10 software solutions offer a comprehensive set of features to meet the diverse needs of yoga studio owners. However, it is crucial to consider factors such as the studio size, desired advanced features, pricing & ease-of-use when making a final decision. By selecting one of these top 10 software solutions, yoga studio owners can streamline their operations, enhance client experiences & achieve greater success.

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