Effects of Technology on Classroom and Students


Technology is something which changed everyone’s life and we have witnessed so many developments and improvements in every field. In the past, we didn’t have much importance to technology because we thought it will destroy human power or ability and causes some problems in life but actually, it helped to live an independent life and it made us so comfortable n every field and it encouraged our talent and abilities.

But at the same time, it has its own demerits and it will cause some health problems if we become its slave and use unlimited so every individual must decide their own limits of using it. When we are talking about technology the main and important field where technology brought huge and deep hangs is an educational field.



The educational field helped to enhance quality education and helped to raise the standard of education. Now more than 80% of schools and colleges are using technological devices. Technology not only helped students but also it has brought a deep advantage to the teacher as well. At the beginning stage, the educators didn’t use technological devices they thought it will distract students and will show a negative impact on students learning process but later on, they understood the importance and understood the positive impact on students learning the process. Technology has brought a positive impact on the classroom.

  • It changed the classroom environment
  • Change in teacher’s curriculum
  • Developed good rapport with the students
  • Active participation of students

These are some basic change that technology has brought in the classroom and in students learning the process. Lecture method has changed to activity based method. Students must love the teacher’s method of presentation. If they are impressed by the techniques and new ideas which technology has brought towards learning and teaching then naturally they will follow the teacher’s direction.

Participation of students in class activity increased

Participation of students in class activity increased

In the past teacher gave importance to the subject and it was subject-oriented teaching but now the method of teaching changed and it is now students oriented teaching the process. The teacher gave more importance to technology and gave important in their curriculum. Teacher-planned curriculum according to student’s interest and they can participate in class activities. The importance of the teacher in a class limited to instructor they will guide you towards learning and they will show interest in class work. The classroom will be in a lot of interaction mode and teacher and students will have good rapport which will increase their participation and they will not be afraid of conversing with the teacher. The class will be more interesting and colorful.

Stress-free learning

As we all know that learning is a stressful process ad in academic life we have to face many challenges related to the class work. They will get so many class home works and other activities in the past they will have to do their work alone and they have submitted before the deadline which was very stressful and some students are not able to bear the stress. But after the influence of technology in educational field students are somewhat relieved and they got the confidence to do their work alone. Because they can get any information’s related to the subject on the internet and there are so many educational applications are developed which are really useful to the children and also to the teachers. This made them more confident and they present their work in class without any stress and tension.

Become expert in technological skills

As we know that we are living in a technological era where we have to learn new technological skills and techniques. As I told now more than 80%of schools and educational institutions are using technological devices. Every classroom was digitalized and teacher learns their subject through the technological device. This made the students expert in technological skills. In future, the main qualification requirement for a profession will be a technological expert. In every interview, the question will be related to technological skills. Because in every field we can see the influence and developments f technological devices and it has become an unavoidable part. So the future generation must be expert in technological skills to live a successful professional life. So when they are using technological devices in the classroom and their learning basically takes from technological skills they will be expert in that in future which will help them in their career.

Encourages creative thoughts and skills

When a teacher uses technological devices and at the same time it can be used for encouraging student’s creative writings and skills. The teacher can create their class blog in which teacher add the students from that particular class and ask them to write their creative skills and publish it in the blog. It will be really a boosting for the students. If the writing is published they will write or show confidence in their creative skills. It will show a positive impact on students. The teacher can also comment positively on their work this will improve student-teacher relationship also. So in every sense technology is giving a new and different way to encourage student’s creativity and learning process.

Interesting classroom environment

The teacher can present the lesson through technological devices this will make classroom environment more happening. The teacher is not following the old traditional methods a teacher can present videos and other clippings related to the subject. Complex subjects are easily presented through technological devices. So every matter is available in technology which really helped teacher as well as students. They will get real-life experience by watching the videos. They will understand what the real world is they will get know that whatever they are studying is related to the real world. So such things will make their learning process more interesting it will help them to improve their academic performance.

Technology is really useful when we take the educational field. It really helped in enhancing the quality of teaching as well as enhances the quality of education. But teacher and parents must observe the students while using technological devices because when they are used unlimitedly it will affect their health as well as they will fall into some troubles. So we must be very careful while using it. So we can say that technological influence on education is really blessing full one and it will make our new generation ready to their future career. Technology is really helped in enhancing the educational quality and teacher are able to give quality education to students.

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