Five Best Script Templates Of Live Video Streaming App Development

Five Best Script Templates Of Live Video Streaming App Development

Live video streaming has changed the outlook of streaming videos. It has created a new way of making and broadcasting videos. It enables to engage a wide base audience for the video. It helps in interacting with the viewers on a real-time basis. People all over the globe can share their experiences that can have a lasting impression.

Also, these apps can be used over any type of platform be it Android or iOS. Live video streaming attracts viewers. The market of live video app development is gaining momentum.

Here is a list of the five best training video scripts templates that would help you develop a live video streaming app.

  1. Castasy

Castasy is one of the finest live video streaming app. It can be run in all the platforms, commonly android and iOS. It can also be run over desktop as a web version. It provides with NGINX RTMP server. The server provides multicast support and also supports protocols such as HLS, RTMO, and MPEG-DASH. The users can have their own servers for which they are charged an installation fee. The servers can handle 10,000 simultaneous connections. It has got the feature of notifying twitter users when to start streaming a video. This saves time to request others to watch the video. The users can customize their scripts and start their own streaming videos anytime, anywhere. The users can also comment on an ongoing video stream. They also have the facility to post on Facebook or on any other website.

  1. Adobe Flash Media Server

Adobe Flash Media Server has transformed the way media is delivered to the public. It is serving a large audience across the globe by serving HD quality videos. Its main feature is that it targets the widest array of devices like tablets, desktops, smartphones, Android and iOS. The users can see high-quality video streaming at 1080p for live and on-demand video. However, it must be noted that there is a price to pay to watch such high-quality streaming videos. It comes with a wide variety of options to deploy and security of the videos. The users can create experiences that would compel its audience to watch the videos longer.

  1. Periscope App Script

It has gained popularity over time such that Twitter had to buy it at $100 billion. It is used to watch, share and broadcast any type of video. It is the most commonly used training video script template. It encourages viewers to participate in the live video. They do by sending comments, which the person sharing the video can respond at the same time. This gives an active viewer experience which is not given by a traditional video streaming way. It also provides its users with the option to record, follow and re-stream the video. The users can also explore the videos that are being broadcasted across the globe through the interactive map view. The can search the videos by location and find the stream for a particular event. It is well integrated with Twitter. This makes it easier to reach a large audience quickly. It is governed by Twitter privacy and terms and conditions. All the periscope accounts are public so that the viewers can see them. However, the users can change the settings according to their wish. The members of Periscope can also use GPS to launch broadcast from a particular location. The users can also replay the video over a span of 24 hours. It also provides with an aspect of gratification. Periscope keeps a track of the number of hearts and has a leaderboard.

  1. Live TV Stream Script

This empowers users with many exciting features to create a live streaming video. It is compatible with browsers IE6,7,8,910,11, Firefox, Safari and Opera chrome. The users can watch the stream and share them with anyone. The administrators can add, edit, delete streams, category or footer pages. They can also set the duration of the stream, use google analytics and many more. It also includes Java Scripts JS, HTML, PHP and SQL files. The users can browse streams by categories. The can even change the time zone and time format. The script allows users to manage subscriptions for both paid and free users. There are premium features for the paid users. There is a separate user interface for both the types of users with a unique dashboard, transaction log, affiliated details, and other important information. There are multiple payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, Perfect Money etc for a secured transaction.

  1. Meerkat App Script

Meerkat has expanded the scope of live video streaming. Its users can broadcast videos directly using their smartphones. This script is the best for those who want to develop their own app that like Meerkat. It is a bag full of awesome features that will make the app interesting to use. The users can instantly stream videos to their followers. They can re-stream the same live video. Schedule the videos so as the timing is known to their followers. Scheduling stream appears at the bottom of the page helping attract a new-viewers. The followers will receive a notification when the broadcasters post some video on their calendar. This a feature that distinguishes Meerkat from other live video streaming app. The followers can record the live stream videos and watch them later. It has an awesome admin panel that would help control the app. It is also tied with Twitter to have a large audience. It has an advantage of being the first mover in the live video streaming app development. The users can comment on a live broadcast which can be scrolled during the live video.

So, these are the future training video script templates of streaming live video. These apps would help develop an app that would provide an amazing experience to its users. People can customize their scripts and make it different from that of others. Hope this would have helped in all possible way.

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