Online Advertising Trends in 2024

Online Advertising Trends


The digital marketing industry is a very dynamic, constantly changing field, looking for new tools, opportunities and strategies for effective promotion. It is not surprising, as the market is constantly growing. New players appear on the pitch, so it becomes increasingly more challenging to impress the audience.

Modern Internet marketing is improving in synergy with technological development. Online advertising is a vivid example of adaptability and the ability to quickly adjust to current trends. In 2024, this market will be predominantly filled with the emerging trends of the past years, but now they will get a new momentum to blossom. Marketers recommend keeping a close eye on the changes if you want to stay on top of the game, don’t intend to lose the interest of your users or are determined to finally gain the upper hand among your competitors.

The role of AI in advertising

Last year, the possibilities of artificial intelligence excited and amazed the global community. It is now safe to say that the effectiveness of this tool has reached a fairly high level. But the field of machine learning is still at the stage of development. Therefore, experts advise companies to integrate this technology now in order to become one of the industry leaders in the future.

AI tools are very diverse. One trendy solution here is the application of chatbots to provide instant customer support. This includes conducting in-depth analysis of the market, users and their needs, predicting future demand, providing consumers with personalized recommendations, etc.

The main advantage of artificial intelligence is that it performs tasks much faster, which means you will be able to achieve your planned goals in a shorter period of time. All this is of great importance for developing marketing strategies and optimizing advertising. And soon the technology will become an important assistant for generating creative content.

Growing number of video formats

Video advertising is a powerful tool for promotion, the popularity of which continues to grow. The main trend today is the use of short and dynamic videos. Although long videos allow you to convey more information, the record-breaking popularity of TikTok indicates that there is no other way to grab the audience’s attention with such ease.

The prominence of this trend can be easily noticed if you follow the changes on other major platforms. Now the format of short videos is available even on YouTube. But it is not only the duration of the video that matters, but also the style. According to statistics, users prefer:

  • live videos;
  • screen recordings;
  • animated videos.

The listed options are best at capturing viewers’ attention and generating trust within the audience. By the way, this indicates, in part, the growing role of other important trends – storytelling and personalized approach. Modern users understand perfectly well when they are being forced to use a certain product or service. This kind of methodology no longer works, so to increase conversions you need to focus on creating high-quality, useful, interesting content and forming an emotional connection with your target audience.

Value-based approach and social responsibility

This is not a new trend at all. It started to take hold around 2024 and we are likely to continue witnessing its golden age. What does it mean? Relevant advertising is bound to resonate with the lifestyle of the users. The audience pays attention to the reputation of the brand, wants to understand the values it lives by and the moral positions it adheres to. It is important to convey deep meanings, to take initiative, to broadcast a conscious approach – these and other identical directions should form the basis of an actual marketing strategy.

Social media advertising trends

Touching on social topics, it is impossible to avoid talking about social media. About 60% of the world’s population uses various platforms, spending at least 2.5 hours of personal time every day. Social networks have transformed into an effective advertising tool, capable of stimulating demand and rapidly increasing the audience.

Several interesting trends have emerged in this segment, such as:

  • social commerce – platforms are actively developing this function, allowing you to buy goods thanks to messages or tags;
  • search engine anticipation – relevant for a young audience that prefers Instagram and TikTok search algorithms instead of the usual Google;
  • partnership with Influencers – cooperation with the opinion leaders allows you to expand brand awareness and increase the loyalty of new audiences.

Regarding the last point, it is worth adding that brands rely on microinfluencers, which have no more than 10,000 subscribers. This trend was formed several years ago and continues to develop. Brands plan to increase the share of the budget to work with such bloggers, as they are interested in a niche audience with a maximum percentage of attraction.

Voice search

The growing popularity of voice search is another important aspect that will affect the usual search engine optimization tools. According to statistics, about 1/5 of users now search the web through voice commands. This share will grow every year, so brands need to think about adapting current SEO strategies and focus on tools for quality word-of-mouth processing.

Interactivity and augmented reality

In the past years, marketers have noticed a rise in the popularity of gamification. Today’s consumer really needs to be actively engaged with content to keep their attention, so this trend continues, but in a modified format. Passive consumption of information is of little interest to anyone now, it is necessary to conduct tests, introduce various storylines and other types of communication.

Virtual and augmented reality technologies are a great way to immerse the user inside the brand. Although experts are inclined to believe that such a format will not become popular in the near future, it has great strategic potential.


It seems that 2024 promises to be an interesting, busy, and productive year. To promote business in a highly competitive environment, it is recommended to focus on promising trends in this area. Implementing a comprehensive approach isn’t that easy for everyone, but this task can be solved by turning to professionals.

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