Empower Your Legal Practice with Powerful Case Management Software

If you are managing your law firm with an old system or none at all, there is probably room for improvement.

Modern practice management tools for case management software like CASEpeer are made to make the business side of your law firm run more smoothly. With the right solution, your business will save time, have less employee turnover, and make more money.

Here are a few ways that case management software gives your paralegals and other staff more power.

  1. Put everything in the same place

One of the best things about good software is that it lets client management teams and paralegals see everything important in one place.

In a personal injury firm, for example, a case or matter should include the client’s contact information, the defendants, their insurance policies, the damage to property, photos, medical treatment, and more. Paper files can be used to keep track of this information, but it’s easier for the information to get lost, misplaced, or forgotten.

With legal case management software that is specific to your area of practice, your team will be able to keep track of all the important information needed to handle a winning claim. No more rushing around to find a folder when a client calls.

When case managers have all the information they need right at their fingertips, they can communicate faster, more accurately, and in a more professional way. Your employees will benefit, but so will your customers.

This doesn’t just apply to data, though. Documents are also set up and easy for everyone to find. If a paralegal adds a new police report to a file, the lawyer who is working on the case will see the change right away. No more papers getting lost.

  1. Automate time-consuming tasks and do less of them.

Your case management team spends a lot of time on administrative tasks like entering data, sending letters, making phone calls, and keeping information up to date. Use tools that make you as productive as possible.

Even though most companies have a file server with form letters to make it easier to write common letters, it still takes a lot of time. Some case management tools can automatically make letters based on the information in a client’s file.

CASEpeer can make letters and envelopes for anyone involved in a case, including the client, medical providers, and insurance adjusters.

When your team spends less time on daily tasks, they can take on more cases and better manage the ones they already have.

Tasks that used to take 15 minutes now only take one click. When your team spends less time on daily tasks, they can take on more cases and better manage the ones they already have.

  1. Don’t miss deadlines or dates.

How does your company keep track of important deadlines and tasks that need to be done? Many case management programs have automated alerts that let users know when something important happens. The best programs will let paralegals and their assistants know what is going on with their cases. Employees working on a case should be told when tasks are added or finished, when messages are sent, when cases are given, or when important deadlines are coming up.

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