Choosing the Best Private VPN Review

VPNs tend to make some of the best security defense lines for your network. They aren’t anti-viruses; rather, a VPN is more of a safety precaution a user can take to avoid getting hacked or spied on.

Sometimes it gets difficult to know which VPN will suit your needs; this is because not every VPN offers the same services. Some might have more to give than others but may cause internet connection problems. This is why at Privacy Spark, you can get an idea of which VPN is the best without having to spend hours on the internet.

You may come across free VPNs online as well. It’s not the worst idea to use these free services, but neither is it a good idea. To know further about the benefits and drawbacks of free VPN services, keep reading.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Free VPN

Remember, a VPN has the ability to track every user’s private information such as their online activity and their IP address; thus, every user should look into the credibility and privacy provided by free VPNs.

Most free VPN services provided by well-known names such as ExpressVPN or ProtonVPN are not something an individual has to worry about as this is just a promotion tactic used by these well-known VPN brands so that they can get you to purchase their full VPN package.

They do this by giving you a complimentary offer where the VPN is much slower than their actual product. The free VPN services you need to look out for are those that do not really have well-known brand names and zero payment options.

Whoever runs a VPN service also has the ability to see your private information as everything you access goes through the VPN. Since your information will be encrypted by the VPN, the unprotected information you sent through the VPN will easily be readable by the VPN service.

These free VPN services can log all their user’s activity online. This is like a jackpot for advertisers, cybercriminals, and other agencies that will benefit from misusing your private information.

But not every free VPN will try to exploit your personal information; they simply won’t provide the best services but will still protect your information from cybercriminals. Since free VPNs are free to use by everyone, they can be a good starter for those who wish to understand how VPNs can benefit them.

How Does One Know that Legitimate VPN Services Aren’t Spies Either?

There is no real way of knowing whether VPNs are misusing your information or not. As VPNs secure you from evil eyes, there are still several other risks involved.

It is hard to be fully protected in any situation, so when you want to take the step to protect your online information, take it with the same mindset as you would if this was more of a physical threat than a virtual one.


VPNs are gaining popularity for a good reason. Their rise to fame gives individuals an idea that the services VPNs provide can truly give you internet security, unlike no other. Thus if you are looking to block all the malware, viruses, and cybercriminals out there, then it is time to step up and invest in a good VPN.

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