Guide on Selling Your Used Server

With the increasing costs of technology, more and more people are selling off their used servers. However, there is often a significant risk involved in selling equipment that contains valuable data.

This article will provide an overview of why you should sell your used server when you look into selling it, how to protect yourself during the process, and five reasons why selling your used servers can be advantageous for you.

Used servers are becoming increasingly popular as businesses start scaling down on their infrastructures, thus leading to less room in company-owned data centers. Servers aren’t typically designed to last longer than three years. That means the depreciation cost becomes more significant every year after that point.

On the other hand, companies provide great options for leasing servers, granting you access to newer hardware at a low monthly cost. These services allow businesses to utilize their budgets more efficiently by investing in only the most current technology.

Why Sell Used Servers?

As mentioned above, businesses are looking to scale down on their infrastructures by selling off older equipment and utilizing resources such as leases or rental services. Despite the efforts of these companies, there are still many unused servers out there that have gone through a rigorous depreciation process over a certain period.

Sellers will often seek to get rid of their second-hand machines as, typically, older servers lack the processing power required to maintain today’s standards.

When to Sell Used Servers?

When it becomes necessary, the depreciation cost of a server can be very high. Thus, this is often a good time for sellers to consider selling their equipment. Personal factors such as job changes and economic factors can also lead to people considering selling their servers; if they haven’t already done so.

As mentioned earlier, another great reason for businesses to sell their old servers is due to newer leases or rental services, which provide access to new technology at a low monthly cost.

Important Thing to Do Before Selling Your Server

A used server is a beneficial resource for many people. Used servers are often sold to give the owner a quick exit from the business. They may be purchased by resellers who want to lock down a deal on bulk purchasing power or current generation technology without making new investments in full order quantities.

The first thing an individual, reseller, or even a commercial entity must do before selling their used servers is to ensure that all of the data has been erased from the system memory, hard drives, and any other devices that could otherwise be removed and reused separately.

For those of you that might not know how exactly one goes about removing such data, we can assure you it’s pretty simple (and free). Several tools exist to allow users to remove data securely and effectively. Here is a list of the basic steps you should take:

Search for “erase computer data” in your preferred search engine. One tool we recommend is called Darik’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN). This Linux-based system allows for the complete erasure of hard disks or solid-state drives while preventing any potential recovery attempts by third parties.

It’s important to note that DBAN requires you to create a bootable floppy or CD before starting the process, so please ensure this step has been completed before attempting to erase any servers.

When DBAN has finished loading, you will see two options for erasing the server. The first option is meant to erase just the operating system, which leaves all other data on the disk intact and can usually be recovered using commercially available tools.

This will not remove user data; only wipe away what’s necessary to allow for a fresh install of an alternative OS. Please select the appropriate option on DBAN before beginning this process.

The second option on DBAN will allow you to completely overwrite your entire hard drive(s) within your servers, including all user information on every drive present in your machine – regardless of whether it’s used or unused.

While this will ensure that everything is thoroughly wiped from your servers, it does come with one drawback: due to the nature of this process, you will not be able to immediately replace the hard drive(s) within your servers should they fail.

Therefore it’s advised that users opt for the DBAN data wiping process first and perform a fresh install of the OS on the new drive before selling or redeploying their server. This will ensure everything is appropriately wiped without any potential downtime should something go wrong down the line.

Once these steps have been completed successfully, your used server should be completely free of client information and ready for resale.

How to Sell Used Servers Safely?

There are many ways that you can go about selling your equipment. We’ll start with the safest method to sell, which is to a partner. This can be an individual or business that you are familiar with and trust. You want to make sure that they have the expertise in data destruction to ensure your company’s servers aren’t compromised during the process.

The next option is selling it back to the manufacturer. Many companies offer this service for free if you have purchased their equipment directly from them. Some manufacturers also provide additional services such as recycling materials or donating used equipment, so check with your provider beforehand.

If neither of these options sounds feasible, then another safe choice would be to go through a third-party data management company that can handle information removal procedures on your behalf.

The Benefits of Selling Used Servers

Whether you are a business owner or an individual, there are some great reasons to consider selling your used server. Here are some that can benefit you!

  1. The first great reason to sell your second-hand equipment is that it’s environmentally friendly. Even if a company is looking to maintain its reputation as a green business, they will often want to make sure their customers know they care about the environment too. Thus, sending back your used server means making another contribution towards protecting the Earth.
  1. Second, it makes room for new technology investments. It’s no secret that businesses love investing in newer technology, so why not free up space for them?
  2. Third reason is that it can save money! This is great for both businesses and individuals.
  3. Another benefit to consider is the massive buyers market out there. When selling off your used servers, you are bound to find someone who will have a use for them.
  4. The final benefit is earning more credibility with customers. If they happen to be looking into leasing or renting services, then people will see that you care enough about their needs to free up space.


There are many benefits of selling used servers, including saving the environment, freeing up room for newer technology investments, making money, and having access to a large market of buyers.

Although there are numerous safe options for selling your equipment, we recommend going through a trusted partner or manufacturer because they will be more likely to handle items efficiently and securely. To conclude, you can earn revenue while also caring for the environment!

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