Better SEO is within your reach when you resort to blogging – Know how to reap the benefits!

To succeed in SEO, you have to cope with the frequent changes of search algorithms, known as Google updates.  SEO is an unending process of learning and unlearning because what you learn today might become irrelevant due to some new update tomorrow. Whenever there is a new update, the majority of websites usually feels its impact, whether major or minor, in varying degrees and has to make adjustments in the methods of optimization. Tracking updates is a big challenge for marketers, as they have to stay alert and agile to ensure that the websites do not suffer from any major setback due to the impact of updates. No marketer can afford to ignore updates because not following in the footsteps of Google is a marketer’s nightmare.

Whatever changes to the campaign may be necessary to keep in tune with updates, one thing that never changes is the need for blogging for SEO. Blogging is an excellent tool for monetizing the online opportunities to achieve sales and profits the dual goals of any SEO campaign. There is nothing better than blogs to communicate with the audience with the goal of creating engagement and establishing your authority in the niche that makes you a leader in the industry. Once you gain the recognition of the audience that looks upon you as a trusted entity, it becomes easy to impress search engines and boost rankings.  Blogging helps the campaign in many other ways that you would understand better on going through this article.

Blogs accommodate keywords

As per the experts at Eterpro Tokyo,keywords are at the heart of online marketing and need proper placement for which blogs provide an excellent platform.  Since optimization for search engines revolve around keywords, blogs become very important. Choosing the right keywords capable of attracting high traffic is a basic requirement, but unless you can spread the keywords strategically throughout the website, especially in blogs, you can never derive the gains from it. Knowing where to place the keywords and how many keywords to use in a single blog is a technique that you have to learn because crowding blogs with keywords can attract Google penalty.  Choose keywords that are unique but relevant to users so that they find it useful but avoid using too common keywords. Instead, use keyword variations and long tail keywords comprising of phrases used during searches.

More visibility

The visibility of content increases by leaps and bounds, as blogs gain popularity and people get eager to share it.  More visibility means more traffic and better rankings in search results.  When the content is relevant, unique and conveys value to viewers, it gains more traction and earns more sharing, thus adding to the popularity of the website. Use content to solve problems that users face because this is what they expect from you and would term the content valuable.  By posing as a problem solver, it becomes easy to win the hearts of viewers who contribute to the traffic reaching the website.

Keep the content fresh

The process of creating content takes time and entails hard work, as you have to gather a variety of resources for creating it. Moreover, you have to maintain continuity so that there is a steady pipeline of content that enables refreshing content at regular intervals. Serve fresh content with new information so that you can address a wide range of issues, as the audience would understand how extensively you could be of help to them. In serving fresh content, you enjoy the increased confidence of the audience that translates into better business prospects in the long run. Fresh content means fresh indexing by search engines and creating new possibilities for better ranking in search results. To maintain the momentum in blogging, have the proper content creation process in place and nurture it well so that blogs flow incessantly and stimulate the marketing campaign.

Images and videos in blogs enhance its appeal

Embed optimized images and videos in blogs to increase its attraction. Choose images that are relevant to the topic and helps to bolster the message underlying the blog. Images become a new place for inserting keywords in the image names, and you can place it even in the alt text. To make pictures more effusive, provide suitable description along with it so that it lends more clarity and helps in better understanding. Videos can complement the content and increase its attraction as you can communicate more engagingly than written words. Use of proprietary videos bears the mark of your creativity and makes the content unique that helps to stand out from the crowd and gain an advantage in competition. Like images, tag videos with keywords for SEO advantage as it becomes easy to locate the content in SERP.

Blogs keep adding new pages to the website without increasing the size because each blog becomes a fresh page in the eyes of search engines.

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